Scam letter(s) from Elmira Kabanova to Gert (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello, its me again!! I just wanted to tell you hi!!
I decided to send you more photos, I hope you will like it. I think you are interested that I don`t have a boyfriend, because all men here look on my appearance and I want somebody who will look inside me.
.........two picture....****.... :-)
I'm not info taking ***** photos!
I really apologize if you think now I'm not a good girl...
I hope you don't think so. Please let me know and I will write you more if I'm forgiven for sending this pic!!! I hope you will answer this email and we will try to get to know each other better!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAh!!!! I'm so ashamed to send this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to see your different photos and hope to know you better! P.S >>> WHAT IS YOUR REAL AGE? >>> I like adult men! :-) The adult the man always serious and sincere! I'm looking for a friend, lover or maybe even something serious...
I'm a free bird now, I don't have a boyfriend and I'm open to anything!!!I would like to have a serious relationship although I don't know if that's possible in internet so I'm looking just for a good man who can show me over there and....... we will see!!!!!!!! I'm impatiently waiting for your answer! kiss Iksana
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