Letter(s) from Daria Alyeninova to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1

Mr. Joaquin,

We represent our translation company "Bella Sigma". Our English - Russian Translation service is dedicated to providing a superior quality translation at the most affordable rate. We will, in most cases, endeavor to create a package to suit your budget.

Your lady Dasha Alyeninova used our translation service for communication with you. As you can understand she pay for translation of your letters and hers as well. Unfortunately, she has to stop corresponding with you because of her personal financial difficulties she can't pay for our service any more but she is very interested in you and wants to communicate with you. If you are interested in Dasha as much as she is and if you still want to correspond with her, we can propose you the full information as for the payment.

We are open for your suggestion.

Best regards,
Director "Bella Sigma",
Natalia Svetova.