Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Penkova to Erwin (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very glad, that you have become interested
In me and you possibly would like it, I have told directly.
And thus I will begin history about me directly.
And I will try, that you have not been disappointed by me
Also studied in the greatest possible degree about me.
But I as would like to study you better.
As you know, that I live in Russia, I was born in the city of Izhevsk.
It is very beautiful and big city with the population of 652,5 thousand inhabitants.
Here it is a lot of kind. It is very old city which was based in 1760.
I would be to send you some photos of my city, that you could look, as it looks.
Well I will inform in brief on me directly directly.
It is probable to describe me,
To me it would be easier, if I did not do it for the first time.
In me a little, words and ideas because I worry are mixed.
I did not expect, that All of you equally will answer me,
And when I saw your letter me as though the stream has struck in heart
Here again now I sit in the cafe Internet, and I do not know, that it to you writes.
As I already said, that my age of 27 years
And all these years I lived in the city of Izhevsk.
There I also was born. May, 1st 1980 I was born.
My growth 170, my weight of 53 kg, I the blonde in me dark blue eyes.
From colours I like white roses. Though to me very seldom give flowers,
But however white roses make very big impressions, instead of others.
This which attraction is in them. As sing in one of songs of a hit, white roses,
White roses - defenceless thorns, white roses, white roses, and we on you.....
I not when was not married hence, unfortunately at me was not present children.
But I very much was would like to receive children.
For me it was very difficult to find the good person who loved
And respected the woman in Russia as in us in the country is a lot of men who drink,
Do not respect and change on women.
Because of it I would go to the cafe Internet what to find
to myself the good person who will love and respect the woman.
I do not have bad habits, I do not smoke, but I concern those who smokes,
I do not drink alcoholic drinks, only in holidays and it in the small sizes,
And it only with that end in view what to support
a circle of people with which I celebrate.
Most of all from alcoholic drinks to love me red wine. I very well go,
and simply I adore it to be occupied.
Certainly I just as to each person on the basis like to have meal,
But I never pass about number for this reason, I prefer not a full sight.
My loving dish a chicken with young potato and vegetative.
Nevertheless I in a condition to be prepared for soups,
borshches, to the first, the second and dessert dishes.
From meal I most of all prefer, that to the Russian kitchen,
but also and to me Italian language has liked,
Spanish, the Mexican, French and a Japanese cuisine.
You liked dishes? What food, you prefer, internal or outside of the house?
I like to go to cinema. I adore interesting films.
To comedies in me special taste I like representations of comedians and actors.
Certainly, just as it is a lot of girls and women I am rather distinguished to melodramas.
Like to listen to music, slow. I like songs of many musical groups, internal and external,
But I think, that everything, probably, the person is not pleasant, therefore I prefer perfect products.
I have finished the Izhevsk institute of economy and management,
but I have not gone to influence this speciality,
Now I work in the seller in shop to electronics. Very to love me my work.
As I very sociable girl and always liked to communicate with people.
On character of I very sociable and cheerful girls,
Try to possess each moment of my life and to overcome with a smile all difficulties of my life.
I will tell about a family not so, I have been lifted by mine that of mum as when
I was born, my father has left my mum one with me on hands,
It leaves to other woman. We with mum rent one apartment of a room.
And thus I finish history about me directly, as I nevertheless do not know what to tell about me directly.
Excuse me if I make many errors in the letter, I was not present
Absolutely well know English language so if to you something is not clear
You ask me again.

I wished to receive from you the letter as soon as possible.
I was would like it, you have told directly about you directly
And if you have photos which send me them.
With impatience I will wait from you the letter.

Your new friend from Russia Natasha.

Letter 2

Greetings my sweet heart erwin !!!!!!!!!!

I love you so the car!!!!

Fine my peach which I was so, is happy to receive from you the letter today!!!!!
In me even has intercepted breath when I have found so much your letters in my box.

I was so many congratulation never received from any.
It is such big heat such big love, I am simple from your words.
I cannot be far from you I more to be incapable to sustain this torture.
I so would like, that you have told so very much to it in letters it not to be put.
Ah, why we while separately and I do not know as probably to overcome this distance.
If was simply possible to close eyes and opening them again to appear close to you.
I would give all for this miracle. But such we should not do something to connect our hearts.
But what, as we in a condition to make it?
If I could, I sat tomorrow onboard the plane and to have flied to you!!!!!
And you would meet me at the airport possibly with colours and a smile.
At one moment I would feel your strong embraces!!!
I would give a life floor to appear in yours to heat hands.
Fine, the pleasure deposit, a sweet deposit speaks to it to me to do?
I cannot more without you!!!
I love you, you love me if we are not together, I will die!!!
In the street already darkens also to me, it becomes little bit sad.
The fine write me faster.

I will wait your answer with fragile heart!!!
The most sweet kiss in your lips my prince!!!!!!

With all love and respect Natasha.

Letter 3

Hello my love Erwin!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy to receive your letter.

My favourite, now I shall speak you serious things.
I very much ask you that you have was in earnest to this letter very much,
and with understanding have concerned to my words.
My favourite, I yesterday went to travel agency to learn that to me it will be necessary to arrive to you.
My dear, me have told in agency that it will be necessary to make the visa,
the passport, various information, and the various documents, necessary to visit you.
To me have told in agency that all cost of documents will cost about 620 $ Usa.
Unfortunately I do not have such sum of money to pay for services in agency.
It is not very a pity to me that I can pay independently, and your help is necessary for me.
I understand that for you it too greater money,
but from me any more at whom to ask the help except for you.
My favourite, I very strongly wish to meet you. I love you.
My favourite to me very much that on our way there was a barrier, These are money.
It is very a pity to me that money has interfered with love.
My favourite, your help with money that I could make documents is necessary for me and arrive to you.
My dear, I very much shall be grateful to you if you can help me with money for documents.
I shall never forget your help with money.
My favourite, all necessary documents will be produced approximately 10 days.
My dear, I very much hope for your help.

I love you. I wish to spend time with you. YOU my LOVE!!!!!!!!!
I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience.

With love your Natasha.

Letter 4

I am very happy to receive your letter.
My favourite I just have come to the Internet of cafe and have seen your letter.
My favourite I am grateful to you for that that you will help me with money for
That that I have arrived to you.
My favourite I am grateful to you for all that you do for me.
My favourite, but me mum today has told as you can transfer me money.
My mum has told that there is a monetary system of transfers the Western Union.
My favourite my mum has told that it is very fast and reliable way of transfer of money.
My favourite I investigated the Western Union.
To me has told that that you could send me the help with money
To you there will be I the data - necessary.
I send you the data on which you can send me the help with money.
Here my data:
The country: Russia
City: Izhevsk
Street: Guerrilla 117-34
Name: Natalya Penkova
Also to me will your data that I could receive your money are necessary.
My favourite only it is necessary for me to know when you will send me the help with money.
Because to me it is necessary to tell in agency.
My favourite I am very happy that have met you.
My favourite my mum send you regards.
It is very happy that I have met you.
She has told that we will be very happy.
My favourite I very much miss on you.
I love you and I wait for our meeting.
I will wait for your letter.
With love yours Natasha.



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