Scam letter(s) from Linda Inman to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello this is what happened to me.
it's really nice meeting you and it seems you're a nice person and l will really like to share everything about myself with you.
Let me start by saying
l was born in Maryland, Baltimore 26 yrs ago(22rd of october 1981). l was there with my parents for 5 yrs before my dad was transfered to Florida, Lutz... l lived in Lutz for 19 yrs before my dad passed away... it's was a big lose for me.... My dad has always been there for me and always been the man to always help me ever since my mum has divorced hi... My mum divorced my dad when l was 11yrs...And l have not set my eyes on her ever since she left us... You can imagine that. l really l could met her again cos l have no one to be there for me. lf i have my mum with me or beside me, l won't be going through all this l'm into right now. After some weeks my dad died... A friend of my dad working in Nigeria came to me and if invited me over there with him... he promised to always help me and take good care of me if l could come down, he has always been a good friend to my dad and that's why l accepted his offer... lt has really been a nice time when l first got here with him, he was really trying all his best for me and never let me down. But after some months l got here with him, he changed totally on me and l never knew what has come over him cos l can't believe he could be like that.
He normally shouts on me, always complain on anything l do. Stop helping me with my school bills, stop giving me feeding allowance. The worse part of it all is when he started asking me to have *** with him, you can imagine how heartless he could be then. He was trying to force me after some days he has been asking me to have *** with me. but after this get's continued he sent me out off his house and l was on the street for two days before an elder woman came to my rescue. l explained all what happpened to me to her and she accomodated me, she gave me a room in her apartment and that's where l live right now. l suffered a lot. l can't believe tears are coming out of my eyes right now.
l really wish you can really help me and make me happy again... l don't want to go through a such again in my life
l want to be happy with someone and l can't say it might be you if you really want me.
l will be so much happy if you could really make me happy again and l know my dad's spirit will always guide you and will always provide for you.
l'm so frustrated and confused about my life.
How l wish l was not here right now
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