Scam letter(s) from Princess Pedro to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dear,
Visiting by the way at , i got stunned looking at profile. How are you doing today, i hope you're having a very nice day? Well am Princess Pedro By Name. 26 years old, from Elizabeth City NC, i have a **** eyes brown hair 150 CM tall (6) 59 KG weight, and am very easy going with a great sence of humor,well am just going through some searches on this site,and found your profiles,really it's very special and touched the greatest part of my feeling's....i'll will be glad if i'll can hold the key of ur heart,and i can't just express my feeling's anymore, it's really charming,lol,let me begining to wonder if any man like you still exist in this world.well i would really so much like to get to know you more better,and want you to get this point in love, it doesn't deal with distance nor age,all that is a matter of time,distance is a matter of miles and age is just a number,which dosn't mean anything to achievement of l ife,well personally am passionate,very romantic,loving,caring,intence,productive,adventous,energetic,moral,sensitive,respective,and am a woman with a great sence of humor who's not afraid to show my feelings to other's. well you can think this is a joking ,but to meet the love of your life may take 15 day's of less, but love is forever, after a grace of meeting the right one,am not a lecturer though,but telling you this at this moment,that we have something in common,and would like for both of us to talk and see where this take us too, at first, desable distance and age, let's go straight up, well about what i do like for fun,i do like art,music,culture,tradition,and other productive about artificials made,lol, well about my work,i buy and sell Antiques, well not to take much time,cos am on my way out,just want to let you know that am interested in you, will like you to write me back asap,and let's take a step from there, princesspedro2007 at y/a/h/o/o/c/o/m/
plz write me back so nice to see your profile I think you are so sweet and open mind, I gess we can start talking and start friend ship if you don't mind.
Once again, I am female 26 y.o. don't wory I don't look it or feel it))**** eyes brown hair 150 CM tall (6) 59 KG weight I am friendly and romantic I am in need and looking for good male friend and maybe more if you like to meet me send me an email I will send you my pic's and ask what you like I will replay. send me some of your pictures and tell me more about you
princesspedro2007 at y/a/h/o/o/c/o/m/
I can't wait to hear from you.
Kisses yours,
Letter 2
Hello Alan
Thanks so much for the message, its so nice to hear from you and I hope you are having a great day?...Anyway I want to let you know that I am new at this whole thing,i just thought of dedicating my time into it and see what comes out for me. It is better now that I have an email from you. I am very busy that is all but it is OK. I have not really been on the dating scene at all. I have been keeping busy with my family and business. ..I am a sincere and independent woman looking for the right man that knows the meaning of true love and the right time to pamper his woman...Let me tell you little about me, as you already know before now my name is Princess Pedro, i work as Buying and selling of Antiques and I actually started the business at the age of 19yrs. My dad introduced me to the business. i was born in Dublin,Ireland .i moved into the state, after i lost my mom at very tender age to Canceer and ever since then i have struggled to earn a living for myself by working ******* my own,i now live in Elizabeth City NC. But I am presently in Lagos Nigeria to see my sick dad and i will be back at the states soon... ...i reside in a small Hotel here in Lagos. I am looking for a serious long term relationship with the right man...I am planning to take my profile off the site or not to even check back there anymore since we got contacts soon as my dad's get better; i would be returning back to the state soon..I would really like to meet you and see what goes from there...I have some few questions for you....??? Do you live alone??? And for how long have you been on the dating scene??? How many women have you met or contacted from there and where are they from??? I will attach some more of my pics in my next e-mail, hopefully i can hear from you soon and you share your pics with me also...Have a nice day.. Again, my photos are attached to this email. Until I read from you again, I bid you best wishes and health, much happiness and friendly love from afar. Please write soon and send more photos. Mine are attached.
Warm Regards Always,
Princess Pedro
Letter 3
Hello Alan
Honey, greetings to you and thank you for the lovely message. Wow you're looking great and very attractive. Sweetie I've become an US citizen since 2000. I do like Dublin, Ireland but I prefer living in Elizabeth City in NC much more better. May I know how you're doin? I'm doin great excerpt my dad 's still in the hospital dying in pains. Please kindly continue 2 help pray for him. Ok, here are some questions that I am interested in knowing more about.
What does your day consist of?
What is your favourite colour?
What are some of the things that you like to do to relax?
What do you do on the weekends?
What do you like to do with friends?
What is your favourite food?
What sort of movies do you like to see?
What is your star sign?
What does you job require of you?
Do you have brothers and sisters, and if so how many?
Do you play any sport?
What sport do you like to watch?
Why can you only send emails at a particular time of the day?
How tall are you?
Are you a non smoker?
What level of education did you get up to?
The above questions are just the start of my curiosity. I would like to know alot more about you because you're lovely. Please tell me more about you, expecially things that I haven't asked about. Your emails are great but they only say how you feel and not anything about you as a unique person. Note that I'm interested in you and I really love to know u. Send me some more recent pictures of you. Thank you. Kisses and hugs.
Princess Pedro
Letter 4

My Dearest Alan ,
Greetings 2 u and thanx 4 ur message. Wow you're looking great and very attractive. May I know how you're doin? I hope you're doin great. Sweetie please kindly help pray for my dad, he's in critical condition right now. He can hardly eat or drink anything and he's the reason why I'm still here in Lagos. As soon as he gets better; I'll be returning back to the state. The doctor said he'll have to undego a surgery operation before he gets better. I'll appreciate it if you can help keep praying for him.
Below is the answers to my questions:
My day consist of work and more work. My favorite color is dark purple. Things I do to relax are watching sports, drink red wine, read, sleep/nap (*****) and wash my truck. On the weekends I normally like to exercise, go to the beach (weather permitting), go out to dinner, see my friends and watch DVD movies.
Back in the state, my friend and I like to exercise, watch NASCAR, play cards, go to comedy clubs and drink ****. My favorite type of food is Mexican and my favorite type of movies are mainly comedy, action and military. My sign is Virgo (born in september), I DO want sweet life with the RIGHT man. Just one would be fine as I stated earlier. My job requires me to meet my personal goals. I don't have brother or sister just me and my sick father still alive. I also like to play softball if I have the time. I also love watching NFL/American Football, baseball and collegiant wrestling.
I'm 5'9" 85 pounds and 7% body ***. I'm a NON-smoker, light drinker and have a 4-year college degree in Health and Physical Education.
In addition, I have traveled to 7 different countries, I'm also very loyal to my country and am very patriotic. I'm easy going, fun to be around, live alone and ride motorcycles.
Well that is all for now. I also wanted to mention earlier that I have to fine my future lover very attractive. You would NOT be disappointed in the bedroom nor in public. Please kindly send me more of your recent pictures.

Have a nice day and hugs and kisses.

Thinking of you,
Princess Pedro
Letter 5
My dearest Alan
Good morning 2 you and thanx 4 ur message. Darling some bandits broke into my hotel room yesterday mid nite and stole all my belongs and they beat the **** out of me. They almost **** me but thank God that some security operatives came 2 my rescue. The bandits actually over powered the hotel security guards and they eventually killed two of the hotel guards. The lost guards safe me, may their souls rest in peace. Darling I'm completely down right now with pains all over me but thank God that the doctor was able to give me a pain killing medicine in other for me to be able to write you. I'm so sorry for writing you late; it was actually due to the fact that I was down with pains. Sweetie the militants took all from me but thank God that I still have some traveller's checks which I kept in the hospital with my father before leaving to the hospital. Sweet asked my dad's doctor {Dr. Uchenna} to go and confirm if the bank here can accept the checks but the bank here said that it'll take 90 days to cash here but I've called the US consulate office in Abuja the Federal capital territory of Nigeria and they said that I should bring them and they'll get them cashed for me so that I buy my flight ticket, my dad hospital bills and return back to the state. Honey Can you help me $950 to treat my wounded right arm and take a local flight to the office of US consulate in Abuja so that they can help me get my traveller's check cash? My traveller's check worth $9800. Darling this place is not safe for me. Note that you're loaning me this money and I'll definately pay u back as soon as the US consulate help me get my check cashed. Let me have the info that I'll use in send back the money to you immediately I get my checks cash in US consulate office. sweetie kindly loan and send the $950 today.
Plz. kindly send the money to my dad's doctor via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER and he'll be able to get the money safely for me because there's no way i can make it down to the bank myself. Please do send the money to him and below's his information you need to send the money to him via western union money transfer.

ZIP CODE: 23401

Darling, I'll highly appreciate it if you can send the $950 today.. Please kindly acknowledge this email and get back to me immediately. Please kindly send the money so that I can go and get my traveller's check cash in US consulate office and I'll send back your $950 to you.
Honey, once again I wish you all the best in your place of work. Love you and I'll forever will.
Bye and take good care of yourself. I love you and i'll forever.
Princess Pedro

Darling, the doctor said that any money sent to Africa needs a text question and answer. The text question can be 'what's my favorite color then the answer can be purple.
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