Letter(s) from Mary Cook to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1

How are u doing....? wowwwwww you look so lolvy in your pic well matts my Name is Marry Cook am from USA Indiana, am 5.8 tall i work in Bank of america befor as a Bank maniger but now am not wotking no more becoz of the dead of my dad and mom well am the only one my dad and mom have my dad own a gas and oil company in china and alos work for a gas and oil company in africa name NNPC my dad and mom dad in a airplen carsh 1 yer ago from this time i never see anything that amke me happy but when i saw your profile in datemefree i say to my self will this be a honest man becoz i have being hurt so much and all i belive in now is Honest becoz i belive Honest si the key to true love and true love is the key to happy home well as for me all am looking for is true love and happy home becoz i just want to be happy in my life and make happy home with my man .... Matts pls be honest what are u looking for also and what did u really want becoz i dont have time for games and i am so happy u say that also well Matts how is ur weekend how did ur weekend gos.........think u have a cool weekend get back to me soon