Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Nelson!!!
I am very glad that you have answered ye. I liked your's profile on this site and I have decided to write a structure to you. I search for persons with which I might to lead all life. My intentions very serious. I live in Russia in the city Orenburg. It is very beautiful city. To tell the truth I already have despaired to search for my present love, my prince here, and I have decided try to search in Internet. I shall tell you about myself. My growth of 168 centimeters, weight 56 kgs. To me 28 years. I was never married. I have education of the cook and higher education on a speciality economy and marketing. But in the present time I work as the cook in a dining room. I have no children. I have very beautiful eyes, I think that you will estimate my sight on a photo. I like to go in for sports. I frequently go to a training hall and in fitness club, I Like to hold myself in the form. I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol. I think that it is a pledge of youth, Beauty and health. I think that you are agree with me. I hope that like my photos. I ask you to send me more your photos. I think that appearance not the most important. As for me the main thing in the person his soul and his private world, but me is very interesting to see yours photos. I live with mum. I have told her that today to me come the letter from the person of other country. She has told that it's well, but it is impossible to trust at once. We should begin a friends at first. We should pass a long way that in the end we shall understand together whether or not. But I think that we shall well. I shall help you to know more about me. I don't know english very well. I think that you can understand all my letters. If something to you will be not clear, tell me about it. Your letters will help me to teach your language better. I don't have computer at home, because it is very much expensive for me. I shall write to you from the Internet centre. I shall tell to you about the city. In this city I was born and have grown. It is very beautiful city, and I think that you may find it on political map of the world. I like to walk on it's streets to attend museums. In our city we have some theatres, museums, houses of culture. We with my girlfriends frequently visit cinemas and we look various films. I like walk on the streets when sprig is come. On streets water flows and kids let the paper ships, sing birds, the sun shines and heats. The nature a new is born and I also feel that new life begins. My girlfriend has advised me to look his only thing in Internet. I did not expect that you will answer me. I thought that it simply a joke. I hope that we with you well learn each other. Also the computer may will help us to find each other better. I want to know more concerning you. Tell to me about your habits, friends. Tell me where you live. What do you like to eat? Write to me all about itself,Ok? Don't hesitate to ask, I shall try to answer all your questions. I shall wait for your answer. Also send the more photos please. Your friend Elena from Russia.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Nelson!!!
How are you???
Thanks for very interesting the letter, I much the new has learnt from it, I think that we need to learn constantly something new as much as possible to trust each other, you so do not consider???
Tell to me please with what you you see the future relations???
What qualities should be at your future wife???
Whether you want children??
Tell even more about itself directly my dear Nelson...
I wish to learn constantly about you something new...
Set to me questions also, I with pleasure will answer them...
Sincerely, your Lena...
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Letter 3
Hello my dearest Nelson!!!
I intellectual enough girl and if you wish to check up it that you are able to do it, I will try to answer as it is possible more in detail on all your questions...
I simply adore to dance, my most favourite hobbies it to dance and prepare, I hope that it is pleasant to you???
I adore many styles of music, for example, dance, trance, electronic, pop music...
I very active girl, also love very active music though I also very much love also classical music, for example Bethoven and Chaikovskiy...
You know such authors???
Children it is simply magnificent, I very much want them, they shine the warm cosy house as speak... Children it is life flowers...
And it indeed, I am absolute with it agree, and how you think my lovely Nelson???
I think that at you heavy work, but you likely have already got used to it also it to you it is pleasant...
Tell why you have chosen this work???
It will be interesting to me to learn...
The big love my darling Nelson!!!
Forever your Lena...
Letter 4

Hi my sweety Nelson!!!
Oh my lovely I have only one cat, his name is Barsik.
Yes I have received a photo with your cats, I think that they could make friends :)
My city is beautiful enough, but only in the summer, there are some monuments and museums...
I can send you some photos of the city, I hope they to you will like...
We have similar interests in music and it is simply magnificent, to us will be to talk about what when we will be together... :)
Tell to me please also about the city more, it is interesting to me to learn...
All my love only for you Nelson!!!
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Letter 5
Hello my sweety Nelson!!!
My cat too very much always hides when someone from strangers comes home...
He does not recognise strangers, but quickly to them gets used :)
Photos they are simply wonderful, I so wish to get out on such nature with favourite, the same simply fairy tale, all so is beautiful, many different trees, yellow, golden, very beautiful colours, and set of kisses mmmm. It so is fine :)
Really I very much would want it my lovely Nelson!!!
And how you think???
By the way my love I long thought rather our meeting, I spoke with mum, it so is happy, that I at last have found the love, after all it simply fantasy, I do not trust till now that have met such remarkable person as you my dearest Nelson!!!
As you consider I could move to you, I do not wish to remain to live in this country, certainly I would not wish to leave mum one here, but after all I can come to Russia to visit her after a while...
Tell to me please all thoughts in this occasion my lovely Nelson!!!
I love also whole, your Lena.
Letter 6
Hello my dearest Nelson!!!
I have fallen in love with you very strongly, and my feelings to you are very strong, I with impatience wait for our meeting, I hope that it will be already very fast, you want that I have arrived to you my dear Nelson???
I very much would wish to arrive to you approximately in the beginning of next month, what you think of it, I am simple at this particular time I plan to take holiday, you like my idea my lovely Nelson????
I think that it will be just fine, which you have sent those photos to me are magnificent, they have very much liked me, thanks :)
Please answer me as soon as possible, Forever your Lena...
Kisssssssssss Kisssssssssss Kissssssssssss
Letter 7
Hello my lovely Nelson!!!
YES I have very strongly fallen in love with you, and all I now wish to be only it with you nearby, to be in your hands that you could embrace and kiss me, your gentle kisses, your breath it as air for me my dear Nelson!!!
My friend here works in travel agency and it will help me with fast registration of all documents, and these are simply magnificent news to us my love!!!
I will write you all details in the following letter my love Nelson.
Thoughts on love near to you my dear.
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