Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Bolshakova to Kopulos (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello Tony!!!

I am glad to see your letter. I did not expect it, for me it was a pleasant surprise. I am happy!!!

I looked at your profile and did not hope at all that you will answer me... But you have answered. It so is remarkable... I in general very emotional always. I hope that it does not frighten you, my friend.

But I think that you wish to learn about me. Yes??? But it is good.

I will tell to you a little now about myself, but I do not know that you wish to know about me. Therefore do not hesitate too and ask me. Ok? I I certainly will answer and I hope that you will be sincere with me too. Very much I hope...

But what to tell to you...

Let's begin with the simple. I hope that you know that I am Ekaterina. I joke... Also I hope that you will be my husband... Too I joke. But I seriously hope that you that who is necessary to me

But it is possible also Katya. Well it is fine. I live in Russia, in the city of Cheboksary. It is not so big city. You heard something about my city??? Probably...

I am 27 years, 174cm it is high, 53 kg it is weight an average constitution, blue eyes, single, never married, any children. But I concerned within 2 years. Then all has stopped. My former young man is weak to alcohol and it can has played the big role in our rupture.

But will suffice about it. My birthday will be at 17 April 1980. And your, Tony???

I burn with the desire to learn about you. I do not search for the friend with whom I will correspond only. I aspire to find strong long-term relations which I can present with myself in many years with which I would like to be together. I have not found love here.

Already there has passed a lot of time. I hope what exactly you my second half. Because I am very tired from loneliness. Now I even can easily shout at the relatives and friends simply without the reason. And only then I understand that was not right and I apologise before them.

Then I to myself promise that such not to repeat. Before such was not. But when I go along the street and I see enamoured people their kisses and to me it becomes melancholy...

Can you will tell why I cannot find love here in my city and have written to you.

Certainly I tried to find love here. I went to clubs, and in other places. But it has not helped me. There not serious people... Those relations which could be, could last no more month.

And me 27 years!!! I do not like to speak about the age, but I think as well as all women. I would like to have children, the house in which I will live with the husband and children. But still it is dreams. But time goes.

I wish to ask you... And why you search for love on the Internet and what is the time you already on it have spent???

I hope that this beginning something good. And with impatience I look forward to hearing from you and I wish to see your photos...


Letter 2

Hello dear Tony!!!!!

You know to me now very badly.... :-(

I really do not have any mood!!!!

What can I tell to you now???? To me it is very strongly insulting, because I wrote to you not so simply to have a good time, not to waste time, and to find with you happiness!!!!! I wrote to you in hope, that at us something will turn out!!!!! And I with huge impatience waited your letter to learn you that aspires to something to more serious, to serious relations!!!!!

But now I do not see from you the letter.... You have very strongly offended me!!!!!! You probably not the serious person because it is very ugly, that you to me do not write.... You do not want gets acquainted for serious relations?????

You have really offended me....

If you wish to correct all write to me please because I still very strongly wait your letter....

I will well wait!!!!!!!!!

Letter 3

Hello again Tony!!!
I again here and I read your letter...
It is cool!!
Please recover very soon!!!!! I very much worry about you!!!! You say, what at you a headache???? Are treated please!!!
Whether certainly still very much we early will think and solve together and whether we have the future. But I am fair all the same about it I think.
How are you friend??? Good?
I am excellent. Here excellent weather, the sun. It is my weather. I as though am charged by this energy.
I would like that such weather was always.
And what weather at you??? It is possible to tell that I the person dependent on weather.
And you? Weather too influences you? Tell to me. It is interesting...
I think that it was good to tell to you about the parents about the family.
I one daughter in a family. I have no native brothers sisters.
My daddy call VLADIMIR. To it 56. It works in furniture firm. It collects furniture.
But I think that it yet long will work there. It already elderly person.
It works only because pensions in Russia very small and does not suffice for a life.
My mum Irina too already on pension. But she does not work as the daddy.
He does not allow to work to her, therefore mum basically sits at home, cooks food cleans houses.
I not so often go to them recently. But I try to make it. I try to help them as I can.
But I live not so well. I work as the seller. I studied in trading college. This work brings not many money, but it for a life suffices.
I hope that you understand me. I would like that you too have told to me about your work, than you are engaged.
But I should finish the letter. I am limited in time.
Tony, I wait your fast reply.

Letter 4

Hello mine heart keeper Tony!!!

It again yours Ekaterina

How you??? I am a little tired I have not absolutely had a rest yet after heavy day there was a lot of work but already it is necessary to run for work therefore at me now simply there is no time much to write to you......

Ooouuuhhhh..... I so have got tired.... Every day it is necessary to run in general at me all life in such rhythm always somewhere I hurry even itself I do not know where..... But now likely I hurry to you...... Now would not prevent to have a rest, somewhere to descend, but work does not allow there is no free time. I did not go to the cinema for a long time already and there is nobody.... You would not like to descend with me at cinema????

Many thanks for your fine photo.... I thought, that you beautiful, but not up to such degree.... You very nice the man, you very much like me.... Women probably look At you, I am jealous you a little....

I such happy that we have found each other.... And you are happy?????

At me to you very confidential question.... Than I was pleasant to you? What in me it is pleasant to you? That you probably would like to change in me? It is very interesting to me that you think of me as you to me concern and if not a secret tell a little about your future that you wish to change in your life???? I very much wish to know also what qualities you possess what your character??? I very much wish to know I think you have not offended these questions but we should it is necessary know each other from something to begin......

Tony, I look forward to hearing from you

Yours sweetheart Ekaterina

All the best.

Letter 5


I hope that I am still interesting to you, my dear.

Fairly I still very much hesitate of you... To express all sensations of feeling.

Though in a life I absolutely another. I on the contrary say that I think.

Can because I have any fear still... I already tried to search for love on the Internet. And I had 2 men with which I corresponded.

With the last I stopped to copy probably 2 years ago... Or 3?

I already precisely do not remember. But the first spoke that he wishes to find the wife to itself (himself).

And it very much was pleasant to me. I too wished to have a family, like all it was good. But then he has asked a photo where I should be without clothes. I have not understood absolutely it. But continued it to demand and demand. Then I had a big desire to strike it in the true life. How it is possible about such to ask? You understand me, my dear I hope what Yes.

With the second was even worse. I at all would not like to tell about it. Therefore I was disappointed in love search on the Internet. But then my girlfriend also searched for love and has found.... Now she already lives with it like to Tahiti.

Very much I hope that you will not play with me, and will be serious. Because I do not know that will be with me if I again lose hope. I hope, that it will not happen. I trust you....

You say, what you cannot understand where I work????? I work as the seller in a lady's wear shop!!!!!

Tony, I wait...


Letter 6


You know, when I do not see your letter at me any mood at once vanishes....

Here I can tell to you, that I wrote to you because I have very serious intentions and consequently I always answered you, but when you answered me I too has thought, that you only with serious intentions and only.....

But why then you now do not write to me???? I am not necessary to you more or you were not serious, when wrote to me???

I very much in you afflicted, I thought you really wish to keep in touch with me....

What now to me to think???? I do not know???

I hope, what you wish to correspond with me for serious relations???

I will always wait......

Letter 7

I have today no a lot of time to write to you. Sorry. ok?
But I will write more necessarily to you when you will answer me. Ok?
I would like to ask you. It is possible?
You continue to write to me because of my photos or because of my letters?
Sorry me if I have offended you this question.
I have asked you only because to me many letters on a box which ask to answer them come. But I do not write to them. But what they write?
Send me a photo. Send me a photo, send me a photo... And I think that they are not serious. I have now you. Certainly we cannot tell that are very close now yet.
I am able to prepare and is tasty.... To prepare for me my mum has learnt.... When I prepare, I the daddy very much likes also he to me constantly speaks, that my husband will be proud of such mistress... And we are dared together... Sometime I you shall force to find out my prepared kitchen!!!
I very much love a pizza!!!!!
You ask my phone????? But I am sorry, but I have no phone because I had before phone, but I casually have dropped it in a pool and after that he was not subject to repair in the summer... And now I have no phone....
But I so have much told to you already... I so think. And I wished to learn your purposes too. Ok? You have not taken offence? The most important thing that you have understood me, have understood my letter?
But I am simple all letters which received on a site set me thinking.
But Ok. I should run already.
Very much I wait your fast reply.
Tony, I wait.........



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