Scam letter(s) from Daria Melnikova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Billy!!!
thank you, Billy, for your note!!! I was so sorry to hear about your problems with health....i hope everything will be well!!!
no, don't worry about me!!! It is a great pleasure for me to read your letters and don't think that i feel upset because of them!!! Billy, i found out about Pattay Beach, you told me that you want to spend some time with me....i have found the cheapest travel agency and they told me that they could make a passport, a flight, an insurance and my accomodation in a hotel ( it is necessary to make it, because without an accomodation in a hotel, i will not be able to get my visa, which i will get at the airport of Kharkov)
I began to dream about you and me in know, Billy, i miss the warm closeness of a man like you. I think about us together and alone. We are in a hotel of Thailand. Our room is so sozy and nice.... I ask you to lie down on your stomach on a sofa and I begin to make you a massage on your back, for maybe fifteen minutes. I hear soft sounds from you that tell me that you like it very much. I kiss you from your neck and down to your lower back and I continue my massage, My warm hands go upwards, feeling your spine, and go down again where I can feel your strong and brawny ******. I massage your muscles at your neck and out to where you're over arms begins. You are moaning with pleasure. I look at your very nice, almost ***** body and I can feel that something is happening with me.... I know that you want me very much but you need a response from me....of course, i agree and we spent beautiful time in our room. Then, Billy, we go at the seaside....warm blue water fondles our bodies and we enjoy each other's company....maybe you have ome ideas where we can continue our time.....maybe we can find quite place..i will kiss you where you want...or it will be wonderful!
but i was so upset when i was told that all those documents will cost $1100.....i don't know what to do now, Billy.....because i don't have enough money:-(((( you know that my salary is quite small, but i will try to save know, Billy, i am afraid that i will not be able to spend some time with you even in spring:-(((((
I kiss you...
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