Scam letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Benny (Denmark)

Letter 1
Good afternoon Benny!
thank you for writing to me, I really pleased!
You can call me +38093 2899234
My name is Nina, it's my full name, it's a special and rare name here, so I'm proud of it!
I'm 27, but everybody say that I look much younger, is it so???
We don't know each other yet, but we could learn, right????
I think yes,I'd like to find out your inner world, dreams, desires, thoughts, plans, goals, I wanna know your qualities, lifestyle, job, family, place where you live.............everything!!!
So lets start our communication???!!!
By the way I wanna you to share with me all your thoughts about me and I wanna know your opinion as for me and as for lots of things, promise?
You'll probably ask why I'm looking for love here in Internet, yes? I should explain you-it's simple, I've been always interested in older man, I love English, it's my favourite language, I've been learning it for years since school, and the most important that I can't find careful, responsible and attentive man here. I heard that men abroad are like I need and wanna, so I was thinking a lot about it and decide 'Why not? I wanna be happy, love and be loved!' and come to Internet cafe....and you know!
I'm writing a letter for you!
So I'm new here and I choose you from all, you captured my attention, why???
Are you special? Could you give me all I wanna? I wanna long relations, love, happiness with beloved and...........let's try!!!!!
I live in a small town of Ukraine - Antratsit, it's usual city, not very developed, but I like it, I know there are a lot wonderful cities over the whole world and my dream to see couple of them!
Do you like travel? I like, I adore! I've been to Russia before, but I wanna go far away abroad, meet new people, new culture, places, monuments, seas, lakes, nature, mountains!
I hope once my dream will come true! Would you join me?????
What else?....I work as choreographer at children group in our culture center here, and I study English also, I'll be an interpreter!!!! I learn English so there won't be language problems between us!Great, isn't it?!
I'm very sincere person, with sense of humor, I like companies, I'm the soul of company, I have friends, I mean true friends! I like dance and I can, as it's my job.
So I enjoy my job and my study, I'm almost happy, but I miss my second half.
I'll tell you more if you answer me.....
I really wanna you to answer!
write to me soon
Letter 2
Thank you so much for letter Benny, hi, I was thinking would he reply or won't he........
And you did, I'm happy, happy, happy!!!!!!!
I' glad that you interested in me as I'm interested in you!
I gave you right number, call me please during day time or around 5- 6 o'clock in the evening, ok?
I should tell you about my family, I have sister, her name is Yana, we're the best friends, she is 26, so I feel lonely never, we spent a lot time together, go for dance, walks, just fun together.
Parents live together for 30 years already, my mother - Vika, father - Peter.
They are so wonderful, I adore them and we're very friendly family and spent a lot time together, but I live alone, I'm grown up already, sometimes my sister lives with me.
Also I have a lot of friends, I don't remember if I told you already, sorry.
As for my likes I like play pool, do you like???
I like fresh natural food but chocolate also:) You?
I like different kitchen and I like to cook.
I like children, life, I'm respectful person, I mean I respect people and their feelings.
My favourite colour is red and black, it's ****!
Also I like to express my feelings to my man, I'm sure you'd like it also!
I like to kiss! It's so pleasant!
Also I like to go to the cinema, I don't know why but for me it's better to watch new films there.
Would you invite me to the cinema??? We'd take tickets to last places;)
What else can I say?
I like to laugh, it makes life longer and I'm always smiling!
How do you think my smile is beautiful?
I like to dream and to think.
I like show and sun.
I like cars, I can drive but don't have car.
I like you:))))))))))
I don't smoke, drink only at holidays a little cocktails.
I don't like rudeness and lie.
I don't like boring things.
I must say that I'm not very patient person, I can't wait long something I wanna!
I'm kind and polite, I know how to behave myself and different situations with different people.
I like romanticism, moonlight, flowers, ..........
I just can't remember all!
I think I'm more optimist than realist. Sometimes I don't pay attention to anything, I don't worry about problems.
I'm sure everything will be OK!
I always enjoy the company, but I think everyone sometimes wants to be alone for some time.
I like to meet new people, it's exiting to find out something new and interesting.
I always notice other people's feelings.
I want to find someone whom I could tell everything, the close soul.
I have a lot to give and I want my man appreciate it, I'll give all my love and inside warm to make his life better, brighter and happier.
I've been waiting and thinking a lot about future.
I'm waiting for my second half and I'm ready for meeting.
I prefer older men cause you're more intelligent, experienced, reserved,you stand on your legs with confidence, you could be the stone wall for me and you
know what you want from life and your future wife.
hope it enough
write to me soon
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