Letter(s) from Tatyana Karpova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Billy,

I am very glad to receive your letter.
It is very pleasant to receive the invitation from you I very much I wish you to see.
I appreciate your care you very decent man.
I would like to tell to you about travel.
I very much wish to visit you in Thailand.
Today I went to travel agency and have learnt all about my trip to you.
I can arrive to you in April I have international pasport.
Your country another's for me and I know you a little though I have very much become attached to you for this time of dialogue with you.
I would like to issue my visa and tickets here in Moscow in travel agency that all registration would be at me on eyes and I knew as where I treat so will be quieter for me and my family my mum very much worries in this occasion and will not release me under any other conditions it should see all papers and the nobility where and to whom I treat and for me will be so more easy I appreciate your diligence.
The visa and tickets really stand about 1400$ on all expenses.
Unfortunately I cannot pay for my trip itself at me there were big expenses this month and I cannot arrive without your help. Hotly whole your girlfriend Tatyana.

Letter 2

Billy I live in Moscow!!!
From what you took about Saint Petersburg???
It is never very strange I spoke to you about Saint Petersburg.
Probably you write still to other girl???
Yes I really would have enough money what to travel to have dinner at expensive restaurants and what? I thought you as the man can pay my travel to you.
I go to another's country and this permit paid by you will guarantee your serious intentions.
If you cannot pay for my trip that I anything I can not help unfortunately.
with all expenses costs 1400$ as soon as you can help me with this sum I begin preparation for my trip registration of the visa and booking.
Here that I have learnt I was in bank and to me have informed all on points.
You can take advantage of system of remittances western union what to help me with my expenses.
In bank have informed that it is reliable system with good reputation.
For this purpose what to make transfer to you it would be necessary to visit your bank where there is a branch western union and to make remittance on my name.
My full name: Karpova Tatyana, Russia, city Moscow.
For this purpose what I could get your transfer to me it is necessary to know:
1) your full name,
2) MTC number this unique number which to you will give out while translating money,
3) your city and your country, Without these data I cannot receive your money so the manager of bank has informed.
As soon as you can help me I go to travel agency and I order my round and the visa and I begin preparation for mine travel towards to my destiny.
I will be glad to visit you to get acquainted with your family To look as you live to get acquainted with culture of your country.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Hotly whole your girlfriend Tatyana.