Scam letter(s) from Galina Lisenkova to Kjetil (Norway)

Letter 1

Hi Kjetil. It is pleasant to receive your letter. To me of 27 years. Thanks, that you have responded on my message. I try to find real love in the Internet. I believe, that I can make it. Because actually I do not hope to find the present the man in Russia. I am tired from rudeness and roughness of local drunkards. Impudent offers. A smell of alcohol. To me such men are not pleasant. The Internet as has disappointed me. I month wrote letters to one to man. Pleasant the man. He has fascinated me. Has forced me to believe in real love. We were going to meet. We exchanged a photo. In general, appeared He the usual boor, a distortion. Collected my photos. Wrote letters to several more to girls. I called Him on a phone number which He has given me. Appeared, that it was not Him number. I am struck, really in the Internet it is impossible to trust? I want to hope, that you not one of such men. This my second acquaintance here. I do not want to be disappointed again. Tell to me about itself more in detail. I have serious enough intentions. I do not want to be your entertainment at leisure. I do not want to be a toy, which is not necessary if to eat than engage. For this purpose, I want to know beforehand your desires and dreams of the future? Tell for what you you has answered my letter? Why I have interested you? I do not want to become the friend on correspondence. If at you serious intentions if you do not search entertainments then I for you. I would like to study you better. As whom you work? Than you like to be engaged outside of work? At me weight of hobbies. I adore to listen to music. I like rhythmical modern dancing music. Sometimes the truth, I can listen romantic. Basically when I am an at home one. I do not smoke and I love track and field athletics. I wait for your letter. I wish you successful day. I hope soon to receive your answer. Galina.
Letter 2

Hi Kjetil!! I am glad to receive your letter. It is pleasant for me, that you have paid to me attention. You already saw my photo which I have sent you in the last letter. I can tell to you more about myself. I and my family we live in city Omsk. It is rather beautiful and old city which is located in Siberia. My growth 172 cm, weight 55 kg. The sizes of my figure 87-57-92. I have written to you the sizes in metric system, it is used in Russia. I hope, you are familiar with this system. What can I tell about myself? My friends consider, that I the attractive girl. Why I am single?:) Silly question... I could not find second half. Therefore also has decided to get acquainted with you. You attractive the man. I can see is formed enough and intelligent. I hope, that I am not mistaken in you. I shall tell to you a little about the family. My mum Tanya, now does not work. For it weak heart and father has forbidden to it to work. I very much love mum, she the kindest woman on a planet. My father Nikolay works in firm on delivery of cargoes to a long distance. His work very difficult. It gets tired very strongly, frequently it does not happen at home. When to me there were 4 years at me the sister was born. Her have named Alina. Unfortunately, its birth has taken place in the winter, in hospital Alina there was strongly a cold. She has died in some days after a birth. It was strong impact for my parents. From this case has passed a lot of time and a pain gradually dies away. Even now I sometimes hear crying at night in a room of mum. I can tell, that I love very much the parents. We live in the old five-floor house in a separate apartment. I know, that for you probably it is surprising, that is possible to live to 3 people in a three-room apartment, but it is possible. I still so would like you to write much, but I shall leave it up to following time.:) I Hope at you all well. And still I would like to ask you, that you would not overlook to send me the photos! It is very pleasant for me to receive your photos!!! Thanks for your phone number. I promise, that I shall soon try to call to you! I do not have phone, but I shall try to use a public telephone booth! I wait for your following letter. Galina.
Letter 3

Hi my elected Kjetil.. I am sorry, that called to you so late, but at this time it was most simple to call. I wanted to speak with you. I shall call still to you. I would like to speak with you, to hear your voice!!! I am glad to receive your answer. I for a long time suspected last letter which has written to you. Now I do not see sense to hide the feelings. I LOVE YOU. I have understood, that I shall love you that day when has written to you the first letter. I think of you every minute the life. I fall asleep and I wake up with ideas on you. You the man from my dreams. I dreamed of you all life. Now, when you at me are, I very much am afraid of you to lose. I hope, that it will not take place never. My heart and soul now belong only to one person in the world, you. I am ready to present myself to you. I am ready to be with you up to the end of the life. My life now is not meaningful without you. I want you, as the man. I want to care of you. To prepare for you for a meal, to clean your house. To erase your clothes. I want to wait for you tired from work to warm and feed. I want to give you the love and caress. I want, that you became the happiest the man on a planet. If you will become happy, I shall be happy. I am ready on everything that you and I became happy. I LOVE YOU MORE LIVES. Yours Inga.
Letter 4

Greetings my love Kjetil! My love, I was very happy to receive your new letter. I very much, very closely read your letter. I understood sense. I am very glad, that you have understood me! I am very glad, that you could hear my heart. Lovely, I never to deceive you, as my love to you is pure and is sincere! I love you on the present! In my words there is no falseness as each my word to you is filled with love, a heat and tenderness! I love you and I want, that you would understand it on the present!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely Kjetil, I very much want to be more likely with you, I want to feel your body, I want to love, love, love you!!!!! Lovely, I very strongly to grieve, I cannot remain any more far from you! I want to be with you!!!! Dear, I shall go in travel agency which to advise me my girlfriend who has departed in Australia. You remember, I to tell to you about it? I to call to it, and she to advise me this travel agency as it did all without problems. Lovely, she spoke me, that I will not need the invitation as all these documents are done by this agency! Lovely Kjetil, I so want, that our meeting would take place as soon as possible. To me it is bad without you. This distance which divides us, it hurts me! I want to be with you. The most treasured desire is to be with you. My love Kjetil, I only want to be with you, the person whom I love more lives! If you knew, that to me occurs. I to wake up in the morning and to think of you. All the day long it seems to me, that you beside. But when I come home you are not present beside. It hurts me! I love you all heart, all soul, all body. You are necessary for me only. I love you and I want to be with you. Each my word to you is filled with love, a heat and tenderness which I want to give you. Only to you to one! I love you lovely! I shall wait very much for your letter. With love from my loving heart, your wife Galina!
Letter 5

Hi Kjetil. I understand your letter. My love, I so was happy to speak with you! I was very happy, that could hear your voice. Lovely, I have understood, that I probably have woken you. But all the same I am happy, as I could speak with you. The person whom I love. Lovely, I am very glad! As thanks you for your photos. I was pleasant like it! I understand, that it is impossible to correspond eternally by e-mail and to tell each other that we like each other is boundless. I am confident the feelings. You attractive the man. I see, that you the intelligent and educated person. You very much like me. I as understand, that that I sometime could tell to you, that I love you, I should meet you. We should meet to lead some time together. We are obliged to check up our feelings to not be mistaken. I promise, what I shall try to call you soon because I want to hear your voice, to talk to you, to learn as from you affairs? Your life is interesting to me. I never was outside of Russia, I already spoke you about it. There is no sense to hide, that I want to live in with you, to be your wife. Therefore I have got acquainted with you. I think what simply silly to lead the rest of a life about a computer and to write to you that I dream of our meeting. To me of 28 years, time flies imperceptibly. Every lived day, I understand, that there passes my life. I think, that it is necessary to use each chance given by a life. I like you? You speak, that I like. To what to hesitate? I think, that we can learn about each other if we shall meet face to face much more. I wait for this meeting. I understand, that trip in to you, not the cheapest pleasure and without yours of the help, I cannot arrive to you. For this reason, I want to call you and to learn, whether you are ready to that in your life the beloved will appear. The girl who will be near to you always. The girl who will care of you and to help you in all. The girl who will love you. The person who aspires to creation of happy and strong family. I this person. I want to make this step. I am ready to cross ocean to learn, that I was not mistaken in you. I want to trust you. Therefore, I wait for your trust and respect. I hope, that you will listen to my words. I would like, if I shall find myself only a victim of severe game with my feelings. I shall wait for your letter. Kiss. Galina.
Letter 6

Greetings my beloved Kjetil! Again I hastened to read your new letter! Yes, I certainly understand, that there are people, which all the same on such feelings as love, and they only swindlers. It is very a pity to me, that such people exist, as they spoil a life to respectable and fair people! It very much low to act how these pity swindlers act! Unfortunately, I already wrote to you that the crime rate in my country is high, and we as suffer from it, as well as you! It very much, very much low and unworthy! It became disgusting to me! My dear Kjetil, I already wrote to you, that for me are not necessary from you money, I never to want them to ask you! The daddy will sell mine the automobile, and will give me money to trip. As the daddy speaks mine, that it will not need to return any money as it it does for the sake of my happiness! It is ready on everything, that I would be happy with you! My loved Kjetil, I to not ask at all you money, as I not such person, as those swindlers. Which I have written those prices to you, I have written that I learned it and have decided will tell to you how many it to cost. But I did not think at all to ask you anything! I very much hope, that you understand me! Our love seems to me very worthy and pure! And over our love never to pour such *****!!!! I am very grateful to the parents, that they have brought up me such what I am now! And it seems to me, that at me very worthy education! I hope, that you understand me and when I shall come to you, you can estimate it! I very much want what somewhat quicker to settle all questions, and to arrive to you more likely! I so would like from you love, caress, heat and understanding! I love you Kjetil, and the soul, my and your soul is enclosed in these words! Our love the strongest and pure, and can damage nobody our love! I am ready to protect our feelings from that ***** which is planted by swindlers! I love you and I shall wait from you for new letters! Sincerely, with love yours Galina!
Letter 7

Greetings my love Kjetil. Lovely, again I am happy to receive your new letter. Lovely, how your affairs? At you all is good? I very much hope for it, as you my loved, and I want, that at you always all would be good! Dear, yes, I understand, that you are afraid. But it seems to me, that the trust is the most important, that can exist in attitudes. You should feel and listen to the heart. That it speaks you. Lovely Kjetil, I only want, that you would know and remembered, that I love you. I love you all heart, I love you all soul, all parts of my body. I only want, that you would understand it. I know, what exactly you that person whom I waited all life. Through time which we love each other, I only to be convinced of it every new day. I very much to grieve on you. And now I very much want to be with you. I very much hope what be fast we can together and then nobody can prevent our happiness! I very much miss and I grieve on you. You are very necessary for me, your love is very necessary for me. I love you Kjetil! I shall wait for your new letter. With love, your wife Galina!
Letter 8

Greetings my love Kjetil! Lovely, today I to hasten in the Internet of cafe what to write to you the new letter. Lovely. I very much waited for your letter. Dear, I shall finish all my documents. Soon, absolutely soon all my documents I to stop and arrive to you. Lovely, I very much wait for this day. I so hope for our fast meeting! This most important in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely Kjetil, please write to me the full address, the data more in detail. Lovely, it is very important! What weather at you? What things to me need to be taken with itself? Lovely, write to me all subtleties has put, which I can require!!!! Lovely, I very much would like to know. Lovely, I want to tell to you, that at me everything is all right. I only wait for one moment in my life. This moment I expect every minute, I only live that I dream and I wait our meeting. Only this my most treasured desire - to be with you which person I love more lives. Lovely, you think of it? My parents asked, that I would send the regards to you. They respect you and know, that with you my life will be happy. My eyes every day burn love to you. Lovely, please understand, that I slowly die from melancholy. I cannot remain on distance from you any more. Your love is very necessary for me. Lovely Kjetil, I any more do not want to remain on a neutral *****, I do not want to live on distance from you. Lovely, let's make our life happy. Unless not we dreamed of it. Lovely Kjetil, it seems to me, that there has come the moment when we should be together!!! Remember, that my love to you is very pure also heat! I love you and I want to be with you! Lovely, I shall wait for your letter! With all my love and kisses, your wife Galina!
Letter 9

Hi my love Kjetil. I am sorry that could not write to you the letter earlier. At me was not an opportunity to make it. My love, you know, that I passed interview concerning the exit visa from Russia. At present I am in Moscow. I can write to you the letter only tomorrow. I could receive the exit visa from Russia without problems, but I had to tell a lie. Whether they asked I have cash without which under the legislation of the Russian Federation I have no the right on departure limits of Russia. It is necessary for me 1200$US cash. My love, I ask you do not experience, these money - formality. At passage of customs inspection, I should show presence of this money. Without them to me will not allow to sit aboard the plane. The legislation has accepted this rule, for occurrence of a unforeseen situation. That is, if suddenly with me, something happen. I should have money for purchase of meal, clothes. As at me should be money that I could buy the return ticket. During all flight of money will be near to me, in my ladies' handbag. On arrival in the airport I at once can return to you this money. Loved, I so was upset... I had to tell a lie to them to receive the sanction. But I cannot tell a lie, at passage of customs inspection. This money are necessary for me. I am confident, that you will help me with the decision of this problem. I know, that you always understand me. I love you. I am confident, that this problem will not destroy our plans about a meeting. As soon as I will have in presence this money, I can buy the ticket on a next flight to you. I so am tired about all it. I want, that all this would end faster. I want to feel your embraces more likely. My love Kjetil, I all time think of you. Now I need in your help and support, as never. I love you more lives. I hope, that you will quickly answer me my letter. Yours Galina!
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