Scam letter(s) from Anna Vaselisa to Dave (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear friend!

Thanks for sending a letter to me, I was really glad to receive it. You seem to be a nice and interesting person and I would like to go on in our communication. I guess, it's a little bit difficult to learn someone just through letters, but if this person appears to be your real soul mate there can't be any distance for your love. I would like to have your photo, could you send me one, please? And I will send you mine, because it will be much easier to communicate if we see at least pictures of each other. My name is Ania, I am a young lady of 29 years. I live in Ternopol, this is a big Ukrainian city. My birthday is on the 22nd of April. I study in Ukrainian State University(by correspondence),for a manager. Today I work in a toy shop. It is not the biggest and the most famous one, so my salary is also not the biggest one. So as business goes not very well, my boss pays me also not very well and not regularly. It is bad, but unfortunately I don`t have another choice.
My family consists of me, my mother and my sister. My Dad left us many years ago. My sister and I were very little and hardly understood what has happened. We understood that Dad left us forever only when we asked Mom when would Dady come home. She looked down and answered that never. From that time all our problems began. My Mom is a teacher, so I think that you understand that her salary wasn`t enough even to buy us all necessary clothes. We understood everything of course, but still it was very painful to see other children playing with their Dads and dressed beautiful modern clothes. When me and my sister were children we'd decided to help each other all the time and to work hard in order to give everything to our mother.

So we are doing our best but, as you understand, it is not so easy. Yeah, sometimes I`m sorry that I can't go out to the cafe with my friends or to buy a new piece of clothes, because I have to buy food and medicines for Mom, but it doesn't matter. These are not the things I dream about. The only thing I long for is to find a real love, a man who would be my soul mate, who would always understand and take me just the way I am, who would care not about what I am wearing on, but who I am inside, and who would never betray me. I dream about stable life with a serious man, whom I could trust and share all hopes and dreams, and I would try to make his life bright and happy. Because in me he would find not only a faithful lover, but also a friend and a companion, who is always ready to listen and to help. As you can see despite of all problems I'm very romantic person, I believe that some day I'll become very happy. Some people think it is wrong to be so romantic and optimistic, they think than a person has to be realistic in his/her thoughts .
I don't agree with them because I'm sure that good thoughts and dreams attract good reality.
So, if you are interested , write me back soon, and I`ll be waiting.
Eagerly waiting for your answer,

PS I don't know English and I use translation agency. They help me to communicate with you.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear friend Dave!
I was really glad to hear from you. I am not able to describe you my joy I had at the moment I received your letter. Thank you very much. I start to believe that I have met my soul mate and that I could have long lasting relations with a man like you.
I think you are very caring and kind person. I feel like we have common dreams and a very similar the ways of thinking. You make me feel I know you for ages.
Don`t you think that there is a very special connection between us? Maybe there is something special in you, that makes me feel this way. What do you feel?
I believe there is real friendship, and love at first sight. It`s when you see a person, start communicating and understand that he`s the one you were looking all your life.
Tell me, please, more about yourself. What do you like and dislike?
Do you have bad habits?What is your hobbies and dreams?
Speaking about my interests I like music. I just can't live without it.
I must say I'm very energetic person and like dancing, singing and so on. My friends and family say: if I don't dance or sing something wrong has happened with me!
My biggest wish to achieve happiness with someone who will be so kind and honest. I hope to find true love with a man, who would love me just the way I am and who would never betray me. And I would give everything to make him feel on the top of the world. I really believe that I will have a happy family, and children, who would live in the world of love and care of both of parents. Who knows may be you are my real love but anyway I want you to know that here ,in Ukraine, you already have friend.
I wish a wonderful day. And hope to receive your reply soon.
Faithfully yours,
Letter 3
Hi, Dave!!!!!!
How are you?
I am fine and my family too!
DEAR, you have become so close to my soul that I want to share with you with all of my thoughts. So I want to tell one thing that came into my mind yesterday! Yesterday evening I was coming back home from work passing the park and I've seen such picture: an old lady and an old man(her husband) were walking holding their arms!!!! That was such a lovely view that I stopped and watched at the for a while!I thought: that is REAL LOVE!People have lived together the whole life and still walk in the evenings holding each hands! Isn't it a miracle in our cruel world!!!! It came to my mind that I want to find such love!Think and hope it is you my TRUE love and we will be going though the part together the way I saw that couple all our life and even in the old age!


Till next time....
Letter 4

Dear Sir!

We are writing to you in order to report that your Lady can't answer you. As you know, Ania doesn't know English, that's why she was using the services of our agency. Our agency "Dream" suggests services of translating and Internet. With our help people can solve their language barrier. But we want you not to mix us with the marriage agency, because it is not so. Ania was our client till this moment. Your Lady is very interested in you and in your further correspondence, but she has some financial problems. And now she can't pay any more for translating of your correspondence. Ania asked us to report you about this, as she is worried about you.

Our agency is not a marriage agency and here are all the services we provide to our clients:

1 translation the letters from Russian into English;
2 translation the letters from English into Russian;
3 scanning and printing the photos;
4 printing the letters;
5 sending and receiving the letters;
6 giving access to Internet to our clients.

If you are interested in Ania and want to help her, you can contact us any time and we'll give you our price list.

We'll answer all interesting you questions.

Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the "Dream" agency.
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