Letter(s) from Aminata to Rob (Japan)

Letter 1

pls my love, very important note, pls;of child-dish issues, or no steadfast, or of fun, pls don't read my mail, talkless of write me;for am here for serious;so if the same purpose write me let us proceed ok?;Ok my love we shall acquaintance, ; i read your profile, and you sound interested to me, most tell, you are handsome, and cuts, am love forward to meet with you as lover. respect, show the good sense of humour to you both emosionally and sipritaully as your true lover. am loving, caring, romantic, kind and honest person. I'm looking for a long term relations with the happy marriage. am looking at the mind. I want to share everything with my future husband. We 'll have our joy, our success and our problems which we'll always decide together. I'm a very open person,both as a princess, i have privillege of my own inheritance, and I don't like hiding anything. I want to give all my life, love to the husband of my life. And my husband will be the only one for me, because I'm a very devoted person. I hate lie and betray, and I'll never let them come to my home. ;and we study ourselves to see how compatible and theres chemistry between us. darling write me at aminatanlayvi9@yahoo.com i will tell you all about myself and my family, our island, aswell. i cant wait to meet you looking unto ur eyes cuddle kissss love wake by you. love Aminata

Letter 2

ok my love, am with you, as your wish i do, and if you are truely real in love with me?; i will so lovely to relocate to you over there in Japan, so from the we can study ourselves and see how compatiblre we are and theres chemistry between us, my love , write me so from there we proceed our acquiantnance ok? this my email aminatanlayvi9@yahoo.com your's love aminata; thanks

Letter 3

ok my love, as you wish ; i do; pls my love i good sense of true manner i love you, hope that once our wish, and goal is the same in faithfulness we shall come to the result of standred living life; my love write me? or reach me? your email?; so from there we proceed our acquiantance, and see how compatible we are, and theres chemistry between nus; thanks; this my emazil, aminatanlayvi9@yahoo.com your's love aminata.