Letter(s) from Marina Omelchenko to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1

Mr. Joaquin,

Welcome to the company "TangibleUKRServices".


We are writing this information letter to you by the petition of your lady Janee V. Our company "TangibleUKRServices" has relationships with many regular clients. Your lady Miss Janee V. is one of our clients, we translated your correspondence with Miss Janee V. some period of time. She paid for our services herself in time always but now she can't pay us because of her financial circumstances. If you are interested in continuation of your correspondence with Miss Janee V. we will send you the prices and conditions of our company. If you have the questions concerning our translation services we will gladly answer all them.


We successfully serve our clients on-line placing at the client's disposal such translation services:

personal and corporation documents; negotiations, business, personal meetings; telephone talks; foreign travel interpreter service; interpreter-guide; notary authorised documents translation;


We determine competitive prices and flexible payment system useful for all our clients. Our goal is to provide the professional translations with the minimal prices and time consumption. We emphasize on quality and reliability of our services and always consider all customers' request. In our translations we always retain what author says and accurately keep author's style and privacy.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Top Manager of
Anna Bezborodova.