Scam Letter(s) from Anna Martinencko to Christian (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Hello stranger Christian,

I send you this letter with the hope that I can live a mark in your heart. I have find your profile in one of the dating sites. And wonder if I can get to know you better. To tell the truth I have no experience of the communication on the date sites thats why this is my first try,and I hope it will be successful.

I'm very romantic girl and used to see everything in bright lights,and used to believe people from the first word. May be this is because of my profession I'm nanny, and because I work with children. I'm kind and polite lady. Working at such atmosphere you become more soft person.

“Love is patient, Love is kind, and (most important) Love endureth all things”. This my view on love. What I am trying to say is that if you had the same Love for somebody , nothing would have ever came between you and your love. Also I dream about love but in a romantic way. Truly speaking I think that love can't be separated from the romance. The love is when you can say to you second half-My heart longs for you. My heart longs to leap at the sound of your voice. My heart longs to be filled with joy by your smile. My heart longs for my love, respect and adoration to flow to you as I gently kiss your hands.

Do you believe in love?

I'm looking for such a man who wants to be a part of my being. I need a man with whom i can feel real mutual understanding,who will surround me by love, trust, sincerity and care. With whom I can share all my shades and brights,all my happiness and sadness. With whom we'll understand each other from the first hint. We'll respect all the wishes and needs of each other. And for whom I and only I can be a part of that special world in which you can return everyday and where for sure I'll always be waiting for you you and will always ready support you. I wish to be that tenderness,that ray of light that gives you a joy of life. I do hope that the pleasant feeling I have inside while I am writing this letter is a sign that we have met by the fate.
I will be waiting for your reply. My e-mail address is

Yours Annushka

Letter 2

It's so nice to say you Hello my dear friend Chris.

I'm really very glad because it's new experience for me to become acquainted with help of Internet. I was sure earlier that it's useless to find the helpmate in such way but having made sure of success of friends of mine I decided to have a try.

I think you wish to know who I am looking for and for what. Of course it's not a secret. I am looking for a real man, faithful and reliable helpmate. My life experience as for men isn't very rich, frankly speaking, I've never met any man which has turned out tight for me. But now I'm sure that if we find the common language in our correspondence we can achieve a real harmony in our relation. Probably I'm looking exactly for you and you are looking exactly for me...

My name is Anna. I'm 27. My birthplace is a Perevalsk small city It's composed of a number of picturesque corners. My house is situated in the very nice and quite place. The home background was very favorable for my upbringing. My parents made the great practical contribution to my formation and put a strong core to my mental upbringing. My mother is rather slim and pretty woman she is always elegant and smart. My mother inculcated the feeling of taste in me. My Father is a very sociable person and he is always busy. Very often he works overtime. To become an all-rounder I always had a wide spectrum of activities My friends say that I'm a life and soul of the party. I always try to turn any meeting into unforgettable recreation and entertainment. But, at the same time, I'm rather shy and quiet. I can't stand the impudent and persistent people. I'm sure that the respect is the core of any relation. So I think it's quite full information about myself. We can take a closer look at if you want. Just write me and I'll answer with pleasure. Remember, maybe I'm the right girl you are looking for.

As for my English, unfortunately I cant speak English. And use for our communication special translator service Sure, you can tell me that I have to learn English before I set about such a serious undertaking. But I'm so tired from loneliness, it's so painful to know that your real second half lives his life somewhere in this world, he dreams about something, he's having fun, sleeps alone and doesn't even know that I exist... And what if he choose someone else ?! ...

Best regards,Annushka



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