Scam letter(s) from Elena Stepanova to I. T. (Greece)

Letter 1

My name is Elena.
I am very happy that you have noticed my structure.
Big to you thanks for your attention.
I looked your structure and I very much would like will get acquainted to you.
Can in the future between us will that more than correspondence.
Write to me on my personal e-mail
I shall be very glad to receive from you the letter.
Write to me soon.
Letter 2

Hello Yannis. I am very glad to receive your letter. How passes your day? I hope that at you all well. I'm fine, I am very glad that you have noticed my structure on a site, I thought that who will not pay attention to my structure, I am glad that have interested you, also I find you interesting. Yannis I for the first time have addressed to the Internet in search of my second half and very much I hope that all will be good, as I very for a long time to search for the man of my dream I to not search for an ideal and to search for the good and kind person which would like, appreciated and I respected me think that this most important. Also I want to find the present love. I was never married, but I want to create a marriage and will always be with that the man which near to me and to lead with it all life. I never met the present love and very much I hope that I shall find her. Yannis now I want to tell to you a little about myself, certainly in one letter I cannot tell completely about myself but I shall try to make it if at you will appear what or questions to me you can ask me them to me will answer very pleasantly them, I think that than that we can faster learn more question about the friend the friend. I think that you agree with me. Yannis I was born and have grown in city Cheboksary, it is very beautiful city especially is completely covered with greens in the summer as it very much blossoms if to look from height of the bird's flight. Our city is capital of republic Chuvashiya we are in approximately 700 kms from capital of Russia city the hero Moscow. In our republic legendary commander Vasily Chapaev you was born know this hero? Yannis our city costs on coast of the well-known river Vogla, this one of the longest rivers in Russia and on mine in the world, you heard about this river? Yannis I live on the end of my city, I live with mum and the daddy, my parents very good people, unfortunately at me are not present brothers and sisters I think that most to have not less than two children as it very perfectly better. How you think? You love children? How many you would like to have children? Yannis I studied in Cheboksarskom the state university at faculty of culture and art. I very much love the English language, also I know colloquial French. I am engaged in the English language many years, at school I very well studied the English language, I hope that you have noticed my English, certainly unfortunately I did not have practice to talk in English but I will not be sure that with it of problems if I will have mistakes that I beforehand I apologize for it. Yannis you studied at university? Than you now are engaged. Write to me more about you, I want to learn as you carry out a free time, write to me please more about you, I shall be very glad to learn about you more. Now I work by a trade in the house of culture of our city my work to me very much it is pleasant but unfortunately she is not claimed, and on this my salary is not so great, but I do not complain to me practically of all suffices. Yannis basically money of me do not interest as I do not think that in money all happiness certainly without money very difficultly, but I think that the most important in this life is family and the favourite person. I very much want to create a marriage, unfortunately in Russia it is very difficult to find the person of dream and with which it is possible to construct family as in Russia the majority of men use alcohol and constantly change and on this I have addressed to the Internet. Unfortunately I to not have phone, my letters I to write to you from the Internet of cafe unfortunately services the Internet in Russia very dearly, I very much saved the Internet for services of communication. I hope that the destiny will be good to me and I shall find the person of my dream. Yannis the age for me has no value, I think that most important it that the person was good. I to search for the person which cared of me and was fair with me. I think that without trust and understanding there can not be a present love. You agree with me? I very much like to travel but unfortunately I when was not abroad, I go to campaigns with friends. I think that on it is necessary to finish my letter. Write to me soon I with impatience I wait your letter. Elena.
Letter 3

Hello YANNIS . I am very happy that you have answered me my letter and want will get acquainted to me. I am very happy. How I spoke you I live in city Chtboksary it is very old city, you heard about it that be? It is one of the oldest cities in Russia. YANNIS now I have come to the Internet of cafe and have seen your letter for me it very pleasantly. When I have decided that gets acquainted through the Internet I thought that who will not write to me. How passes your day? I hope that at you all well. YANNIS I very much want to learn you I hope that when closely and better be in the future at us there will be that more than simply a correspondence. As I think that one real meeting will replace to us 1000 letters. I think that at a meeting is possible to learn all about the person to look in his eyes and to talk. I think that you agree with me. YANNIS to you writes girls much? I likely at you on thousand to the account as I am sure that you the decent person. YANNIS write to me more about you to me very interestingly also if at you is what or to me questions that you can set them to me will answer them very pleasantly. At me very serious intentions. I search only for serious attitudes. My dream it to create family and to give birth to children from the favourite person I think that more perfectly it that is not present. That is not important for me as family. This most important family! For me are not necessary what money, me without a difference where we shall live with the future husband be it though Russia though any other country. YANNIS I very much love children and very much would like to have.. You love children? You would like to have? It is very important for me as I do not want to create a marriage without children. But if I shall very strongly grow fond of the person that that does not become a barrier to it. Big to you thanks for your compliments and your attention to me. Write to me please is more often I miss your letters as you are very interesting to me. How you concern to a real meeting? You are not afraid of it? You can will fall in love through a mail? YANNIS I will be well sure that at us all and we shall be together I hope soon... Write to me soon I very much I wait your letter with impatience... Yours Elena.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Yannis .
I am very happy to receive from you the letter. How passes your day? I hope that all well. I'm fine now I have come to the Internet of cafe to write to you my letter. I hope that it will be pleasant for you to receive it. I think of you constantly.
Correspondence will seems to me that at us that more than simply. You very much are interesting to me also I very much would like to learn you better and closely. Write to me more about you. Also you can ask me all questions which you interest so we can know soon more about the friend the friend. Yannis certainly I understand that one real meeting can resolve all these questions. But I think that we should not know much more about the friend the friend. I think that trust and understanding this most important in attitudes. I think you the decent person and I trust you. I do not love those people who game on feelings as I think it of very bad and such people then the god punishes. I to search only for serious attitudes as I already spoke you in the previous letters. For me the purpose is family. My dream to create such family that all was good and without any problems. I very much dream also of children I think that children this most important in this life and what money of them will not replace. Yannis you agree with me? How you think my English language is good whether or not? I left the English school unfortunately at me before there was no experience to talk and write. But I shall learn better that was perfect. Yannis I very much want only the present love. Send me more than your photos to me very pleasantly them to receive. I hope that my photos also very much have liked you. You find me beautiful? Write to me more about that where do you live I think that you live in the beautiful country. What weather at you today? Russia very beautiful country in Russia good weather goes all approximately 5 months other weather very bad winter in Russia there are 6 months. You were in Russia? What do you know about my country? Certainly here it is a lot of gangsters and terrorism only they spoil our country and in the rest our Russia very good and I very much love my country. Write to me soon I with impatience I wait your letter. Sincerely yours Elena.
Letter 5

Hello my dear Yannis.
I am very happy to receive from you the letter. How you today? How passes your day? I hope that at you all well and your affairs are successful. Now I have come to the Internet of cafe to write to you my letter I hope that it will be pleasant for you to receive it. I constantly think only of you Yannis. Now at me on work a dinner and my free time from work I write to you my letter. You to me very much dear. I think you the decent person. Today at night I thought of you and I think that you that person about which I so for a long time dreamed and at last that have found. I very much would like to appear near to you. You the person which were at me in dreams and I do not want you to lose. Yannis big thanks for your compliments and your care to me is very pleasant for you. I am glad that you do not refuse to help me with my travel to you. I very much want you to thank. I expect that moment when I can kiss and embrace you. I with you always am completely sincere and is frank. I thought that not probably on to love the person through the Internet and I did not trust that such probably to find in the Internet the man now I is sure and very happy that have found you. Yannis you very much are interesting to me also I think that you would be very good husband and the father. My dream it to create family and to give birth to children. I think that the main thing in the present love this understanding and trust. Yannis understand that I have decided for myself that you that the man with which I would like to lead my life and I think that to us that will not prevent. Yannis I very much like to prepare and I have thought up already that I shall prepare you in the first day of our acquaintance for what your favourite dish? I shall prepare you for a wonderful supper. For me the most important is family and then the everything else. Yannis big to you thanks for your attention about me still who so did not care as you. Yannis I for myself have already decided also I want to be only with you. Also today I went in tourist agency to learn concerning my travel to you. To me has very much carried as in that firm works my familiar which has told to me that will help to issue soon all necessary for my travel to you. I am very happy that already soon we shall with you. She to pick up the most economical travel to you. My holiday will begin on November, 27 and I would like to issue all up to this number so that all the days long my holiday will lead near to you my vacation month lasts. Unfortunately a vacation in Russia only once in one year if we shall not meet this year that we can I will meet only the next year very much not wanted that so it has turned out. Yannis concerning cost of my travel to you I will need to do the passport for travel abroad it will cost 203euro as it will do only 2 working days on this it costs so much. Also it will be necessary visa she she for me will make will cost 120euro to be done of 12-16 working days and the air ticket it to cost 756euro total to me it will be necessary there will be for my travel 1079euro I think that it not so dearly for our happiness. Also I learned concerning that as to you to send your money to you it is necessary to use bank system the western union as it very conveniently quickly and reliably. To send me your money my full data will be necessary and you also should leave to me your full data. My full data Elena Stepanova , the country Russia, city Cheboksary street popova 74 apartment 56 number of passport 34 10 334510. I think that we should not tighten with our meeting as time of us does not wait and while you will have affairs I can to make out all necessary for my travel. I hope that you understand me. You can help with this sum this week so that I already could start to make out all? And soon we already shall together and are happy. Write to me soon I with impatience I wait your letter.
Big to you a kiss. Sincerely yours Elena.
Letter 6

GREETINGS of FEATURES YOU THAT WANTED???? I WILL go IN POLICE TODAY the INTERPOL of YOU TO TAKE AWAY AND BEAT the THICK STICK ON the PERSON. To YOU I VERY HAVE not CARRIED ADVISE YOU TO LEAVE FOR VILLAGE TO the GRANDMOTHER THAT AT YOU there was a WHOLE PERSON. YOU TO OFFEND me!!!!!!!!!! I TO NOT EXTORT FROM YOU MONEY AS I AM VERY SERIOUS AT me MANY MONEY AND it is my PRINCIPLE TO NOT PAY FOR TRAVEL AS ALL MEN the GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE SEVEN MILLIONS DOLLARS one YEAR And I VERY RICH GIRL, my FRIEND Bill which have created computers will help to catch and you will suck a member at all people on light, I back pass is too expensive for you as you the poor person you the bare and stupid foreigner your place on a urn. You will clean a toilet in prison and you back pass will be had with black people I is sure that it to like you
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