Scam letter(s) from Irina Climova to Walter (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Walter! I was so happy when I see new letter from you my honey, I am really waiting for it. Your letter as always has brightened my day. I feel how close we have become to each other and with every letter, with every word we came closer and closer. I only feel bad that we are so far away. The distance makes everything very difficult but I hope all change in nearest future and we meet with you my honey. I wish I could know English language to write letter directly for you, letter about my thoughts and my feelings. I am very romantic and I think you'll be pleased with my attitudes towards romance. I believe a wife is more than simply a marriage. I believe a wife is a best friend, a best lover. I believe a wife is the heart of a family. Please believe me what I tell you because what I write you they come from my heart. A heart which loves you doesn't tell you lie. Can you define LOVE ? I love You to me, means that you're willing to support me at any time, for the better and for the worse. NOT saying I love You when you mean I Desire You! There's a lot of difference and lots of people don't see it. Broken marriages, children losing a parent, etc.... I will be that sunshine and that smile in your life. On the other hand i will be counting on you too to support me when time comes. I like all kind of music so think our taste matched all ready. I like listen music which compliance with mood. So I listen Deep Purple and Santana and think what they are a stars but I like listen new group and find something new in music. I do miss your pictures, you make me happy, and I am thinking of you daily. Hope you write to me soon is you can, be wait for your letter with all my passion. hug your,
Letter 2
Hello dear sir Walter Sorry for taking your time. Our company Global translating company gives an opportunity of full range translate services for corporative and private persons in Ukraine. Our team consist near 30 experienced translator who can help our client at any day and at any place. Our company is very glad to collaborate with you. Miss Irina Climova is our client, she is using the services of our agency for translation and sending letters to you. Unfortunately we have to tell you that she can't pay for our services at this time. She asked to inform you about her problem with this. Your lady is very interested in further correspondence with you,she will try to find some money for contribution with our firm, she also hopes that you are serious towards her and your relations. If you need any information you can contact us and we will send you all the details about our services and your lady. We are always open for all your questions. With best regards.
Alexander Lomov.
Global translating company
Letter 3
Dear Sir Walter. Thank you for using our services .We are glad to inform you about our prices and conditions . *translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD per 1 page
*scanning of one photo - 3 USD
*printing of one photo - 2 USD
*phone call translation - 7 USD/10 minutes There is a way to save the money if you plan to correspond with your lady oftener: * one month unlimited correspondence - 230 USD
* two month unlimited correspondence - 370 USD The system of our work is translating your letter to the lady , after that translating and printing of her reply letter and sending it to you. When the money on the account comes to the end we are sending you a letter informing you about it . You can make the payment by western union transfer( to the name of Your lady: Irina Climova
Lenina 5/64
Ukraine After You pay for our services please to inform us with a letter with the following information : Your country ,Your full name ,the sum of the money sent to us ,and with the so-called MTCN number (code),which consists of 10 figures for Western Union. Regards
Alexander Lomov.
Global translating company
Director. P.S. We ask you send founds only on your lady name.
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