Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Chervinskaya to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear and loved Gavin!
I am madly glad to receive your congratulations.
My love, I would be madly glad to receive from you flowers in a gift.
But, my lovely, I think, that now it not successful idea as these flowers can simply not reach. You understand, at us it is now very cold, storms and blizzards, and it seems to me, that flowers while will be delivered they can to freeze simply. You know, my loved, I would be madly glad to receive from you flowers in the spring when weather will be warmer.
For example, you could send flowers on the international women is day, for March, eighth.
I would be simply happy.
My dear Gavin, you asked about a song which sounded on my birthday.
The song which I was presented by my girlfriend, was Russian.
This song of group " Tea together ", she refers to " Day a birth ".
I like different songs, but more I love Russian executors.
My love, you know, it is very a pity, that we have not met you on my birthday, but it is possible in the following birthday we shall be together.
I so on you miss, my love I very much want to be near to you.
Even when I hear a silent romantic melody, I always think of you.
And me becomes so melancholy. I very much love you!
My lovely, I shall close the letter,
but I shall wait very much for your answer.
I love you!
Yours Nastya
Letter 2
Hello my dear Gavin!
I very much am glad to each your letter, it is pleasant for me to read your letters
And to know, that I to you am not indifferent and, that you me value as well as I you.
My love, I know, that it is very hard to make all documents that we could meet.
I with impatience wait for that day when we at last shall see each other and when we shall be together. You know, loved, my mum so is glad for me. First mum was against
I have got acquainted through the Internet. She thought, that all this jokes that is impossible so to fall in love. But then when I told always to her about you she have changed the point of view. Simply she saw, what I began, I always came home joyful and with good mood.
I told to her about you, about our letters and relations. She speaks me, that from my person now there does not leave a smile and, that at me eyes always shine, is especial when I go from the Internet of cafe. And when I have shown mum your photo, she has absolutely calmed down and has told, that such as you and are necessary for me.
She saw your photo and has told, that at you very good and respectable kind.
Still she has told, that at you the kind person and fair eyes; she speaks all time to me, that it is not enough such people and, that it is necessary to appreciate such qualities in the person as honesty, kindness, understanding and respect.
Also you know, I with her completely agree. In fact for strong and friendship so the understanding and respect is necessary. I think, that from us to turn out very good pair.
We with you shall be always happy and we shall value our warm relations.
At night I see such fine dreams, our family, our house and that as we with you live, as we like each other. You know loved my love to you it is boundless.
To her simply is not present the end edge. I so strongly have grown fond of you.
I simply intoxicate by your love, I am bewitched by you and I do not want, that it when - or has ended.
I love you very very much and I think about you all the time.
I am missing you so much
I am very happy that we will be together soon.
my love Gavin I am very happy that you will be mine for ever and you will be my life I will see you very soon and you will feel me all the way I will love you as long as i am alive and kiss you and make love to you all the time.
I will do any thing for you because you give me LOVE.
You are my king and my life.
My love please do not think anything is wrong, MY HEART IS ALL YOURS.
With all my heart i kiss you all over and love you all over
I with impatience and trembling shall wait from you for the answer.
With love and kisses yours and only yours Anastasiya
Letter 3
Hello my love!
Where you were gone, I very much on you miss and I wait for your letters.
Why you do not write to me?
To me in fact and so it is hard without you, and here also your letters are not present.
I hope, that you yet have not forgotten me.
I shall wait from you for the answer.
With love, yours Nastya
Letter 4

Hello my dear Gavin!
I very strongly miss on you and under your letters.
You so a long time did not write to me.
What happened? I can you something have offended?
I have found in you the soul mate.
Really I to you am indifferent?
I with the big impatience shall wait from you for the answer.
I hope you you will not keep itself waiting very for a long time.
Have fine and happy day.
With love Anastasiya
Letter 5
Hello my love Gavin!
Today I wanted to ask money at my familiar for registration of the visa, but have failed
I asked my friends about helping, but they has told that have not at the present moment.
I asked the advice my mother and she has told that maybe you can help me because you loves me.
I asked her how you can help me, because you is far from me.
My mother has told that you can send the money through company which make this service.
I asked about it, on my work and I know now, that exists reliable and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's Moneygram.
I take a directory book and found the address of it and it's not far from me.
I went there and I asked them about service.
They said that sender must go to the moneygram, give them information: the name and last name of receiver, and country they make transfer
The receiver must know eight digits for receiving money.
They has told that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide.
Here is the information about me:
Russian Federation
Country: Russia
Name: Anastasiya
I must know your full name and full home address.
My love I need 630 dollars I think you would help me because we found our love and we want to meet closer.
You must inform me eight digits and I can receive it.
After I give the necessary documents, the visa will be ready during 3-5 days.
This visa will allow us to be with you 90 days.
If we marry, I remain with you forever
Please don't forget to tell me the closest airport.
I was searching for you all my life and now I have found you and I am not going to lose you.
We will be happy together, I will do everything for it.
I am strong enough to overcome all the difficulties and hardships which are between us.
There is no barrier which can stop me.
My love will overcome all the difficulties on our way to each another.
We will be together, with your help.
I don't need anything else - I just want to see you, to look into your eyes, to kiss your lips, to touch your strong body.
I will love you, my baby always, and it does not matter for me what will be in the future.
I will love you, you are the air I breath, the reason for me to live.
And there is no life for me without you.
You do not think that I solve it spontaneously, I very long think of it.
And I am already go made because my love so much to you.
Now I am write the lines of the letter and my heart presse from fear and melancholy that I can never see you.
I ask you very much help me be with you and live for you.
Please Gavin try to do it for the sake of our love and me.
I do everything for you I promise. Just please allow me be with you.
I do not want to miss the happiness again. You like angel which has gone down from heavens for me. And I believe that you, MY ANGEL will take me in your Paradise.
Now our meeting depends on you.
I love you and I want to arrive to you very much
I want be a bird I would fling open my wings and have flied to you, my lovely and favourite Gavin
Kiss Yours Anastasia
Letter 6
Hello dear Gavin
Having read your letter, I was very sad... because your words pain me.
I up to your letter didn't know that you have bad opinion about me.
Believe me, I not from those girls which money are necessary only.
Yes I recognize the fact that earnings in Russia, scanty in comparison with your country.
But I am fair the work, I earn this money, and I am proud of it.
And I never shall begin to break morals to correct the financial situation.
I think that amount of good and fair people is bigest than bad.
And if person wants be happy, he should achieve it. Why I should look at such words from you?
Really you think that I can be one of a variety of women thirsting to material profit or career growth?
I don't want be a birdy in a golden cage!
If you haven't believing in me, why you haven't told me? Why you pain me...
I search clear relations of love. I search my future husband, my soul mate.
You should understand my emotions, when I hear it from you.
I from the very beginning was fair with you. But also you too should trust me.
The trust and respect for the partner is a basis of any relations.
And if I have made a step having chosen you I expect from you understanding.
I found you, you found me, I want to have with you normal clear relations.
I not want be lonely, you too. And therefore I do everything that I can.
I even had conversation with one person who promised to help me to call to you.
I can call at once as soon as he will have free time.
You have given me hope, now you want to break my heart... my believing...
You should promise me, that you will never say paining words again!
I sincerely hope you can understand me.
Your Anastasiya
Letter 7
My husband Gavin,
I have received and have read your letters, and I do not understand you
You speak, that love me, but at the same time, you do not trust me.
I think, that if you wanted my arrival to you, you already would send this remittance, you have written, that already have money
I have fallen in love with you, I love you and I want to be your wife and to live with you long
and happy life
I want that you were the happiest husband, I am ready to offer all for the sake of it
I swear to love you and to be to you the true wife, but you do not trust me
You do not want to send this ****** money for this travel
I do not know what to do and where to find the necessary sum
If I had this ****** money, I would not ask for you any cent
I already would arrive to you and we could enjoy our love, and wonderful days which we shall carry out together
I swear to you that you never would regret about it
I fair women and me another's money are not necessary,
I need in love and male which could make me happy.
Money are necessary for me only for my arrival you and all.
I love you!!!
I each day, dream of you, and about our meeting
I have already prepared for a thing for this travel
To me it is insulting, at me nasty mood
Yours Anastasiya
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