Scam letter(s) from Harriet Hudson to David (Australia)

Letter 1

i always pray hard so that iget the person who is the owner of my life but iknow that God has got my prayer so that you will be my dreams in all my life.
about me,am faithfull addition to that i fear God.i have sent for you my snap for you am waiting for the answer from you only.
thanks alot dear.
yours in blood
Letter 2

hi baby every thing you say am ready for you and as you know am ready to treat you like the king of my palace.and as you know that every thing God is in control in each and every thing
i love you but remember that am hot and it's good to tell me the truth so that i wait for you thanks baby God bless you
your's in blood
Letter 3

Hullo baby boy, how is life over there and the atmospheric conditions over there? King, you know that am thinking of you?
In all the world guys tried me from all over the world I have not got feelings but when you sent me a message, my heart was just pumping
All dreams I get show me that you have already taken my heart away. Please honey am telling you the truth I feel inside me, and you should know how and the pain I have. I don’t want you to wonder, but remember that love is a talent, which is not given to each and every person.
What we call talent is some thing that is given to one or another but not all people. And love is a talent which is given to different people like me here and which is not common.
God gave me what we call love, am not saying this so that you love me but dreams I get in these days show that I have started my journey of love. I promise I will never disappoint you, king you should listen my voice from all people and I know that you know that you are the person. You know that people always call me miss Uganda but I do not know that truth whether it is true or it is a lie you to decide what to call me am nature, am kind, ihave very white teeth, I have dimples, I have romantic eyes, I have baby face, I have nice legs, I have nice nails, I have soft body, I have smooth skin, I have nature off black hair, I have cute smile and others.
Please I need your help because all my things were stolen from the house and I tried the police and they told me that, they couldn’t help me without the suspect.
So baby I need your help if you can help me with some little money where by I can succeed in life until you come. Please, am your wife if I know that you can’t leave me to surfer.
Please dear help me with six hundred dollars (600 dollars).
I want to buy another phone. The phone I had was also stolen so am stuck and some people I demand my money they don’t want to give me.
Thanks a lot honey please you try to e-mail without stopping remember that I love you king of my palace.
May God bless you so much and your family forever. That’s my account number above and below.
Even if it fails I still love you.
Do you smoke?
Do you drink?
How do you treat the person you love?
May God bless you so much.
Remember that green means marriage……….good luck, but I love you.
In God I trust.
Yours in blood. Harriet.
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