Scam letter(s) from Veronica to Lawrence (USA)

Letter 1
Hello lawrence!
Thanks for the interest. I am curious how you found my email address?
I'm not sure who you, but I'm very interested new acquaintances. I am a lonely young lady, if you dont mind, we can continue correspondence.
In attachment to this letter you can see my pic.
Have a nice day!
Letter 2
Hi Lawrence! Hi lawrence!
I haven’t written anything about myself –so I’d better do it now.
Let me tell you more about myself.
I assume that I am a strong woman with goals, ideals
and ambitions. I am 29 y.o; I was born on October, 26th, 1978. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall. My weight is 121 pounds.
I live in Poland ,in the city of Krakow.
Krakow be in the Poland. It in the south of Poland.
We have a three-step education here: School – College - University.
I have finished Medical university in the city of Warszawa.
I studied Medicine in the university – now I work for a hospital.
I’m an the physical therapist. I like my job. Thank you for answering me.
In the end of my letter I want to ask you a couple of things (just a little piece of female curiosity).
What music do you like? What kind of movies do you usually watch?
Sorry that I didn’t answer your letter sooner. I was very busy at work and my home computer has broken down.
I guess I will be able to write you from my work. P.S You likely wish to know why I am lonely. I had boyfriend.
He change me with my best girlfriend. I so have lost the girlfriend and boyfriend.
My heart was grievously. I hope that you are not very angry at me because of my letters.
I just hope that it is the beginning of something big…
Interestingly as we have found each other.
Probably you have found me on Yahoo or on Craiglist?
I have been registered there earlier.
I have removed registration Yahoo and Craiglist. I had no success there.
When I have removed. In some days I have received from you the letter.
I have removed this letter. I have thought it a joke.
There there was about acquaintance a short message.
Having thought I have decided to answer. But I am glad that you have written. Sincerely yours,
Letter 3
Hi lawrence
I am sorry. I could not write to you quickly. These days I have been very occupied.
Of course, it would be great to chat with you a little but unfortunately I have neither Yahoo nor MSN messenger.
When I fix my home PC I will install them straight away.
I feel I have to write a couple of things about myself more.
I the only child in the family.But I have the cousin. Cousin lives in Czechia.
My Mum has the sister. She are my aunt.
The sister of mum lives in Prague. I wish to inform you.
I have started to do the visa three months back. Soon I shall receive the visa. Approximately in three weeks. I can arrive to the USA.
My parents live far from me.
They live in the city of Slupsk. I was born in Slupsk. But when has finished Medical institute.
I have got a job to Krakow. I seldom see the parents. Slupsk be from Krakow 5 hours drivings on car..
I started learning English in college - I hope that it’s not really that bad.
I’ve never been married - and I don’t have kids. I guess you wonder why I don’t want to start dating a Polish man.
The reason is very simple - most of them are incredibly boring. They know nothing about romance and passion.
And their feelings are boring and monotonous as well.
I’m tired of such men -that’s why I decided to look for love abroad.
I’m planning to leave Poland in the future.
I want to move to the United States. I’ve never been there - but I hope I will be able to live and work there.
I am going to visit in the beginning the USA as the tourist. I plan to visit the USA spring.
I can visit your area. How about a cup of coffee in cafe? You not against personal meeting?
I can stop in hotel.I hope hotels is not far from you? I yet do not know exact dates of arrival.
What do you think of it? I love different music flows - from classic to rock.
My favorite singers and bands are Madonna, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani.
I adore symphonic music by Tchaikovsky and Wagner.
Most of my favorite films are American - Gladiator, Groundhog Day, Basic Instinct.
However, that’s just a tiny bit of the things I like…
I prefer melodrama and comedy. I like skating, skiing and swimming.
Hiking is a great fun for me. I enjoy camping in forest.
I also take a great interest in gymnastics and yoga.
I wanted to ask you about the time difference between our cities -
please, inform me if you manage to find it out.
I have to finish my letter now. Veronica
Letter 4

Hello, my faraway friend!
The only thing I need is a loved man next to me, the man to whom I will be giving all my love and caress.
I’m in a lyric mood today. I hope that you like my dream.
The only things I want to get are warmth and affection.
I want to sit in front of a fireplace being embraced by the arms of my beloved and talk about every little thing in the world - how our day was, our future plans.
I live one in the apartment. Sometimes I feel really sad - especially when the weather is dull.
From time to time I go to night clubs with my friends - but it doesn’t happen really often.
I love dancing to the disco music - that’s my main club weakness… I enjoy walking in the park.
I love the nature there.
I really love the older part of my city - old houses, little cozy cafes - I love drinking coffee with freshly baked pastry there.
The city gets so beautiful in the night with all its lights shining - it brings some special feeling of coziness in.
The cafes look especially seductive when it’s cold outside - I always want to come in and have a cup of hot coffee.
Sometimes we go shopping with my friends.
I guess you know how much women love different shops with ladies’ clothes.
However, I don’t have the chance to do it very often either. My job takes a lot of my time.
I think I shall soon receive the visa. As I shall receive the visa.
I can arrive approximately in 3-4 weeks. I shall inform you in advance.
When I shall arrive. You not against if I shall visit you.
I have not solved. What exactly I shall do when I shall arrive to the USA.
Likely I shall visit your area as the tourist. I want to ask you something. What do you dream of?
What you don’t like? Is there a color that irritates you?
I love pink color - and I can’t stand red.I’m sorry but I gotta finish my letter now.
Blowing a kiss to you - I hope you will feel it.
P.S In last picture I and my girlfriend Maria.
Letter 5
Hi, lawrence
How was your day?
I often think about you. I don’t know why, but I want to receive your letters so much.
I’m coming to my cabinet. I’m checking my e-mail straight away.
I’m thinking about you and life gets a little easier.I get into a better mood.
I think that we have some sort of invisible link between us which eyes can’t see.
I hope that you feel the same. We’ve known each other for a pretty short time.
However, I feel confident when I’m getting your letters.
I hope that you don’t blame me for being open-hearted.
But you… You’ve touched something inside my soul. I don’t know how to explain it.
I’m like a little girl that is waiting for a present.
I want to write to you. And get your letters.
I don’t know how come I got brave enough to say this to you. I might sound ******.
We are unfamiliar to each other.
However, I’m writing all these things to you.
It’s possible that you won’t approve my courage. However, I’m happy because I’ve said it to you. I’m finishing my letter. For some reason, I’m too open today.
I will be waiting for your letter with anticipation.
I will be thinking about you.
Letter 6
Hello, my friend!
I hope you don’t mind me calling you a friend.
I today have received a little free time. I have decided to write to you one more letter.
I hope you not against to receive one more letter from me?
I wanted to say sorry - probably I didn’t answer all of your questions…
I’m very sorry - I wrote to you earlier. My home PC is broken.
I have to read your letters in my cabinet - I look through the mail, read your letters delete them and write the answer during the day.
I can forget some of your questions. I hope you are not mad at me because of it…
I think we have a lot of time to get to know each other better.
I forgot to say why I have to delete your letters. It might sound pretty banal - but I have a boss who doesn’t like it when I use the computer to write personal letters.
I hope you can understand it…
I want to write a couple thing about myself more… I used to travel before - but not really much.
I’ve been to Egypt. I’d like to travel a lot if I had the opportunity. But, unfortunately, I don’t have it - mostly because of my job. Finishing the letter and blowing a kiss to you…
Veronica P.S. I have more open pictures. I can show these pictures if you not against.
Letter 7
Hi, my far, but dear friend lawrence.
I’m starting to wait for you letters with so much anticipation.
I’m starting to fall for you. I can’t understand how it happens.
I never thought that it’s possible to take a fancy to someone just by reading his letters.
Your letters make me feel that you are a very good person.
I don’t know – maybe these words will seem too daring to you.
Maybe you will say that I’m starting to express my feelings too soon.
But I can’t help telling you what I feel.
This feeling is overtaking me. I’m trying to keep it all inside myself.
But I can’t do anything about it.
I’m afraid of it all – but in the same time it attracts me so bad.
Usually I don’t tell the things that I keep at the bottom of my heart.
However, your letters make me do it.
Sometimes I’m trying to imagine what our meeting’s gonna be like.
Will you be happy to see me or not.
The images of us coming together keep on exciting my imagination.
Of course, it would be better to know each other in person.
I have good news. My papers for a trip to America are almost ready.
I have received the message. The visa will be ready approximately in 2-4 weeks.
I so long waited it. I waited the visa approximately for 7 months.
I do not know exact date of arrival. I when shall receive papers.
I shall know approximately when I shall arrive. I shall arrive to your area.
You will be glad to our meeting? I shall inform when I shall arrive in advance.
I shall give the full information. When I shall be completely ready to travel.
I can visit the USA as the tourist 1 month.
We will be able to chat, walk hand in hand,look into each other’s eyes.
Favor each other with smiles and kisses. I’m finishing my letter now.
I’m moved too deeply today…
Otherwise I won’t be able to stop myself from telling you about my fantasies.
Please, don’t ask me to tell you about it. This is too personal.
I’m too shy to talk about it. I will tell you about it all – a little later, when I feel that I’m ready to tell it.
Or we’d better make my fantasies come true when we meet? ?
What do you think about it? I’m sure that you would be delighted with it. Blowing a passionate kiss to you. Hope to hear from you.
Veronica P.S. I remind. My pictures are taken for me by my girlfriend Maria.
Letter 8
Hello, my long-awaited darling,lawrence!
I’m so happy. Soon we will meet each other.
Are you happy about it? Soon you will see me.
I am really happy that it all turned out like this. I want to ask you – do you want to meet me?
I’ll arrive at a place close to you, will you be able to meet me in the airport?
I really want it.
I’m a little scared to think about the way it all’s gonna happen – our meeting, our first real talk.
I’m sending you a kiss. I have to finish my letter now P.S Write to me please. What international airport near to you. Yours Veronica
Letter 9
Hello, my beloved friend lawrence.
Your letters keep making my heart warmer. I want to meet you as soon as possible.
I’ve never experienced something like that before.
I’m so happy that I’ll meet you soon. My dreams make my soul flutter with sweet anticipation.
I’m very sorry. I can’t write much today. I guess you understand it.
All these preparations for moving take so much time.
I’m starting to long for you. I miss you. My heart is dying to race towards you.
I’m so happy that I’ve met you on the Web.
If someone told me that I’m going to meet my love on the Internet, I wouldn’t believe it.
Now I believe in miracles.I shall inform you when I shall arrive. I shall inform you it in advance
I believe that two loving hearts will meet no matter how far they are from each other.
I’m pining for you. Every time I go to sleep, I’m thinking about you.
I have solved. I shall arrive to your area.
I cannot travel on all country. I hope you will show me beautiful places.
I shall not ask much. All will depend on your free time. I shall arrive alone. I was finishing the letter when I remembered something… I forgot to send you a kiss.
Blowing you millions of kisses.
Letter 10
Hi, my dear lawrence.
I’m so happy that we’re going to meet each other soon. When I think about it, I’m starting to imagine the way it’s gonna happen.
I dream to see you waiting for me in the airport.
Feel you hug me and clasp hard to you *****.
We will flow together in a kiss. I’m thinking about you every day.
My heart is tired of loneliness. I need love. I need you.
I need to see your smile, your eyes, feel your touch.
Soon our hearts will come together.
It’s gonna be like a huge fire that can be put out by a long kiss only.
I want to talk to you when we meet so much. I want to tell you a lot.
I’m so happy to know that the time when we finally meet each other is getting closer and closer with every single minute.
Soon we’ll be looking into each other’s eyes.
I think that our relations will not only grow into something ****** – they will be eternal. I know it for sure. I’m finishing my letter. Sending you the hottest kiss ever. Your Veronica
Letter 11
Hi my love lawrence!
I’m waiting for the moment when we’ll finally be together – I think I’d give all I have to make it come sooner.
I want to kiss you. I want to take your hand and feel its warmth.
I want to look into your eyes and see love burning in them.
I want to feel your breath and your heartbeat. I want to see you happy.
I love you. I’m not afraid to say it. I want to repeat it again and again.
I want to shout these words out. Soon we will be together.
Our hearts will flow together in a gust of love like two enormous oceans.
We’ll be the ocean forever – beautiful, powerful. You are always on my mind.
You are the light that shines inside my soul. You are like the air for me.
We will favor each other with kisses making our passion grow.
We will leave all the old grieves behind.
At least we’ve found each other – our love will keep growing in both the pleasure and the sorrow, in health and in illness. I will always be with you. I love you. Sending you many hugs and kisses,
Letter 12
Hello, my love.
I’m missing you so badly. I’m about to run out of patience.
I can’t wait to meet you.I’m dreaming of you every single minute.
I’m happy to say it to you.
I can’t manage to control myself any longer.
I want to tell you how I feel about you.
You will probably say that it’s impossible to fall in love that fast, especially taking into consideration the fact that we’ve never met each other.
I had never thought that it all can happen. However, gradually I got addicted to getting your letters. I started thinking about you.
I understood that I long for you.
I started making haste while going to work – I wanted to check whether I’d got another letter from you or not.
I’m as happy as I baby when I get messages from you.
I dream of waking up in the morning with you on my side. My soul is singing because it’s happy – happy because soon I’m going to meet you.
It will be the happiest moment of my life. I’ve always dreamt of someone special to enter my life and love me eternally.
I would pay him back with the same. I think that you are that special someone.
I want to smell the aroma of your hair. I want to touch you. I want you to touch me.
I want to know you completely. I dream of kissing you in the moonlight, kissing as a lover would do.
The stars will be shining for us only. I’m sending you thousands of kisses today. I’m sending this letter with love… And I hope that it wasn’t too brave.
Waiting for the answer with anticipation, P.S I should inform you. I have received the visa. I waited for it 7 months.
But I should arrive in Russia to the city of Moscow.
I have the girlfriend. The girlfriend has the aunt.
The aunt lives in the USA. She works in mission of a red cross.
This aunt has parents in Russia.
They have got in a trouble. They older persons.
The aunt of the girlfriend be on work in other country.
She cannot arrive and assist. She be difficultly accessible area.
She be in other country. That in southeast Asia. In Laos.
My girlfriend too cannot visit Russia. She cannot leave work.
Parents of the aunt had a fire in home. They require the help and support.
The aunt has relatives in Russia. But they are very occupied.
I shall assist them. They older persons.
They not can be often with them. I shall move in Russia to the city of Moscow.
I shall arrive to your area from Russia. I do not know exact dates of arrival to you.
I think I shall be in Russia of no more than 1-2 weeks.
I shall inform you in advance when I shall arrive. I hope you understand.
Soon we shall meet. Do not worry. I shall continue to write to you.
Letter 13
Hello, my darling.
My love, I would be so happy if you were near. I want to tell you about my dream.
We were walking on the street, hand in hand, we were smiling, laughing, kissing each other.
You invited me to your place. We had a romantic dinner. Candlelight.
I was looking into your eyes and you were looking into mine.
Our hearts started beating faster and we came together to kiss. We were overcome by passion.
We were kissing. You lifted me slowly and carried onto the bed, put me down and lay down next to me.
I felt your touch. You started taking my clothes off slowly, covering my body with kisses.
I felt fire burning inside me. You pulled me closer to you. Our eyes met.
We were making love, you were pleasing me by all imaginable means. I was kissing you, getting down, lower…
You started moaning. You were trembling with anticipation when you were penetrating me.
I was giving myself to you – more and more until you started shouting with pleasure.
We fell onto the bed – tired, satisfied. We smiled to each other, gently stroking each other’s bodies, kissing. I want you to love me forever. That’s my dream.
I hope that it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I hope that you like my dream.
I hope that you won’t mind helping me make this dream come true. I love you and send you thousands of kisses
Letter 14
My love lawrence!
I at last Has bought the ticket to you.
I was most happy the woman. I also reserve tickets. The number of the flight on which I reserve the ticket, it would be on the March 25 :
9:00 am Depart Moscow (SVO) Tue 25-Mar Czech Airlines 4893 / 50
Arrive Atlanta (ATL) 9:34 pm Delta 135
I reserve the cheapest ticket to Atlanta and cost 1050 USD. But I had no this money.
So I went to pawnshop and pawned silver and gold embellishments
I got 175 USD But it is not enough for full cost of the ticket.
I have paid in whole 700 USD. It was my last money.
It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I have done everything I can.
I paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I don't want to burden you. I want to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I have failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part.
I had a part of money on a trip. But has sent this money to the daddy.
Mum began to feel itself badly. Operation urgently was necessary for her.
She has a stomach ulcer. In the started form. It is very hazardous to health.
I could not deny assistance on operation to Mum. But holiday at me too has restrictions.
I can stay 1 months in the USA. I ask money in a debt.
I at once shall return this money. Even it is more. It is only 350 USD.
I ask money in a debt. I shall return them. We together can go and receive them.
I must pay this money before March, 20, Otherwise I will lose my money and reserve ticket. If you love me, and if you want to see me soon, please, send the money for the ticket before March, 20, morning.
I have paid for a part of the ticket. But to return this money I cannot any more.
I cannot return money which have paid for a part of the ticket. In Russia such laws. It not America.
Here laws differ I cannot arrive without your help. If not these circumstances.
I did not begin to ask from you the help. I do not know what to do.
I have addressed for the help all. But not who could not help to me.
I have addressed to you in hope.
I understand that it is a difficult decision for you. Of course if you don't want you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal. I will lose my money and our meeting.
I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when we are divided only with one step, I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will be gone. I love you and I want to be with you. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger. It is much easier to go through difficulties and barrier together.
I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity.
I did not want to ask you. I thought, that I can make all itself. The loneliness has made me strong. I have got used to live without the help, and to rely only on myself. I very seldom address to somebody for the help, but now I ask you to help me. I THINK, BOTH OF US WANT THIS MEETING, means also charges we should divide for two. I THINK IT FAIRLY.
I have made a step forward. Make also you a step towards to me. I hope that has not offended you. I love you and I trust. I know, that you will not throw me now when there is only one step. My love is boundless to you. I am confident, your love to me too.
The love is not measured in money, money it only a small problem for us now.
Tell me lawrence, can you help me? If you have an opportunity please help me.
If you have really decided to send me of money. I have found out about the western union (It is company the engaged money transfer). Western Union has website, called Probably it will help you with the greater information on it.
Recently I have visited one of russian branches of WesternUnion, and they have told to me, that you can send money to Russia, the receiver is Tatyana Yakovleva.
I shall explain why money send on other girl. I am in Russia. It not Poland.
Here if to receive money through the western union. It is necessary to have the Russian passport.
I have the Polish passport. What to receive money under the Polish passport long procedure is necessary.
It will borrow a lot of time. The relative of my girlfriend will receive money. She at once will transmit this money me.
So, please go to WesternUnion and transfer the money to Tatyana Yakovleva, Russia.
Any another info to make transfer is not required(this is exact words of the WU-employee)!
Relative will be able to pick up money, if I will know the following info about your money transfer:
1) Exact name of sender.
2) Location(city and state,zip) of sender.
3) Money Transfer Control Number.
4) Exact amount of money.
Without this information, Relative shall be not capable to receive money.
Your Veronica P.S I understand probably you will change the opinions on me after that letters.
I understand there is a lot of deceit on the Internet. I assure you. I am real.
I ask you. Do not throw correspondence between us. I wait your answer.
I beg only write to me.
Letter 15
My love!
I yesterday have sent you the letter about the ticket. But has not received the answer. I wait your answer.
Letter 16
My love!
I understand. I have probably solved this problem.
The aunt can probably help me.
But your help will be necessary. I can visit you.
Do not worry. I am not going to ask money.
You can help me? I wait your answer.
I love you.
Letter 17
Hi my love!
I could not write to you.
I am sorry. I was sick these days. I have caught a cold. I can arrive to you.
The aunt is ready to help to me. You wait my arrival? I wait your answer. Veronica
Letter 18
My love, I have good news! I can visit you very soon!
You can help me and I do not need your money !!!!
I have a female friend in Poland and her husband's aunt has got married and went to live in the USA. My female friend said to her husband's aunt about our
problem and the aunt agreed to help us. But we have one trouble:
They now work in Laos in mission of a red cross.
They can transfer money only to the bank account in USA, because from Laos it is impossible to send money through Western Union. He tried to send money through Western Union from the bank account, but it at him has not turned out.
The husband of the aunt or she cannot visit branch of the western union.
He from them far. They cannot leave a place of work for a long time.
The western union far from them. They are in remote area.
Please tell me your bank account's properties so as to let aunt to send you money: The aunt of the girlfriend wishes to send money to relatives.
They will give me a part of this money for visitings you.
To wire the money to your bank-account I need to know:
1) Your account number.
2) Your account type(checking or saving).
3) ABA routing number of your bank.
4) Exact holder's name.
5) Bank's Name
Also holder's postal address and phone number may be required. Please give me your cell and home telephone numbers.
Help me in this please. This is an only way for me to come to America.
I don't ask you for money, I just ask you to help me. I can arrive to you already very soon. I have made all for our meeting. Please make a small purpose from your side for this. P.S Visit bank find out this information.
If you are afraid, open the new account and let there will be the most minimal sum of money.
Relatives of the friend will send the money for your account.
Your bank-account may be empty(without money) - no one cares - it just should be capable to accept money.
The aunt transfer the money into your bank-account, and you should resend it to via Western Union!
Help me in this please.
This was an only way for me to come to America.
I don’t ask you for money, I just ask you to help me.
I can arrive to you already very soon.
I have made all for our meeting. Please make a small purpose from your side for this. Veronica
Letter 19
I do not know what to do. I am broken. I tried to call to you but the call did not pass. I called from a public telephone booth. I have no cell phone.
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