Scam letter(s) from Marina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear! Thank you for your interest. I am very happy that you are interested in me and we are going to talk more and know each other better. It is great, because i am sure that communication will help me to know you and it will help you to know me. I have read your profile and it gives me feeling that you are good person with kind heart. Your picture attracted me very much. You know , appearance doesn't matter for me, people's action and words mean for me much more I sent you my picture. Hope you like it. If to speak the truth ,news from you made me to smile and warmed my heart. I think you would be happy to read more about me. My name is Marina. I am 26 years old. If you ask me what i like to do most of all , i like to read. Nothing can make my day more interesting than good book. I think books can teach people more then TV or mass media, but at the same time i don't mind to watch interesting thrilling movie in the company of friends. I am romantic person and sometimes i compose poems. It comes from my heart. I can't explain why i want to write and put my thoughts on the sheet of paper. Sometimes i read my poems and can't belive that i wrote them myself. As i am romantic person i like to dream. I hope you too and our dreams are the same. So , it is me and i truly hope that you will write me back. If you have any questions , you are free to ask me. I will be gladly to answer them and be as honest. Please write me my e-mail address I am looking forward to your letter.
With best wishes Marina
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