Scam letter(s) from Ruslana to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Gary!
I'm so happy to write you now. I am so pleased to see you wrote me, it's a real surprise for me, because I've got acquainted with internet just recently. You know, I'm a student and once my friends suggested me going to internet cafe after lessons, there I registered on a site, left my photos there- so I saw your letter and now answering you! :) So, my name is Ruslana, my friends call me Rusi. I'm 21, I'm a student of English-language faculty, I'm going to be a teacher of English in future. I live in Gmerinka city. Someone may say this city is very small, but it's the best for me, cause I was born here, it's my native and I think it's really beautiful. I love my city! Also I like reading about traveling. I think it's so great v to see another countries and cities, to see people who have another nationality, but, in fact, the same people as living in my city, because the main for anyone - is to be a good person. It's a pity, but I have never traveled. And what about you, Gary? Do you love your native city? Do you like traveling? Have you ever traveled somewhere?
Also I can say I am merry, cheerful, optimistic person, I hope you are optimistic too, but if not, I think my optimism will be enough for us both:)
I love this life, and it loves me! For my mind, everybody should have the same attitude toward the life, and then it smiles you back!! What do you think about it? Do you agree with me?
I'd like to know more about you, any information will be interesting for me. Also it'll be great to get different questions from you. I'll answer honestly, my promise! Hope for your back honesty, Gary;)
Good bye,
Letter 2
Hello, my dearest Gary!
My gratitudes for your letter. With your every new letter I have a feeling, that now I know you a little bit better, than a minute ago.
And this is such a pleasant feeling, do you have the same?:)
Darling, you asked me to answer some of your questions, but what questions, maybe I haven't understand it correctly? Then write ity one more time, ok?:)
Dear, I'd like to tell you about my hobbies, cause I think this theme should make us a little bit closer to each other;)
As you know, I study in English-language faculty. Why did I decide to enter just this faculty? Because I like studying foreign languages, especially English, of course. I like this language, how it sounds, how people pronounce it, and so, that is my main hobby, I think. Also I have a good knowledges on russian and ukrainian languages.
Also I like looking pretty for surrounded people (especially for intimate person;) and for myself. I am looking after my body, that's why I like making sport v I like dancing, it's just incredible, when people speak with the help of their bodies, with the help of wonderful movements. For my mind, every person can dance, just if he wants it. And it's great even just watching how people dance, every dance- is a special story, and it's always beautiful.
You see now I like dancing very much, I know a lot of kind of dances, and my dream always was to dance for my future beloved husband:))))
I send you a photo with my friend. Recently we took part in dance fest and we have won! This pretty dresses were given to us by organizators of the fest! Usually I drink some alkohol drinks (wine, champaigne) only by holidays, but it really was a holiday for me!:) I am so glad to send you this letter and to share a little part of my life! Do you like it?
Formerly I visited lessons of music, I plaied piano, and it was really my hobby several years ago, now my life has changed, but knowledges in music theory and, certainly, practice, left. So I told you briefly about my hobbies and now waiting for a letter about what you think about it!:)))
Take care, my dear Gary
Letter 3
Hello, my darling Gary!
How are you? I hope everything is ok? I am fine. I am so happy to get all your letters, every word in these letters is read hundred times by me! I am waiting so much for your every letter, because it brings so much pleasure and joy in my heart. You know, Gary, firstly in my life I have a feeling, that somebody needs me, that somebody has the same feelings as I have in my heart. How pleasant being in love, I wanna tell it thousands times, and hear your words of love in answer. Now finally I feel sureness thinking about my future. Cause I'm sure that we'll be together soon and everything will be great, my life will be as some dream, because I will always be together with my the most beloved person in all the whole enormous planet! You know, my dear, I just can't fall asleep all the last nights, because I always dream about you, Gary! I am dreaming so much to hear everything what you wrote me, all you pleasant words! Now you are my beloved prince, and I'm sure, that when I see you, when we already be close to each other, so close to be able touch your face,look into your eyes, take your hand and, finally kiss your sweetest lips you'll become my wonderful king! I am so dreaming to hear the most pleasant words in the world from your lips, this most important three words... Then everything will be great forever! I am sure that you are dreaming to tell me these three words as much as I dream to tell it just for you! Am I righr?
Oh my sweetheart, if it's true, we should seriously think about our meeting, cause I feel you are so close to me, that I can tell you everything I'm thinking about. And you know, Gary, that I can't sleep anymore...without you. Only meeting in reality can show our real feelings to each other! Please, let's not waste our time anymore! Let's finally meet, our future depends from our decision now! What do you think about it? I am sure we both should do everything for our dream to come true. That's why I decided to come to the travel agency in my city and ask them what documents I need to visit you and what is the best way to organize it. Darling, what do you think about it? After your letters I believe that our dreams and goals are just the same! It's all because I'm dreaming about you every moment of my life now. I need your answer, I'm waiting for it impatiantly!
Kissing you, my dear Gary,
your Ruslana.
Letter 4

Hello, my darling Gary!
Today I decided to come to internet cafe before college, to see if my dear Gary answered me..And I see a letter from my love!!!:) I am really happy! I am smiling all the time!:))) Oh, my honey, I wanna feel your loving arms around me, I think it would be the safest and the happiest moments of my life! I am so happy that you are mine now, cause I LOVE YOU and I am only yours, my honey...
I assure you, dear, that coming me to you ts not so problematic as you think. My mom's friend went there for her future husband several years ago and everything was really great:) Of course I give you my number, call me and we will discuss everything.
+380660085931. This is my telephone number. Please, try to call me during the day, not at night, cause I'll be sleeping and couldn't answer you!
Darling, I visit travel agency in my city and got some information about my future trip to you. For the person which hasn't been abroad the procedure started from getting an international passport, its cost is 135 USD. Having the passport I should get a visa to your country. I can get a tourist visa, its cost is 230 USD, it will permit me to stay in the country during 3 months. It will take 3 weeks to get passport and visa in the travel agency, and the total amount it is necessary to pay is 365 USD.
The amount is very big for me, I am a student and it is impossible for me to collect the money. Darling, will you help me to pay for this? I know you understand it is necessary for us both because our meeting will change our life and will make us happy, my heart tells me that and I listen to it!
Oh, my lovely Gary, I am waiting so much to hear news from you, to hear what you think about I wrote you! Please, dear, don't make me waiting and nervous, cause you know, I can't sleep, I just think all time about our soon meeting, I am sure, it will be very very soon:)
Take care, my love!
I kiss you 1000 of times!:)
Your Rusi
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Gary!
Thank you for your letter! I was happy to get it! I am happy that you really longing us to meet!
You wrote me, that you wanna come to me, but there's really so much problems!! How can you come to me and live in a hotel, if there's no hotels in my small city! And where will you live? Of course, I talked with my parents about our correspondence and they are happy because of the fact we found each other! But they are very conservative, as you know, and they will never let you live in our little flat before our wedding! And our neighbours, friends, another people (in our small city everybody knows each other!!), what will they say, if a man comes to me from another country? So, we have two ways to meet. The first - is to meet in big city in Ukraine, but it is very uncomfortably! I have no money to live and to go there! And all money you may spend to go to my country... Isn't it easier for me to come to your country? And money to spend for my trip to you, to make my passport and visa firstly, and then to buy tickets? And we'll meet without any problems! My parents say, that this is the best way for us to meet! And I'm really agree with them!! Theremore, It's important for me to arrive in your country, not the contrary, because I wanna see how you live, and how we both will live there! And if I'll be able to adapt myself to the situation - to another nationality, But secretly to say I'm sure that if everything proves as I dream, than it'll be just perfect, our life will become some fairy tale:)
Please answer soon what you thinks about it, it is very very important for me!
Take care, my dear!
Your Rusi.
Letter 6
My honey Gary!
Maybe you didn't understand me a right way? I am PROUD of I have you, my darling, and that you are my future beloved husband!!!Only we have no good hotels in my poor city and our flat is too small, you understand? My parents say that it is better for me to come to your city and see how we will both live in our home:))) I assure you7, that it is really possible for me to come to your country with the help of travel visa, just believe me, as i believe you:))) I am interested in your future answer:))
Take care, my darling!
your Rusi
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