Letter(s) from Luckycia Ansah to David (Australia)

Letter 1

hi love,
my name is luckycia ansah,23 yrs female,single from ghana. i am also interested in u.
okay i am student ,if u can take care of me,i will marry u. i have send my photo.
reply soom. take care

Letter 2

hi darling,
hows life?i hope things are cool.okay here are the answers of the question u gave me.
1.when i become your wife,i will show good character to u,as the same i want u to do to me.
2. as a wife,if u feel that u want want to have sex with me i will allow u any time u want.
3.now a days me have been tell lies to ladies,i hope u are not like them. and also i like children very much.i want to have 2 children.
darling i need u help.i live here in ghana. with my only one junior brother who is 16 yrs of age.i take care of his schooling. he has been drop out form school b,cos of school fees.pls i need 400 us dollars from u to pay his fees.if u can send it let me have the reply.
in fact u are my last hope.
i will end here
take care,
with love, luckycia

Letter 3

hi williams,
is that howz u are? you want to marry me and u are doing this.
you can not be my husband. never, never in my life.
pls i don,t need ur letter again.