Scam letter(s) from Laura Oguns to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello ,
Its me Serena, from that Singles net dating website.How are you doing today?You sent me a message on that website so i decided to respond to you....Could you please tell me all you think i can know about you on here and i will do the same so we can see where we go from there.....I will attach my pics to this email, email me back with your pics too and i will talk to you later.Bye
Letter 2
Yes, i did and thanks.. am online now if you would like to chat with me...

Letter 3
Am ok, how are you too ?
Letter 4

ok Hi.. did you have a good weekend?
Letter 5
My weekend was fine and i miss talking to you aswell.....I am ok, just came back from shopping but i could not afford everything i saw at the store here.. Thats making me a little worried...
Letter 6
kindly email me to let me know if you will like to do this for me....I would really appreciate you if you get this Versace teddy bear for me....I will never forget you in my life.
I have the store keeper's information here with me Kelvin,i can give it to you if you want to help me with the remainig $350.00 and you can send it to the store via westernunion,so i can get the this teddy bear and maybe i can bring it along with me to your town, when we plan to meet in person, hopefully soon....Am sure you will like it when you see it.
What do you have in plan to do for the rest of today Kelvin? i hope you will have a good day....Am expecting to read from you before i go to sleep.
Please in whatever you do,always remind that you are always on my mind and i care about you

Serena Cares
Letter 7
Now am back Kevin, I will like to see you more in person to learn more about you and get to feel you arround me....What are your plans for today?I dont have anything to do for today Kevin, just here thinking about meeting you,i know we can be happy together..
Kevin, i will really be happy if you can help me with that 350$ so i can get the Versace Teddy bear at the store when i go to NJ this weekend,at least that will really keep my company till i get to be with you in person and see where we go from there.
If you want to help me,you will have to send it to the store keeper through westernunion.. how close is westernunion store to your house Kevin?I have the store keeper's information that you will westernunion it and i will go for the teddy bear this weekend . Here is the storekeeper info... ROBERT DIXON,
USA. You will email me the westernunion Mtcn,text question&answer and also Sender's full name,after you sent it *** (Quest.. What is the money for? Ans...Teddy Bear).... i will be back to read from you and don't forget to tell me more about you. Thanks Kevin
Letter 8
Hello Kevin.
How have you been. its been a while and i have not read from you.. i really missed you and i have been thinking about you here.... Did you have a good weekend.
I hope to read from you later in the day.. Miss you here
Letter 9
Hi baby I missed you, I like you, I love you and i really wanna be with you Yours, Serena
Letter 10
Hi baby,

I really missed you here aswell and i have been thinking about you.. Will be a dream come true to meet you in person.Can you please help me with my flight back t states so we can meet? I was told they don't deal with money order nor cash it here and i was adviced to get back home in the state to cash it.But the flight agent handling my flight back to states here still insist that i pay the remaining 380$ before they can book my flight for me. Can you help to lend me this litte fund or part of it and i will cash my money order as soon as i get back to states and pay you back baby. I realy wanna get back to states and meet you ***.You are a very nice and good man and i will like us to see where we go from there. I hope to read from you later in the day time,have a good time ***.Nite Nite Nite
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