Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Loskudova to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my friend!
To me it is very pleasant, that you have answered my letter. I think, that it has begun something interesting at me. Also I hope, that you will agree with me.
I not the master of the letter also am not able to tell about myself. I think, that friends can tell about the person and native only its. But as you are yet familiar with them I shall try to write in more detail about myself.
I think, that in the first it will be interesting to you to know about the personal information.
As I already spoke you I was born in Russia. And I have lived all life in the city of Kazan. I think, that you heard about this city. It is one of the greatest cities in my country. With the population about 1 million people! I have lived all life in this city and moved on the country a little. I think, that at me yet was not for this time and desires.
Certainly to me already 27 years, and I cannot tell, that I the young girl. Usually at this age Russian women have the family and children. Unfortunately I still have no this. And can be and fortunately. But the fact that I have no the favourite person.
I can tell about my work the following: I work as the manager in a publicity agent. And my work occupies a lot of my time. I think it is not necessary to you to explain my duties. It not difficult to understand. I studied as this work 5 years at university.
Now some questions to you. I think, that to you not difficult to answer it.
Write to me about the work in more detail?
How you spend the free time?
What did you search on this site of acquaintances?
I think, that for the first letter will be enough. As I wish to tell to you about the hobbies.
I like to go in for sports at leisure. In the winter I usually skate and is more rare on skis. You know, that in Russia very long winter and at me is a lot of time for my hobbies. In summertime I like to bathe. Certainly I like to have a rest as with the girlfriends. And usually we go to play billiards or bowling.
As it is interesting to me to know your hobbies in more detail. You can tell to me. I shall find out it in big curiosity.
Anyhow I shall wait from you the answer. Also I send you the photo.
Sincerely your new friend Natalia.(karnilita)
Letter 2
It again I.
It is pleasant to me to receive from you the answer. I have closely read through your letter. And thus we not much find out about the friend the friend is more. But I shall be happy to study about you more. And thus the distance between us will be reduced. You with me agree? (smile).
In the last letter I have forgotten to tell to you about myself in more detail. And in this letter I shall correct this error.
Anyhow, you already know not much about me. My growth 170 cm. My weight makes 54 kg. I not too thick for you at your sight? (smile). My eyes of green color and my hair the blonde. You could observe this information on a site. But me not difficult to repeat to you it.
You as can describe yourself in more detail. All is interesting to me find out about you. As I never had conversation with the person with other country. And it is very interesting to me. It is interesting to me to know all about you. And as you can tell to me about the city and the country. I scoop the information only from the TV. But I think, that there do not give a full picture of an event.
Anyhow, I the usual girl. And I love flowers. My favourite flowers it is camomiles. They white and very beautiful. In Russia this flower can be observed on any glade. And it is very beautiful.
Except for all this it is interesting to you find out about my last relations and because of what I do not search for the man in Russia.
Certainly, I had a beloved. But for some reasons we had to leave. It is history it is old as our planet and it is very banal. He has simply changed to me. We relations proceeded 3 years. And me was very sick to receive such impact from the the beloved. And I could not be more with him. I thought, that more never I shall want to be with the man. But I was mistaken. And here now I here also tell about the life and about myself.
I think, that it is not necessary to long. And we can talk on more cheerful themes. And because of this I had some questions to you. Tell to me about the character. Also try to describe in detail itself from with all your minuses and pluss. It will be interesting to me to know it. I think, that there is no necessity to hide something. And you can speak the truth. As I know, that on light there are no ideal people. And each person can have principles. How many people, are so much and opinions.
I very kind and open person. And you can freely communicate with me.
I shall wait from you the letter.
Sincerely yours Natalya.
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