Scam letter(s) from Suzzy Eyison to Alejandro (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for the mail,am so glad.Age has nothing to do in a relationship,I have been here since 3weeks ago and i will be back next week.I have been a model for 3years,I do most of my modeling in Europe and this is my first time in Africa,I do have more pictures and i will be very happy to send some to you later.My mom is a Canadian but My Dad is from the states so i have a dual citizenship.I live by myself in my dad's home in Los Angeles CA,i haven't seen him for a very long time and i also don't know where he presently reside.He never cares to know my way of living since he divorce my Mom and my Mom presently move back to Canada where she belongs.I am just 3months old in the area and i don't know much about it yet,i hope you will be more than happy to show me all around when i get back?I think i would say am on my own since I have no friend in CA because my work takes me out of the states very often,I love what i do simply because it makes me see new places.I think i would stop modeling someday when i found my soulmate so as to have enough time for my family but i don't know exactly what to do yet.Whom do you live with and why are you still single? Paula
Ps i have removed my profile completely on match since i found no one interesting.
Letter 2
Hi Alex,how are you doing today?hope you had a peaceful night?I am really worried today,i was in a meeting with my manager and client,i think i will be delayed,my payment was made in a Company's Certified Cashier's Check for safety purpose and it can only be cash in the states.Although i never wanted to bother you but i will really appreciate if you can help me in cashing the Cashier Check since it's still blank and it will be made out to you so that you could easily get it cashed.All i needed is your full name and either your home or work address depending on your work schedule during the week days including your Cell Phone # so that I could overnight it to you and you will take it to your bank and get it cashed,then wire the cash back to me via Western Union so that i can settle my hotel bills and get my ticket back to the states.Hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day. Paula
Letter 3
Hi Alex,I am so glad to hear that you will be able to help in cashing the payment,the check is for $3000.I will UPS the check to you overnight tomorrow and will inform you as soon as it's sent so that you can be on a lookout for it.Will you be able to get them cashed and also wire the cash back to me via Western Union as soon as you get it on Wednesday so that i can make it back home ASAP?I hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day.

Letter 4

Hi Alex,I am so sorry for not getting in touch with you sooner,i just wanna inform you that the Money Orders has finally been overnight to you and you will get them until 10.00am your time today,Will you try to await the package so that you won't miss the mailman since it's coming through the UPS and also i hope you will be able to get this done as soon as you receive it today?The Money Orders is for $825 and you will receive 4 pieces,that makes it $3300 in all.You will send $3100 to me and use the remaining $200 for the Western Union fee.I have contacted Western Union here and they won't pay transaction that's less than $2500 so it's mean you will have to split the cash into 2 and send it from 2different Western Union stores,each for $1550.Remember to split the cash into 2 and send it from 2different Western Union so that i won't have any problem in picking it up here,okay.Here's the wiring info... [ NAME ] PAULA PALMER




[ ZIP ] 23401 You will email the info which you used in sending the money to me as soon as you get it done including the Sender's full name and address,Secret Question and Answer and the 10 digit number on your Western Union receipt.You will understand what i mean quite alright when you get to the Western Union office.I really can't wait to meet you in person,have a peaceful day.


Ps follow the instruction as it's given,okay.
Letter 5
Hi Alex,I got the money and i am so glad and excited about getting back home soon but there is a little bit of trouble again now as I got to KLM today to confirm my flight I was informed that I had to come up with some amount of money that would be my Basic Travellers Allowance ( BTA ) and that's $3650 and I need $150 to tranport myself to the Airport Sunday night making it $3800 in all that I need to get outta here Sunday night, and I need to get this before the schedule time for the flight to leave that is 10:40 PM Sunday... Otherwise I will miss my Flight Uh!Honey,I am afraid this could possibly be the only delay for now so i had to mail out another set of Money Orders to you and you will get them tomorrow,.I will be very glad if you can just help with this and be my saviour once again,I will really appreciate if you can get the money sent as soon as possible so as to meet up with my flight,Please all my hopes lies on you right now as I don't have anybody to run up to now and.This is the last thing that stands between us now and as soon as you can get this done for me.I will be outta here Sunday night and get back to the states by Monday noon,I hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day. Paula
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