Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Lee (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear stranger! How are you? It is my first time that i decided to try my luck in the Internet. I hope that this will have the continue in the future as I believe that I have already done the fist steppe to more serious relations. Of course now everything will depend on you but I hope that you will be interested in writing me back. As you have already known my name is Elena or Lena. It is a very popular name in my country and may be you have heard about it before. I think that it will be interesting for us to know more things about each other so write to me and will see... Have a great day.
Your new friend

Letter 2

Hi dear

Thank you so much for your letter and your interest in me. my name is Elena, Lena to be short. I work in the hospital (a qualified nurse). I work from 8-30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday in a fairly big (1200 bedded) hospital. We work on Sundays on rotation (once in six weeks). Once a week I am on night-call, that is, I have to be available at the hospital whenever I am wanted. I think I am enjoying my work. i liked your photos and i want to know you closer.

I live in a small apartment.i have two dogs, which are very cute. My parents are alive,but they live separately. I have one elder sister. she is married married and lives in different place. You see, I know I am already old enough to have a husband and kids. But I was not very lucky in love. I had a few affairs but they did not work out. i send you some of my photos, hope you like me. it is me and my parents, and me:-)

I consider myself romantic and sexy but I am serious in love. I have met romantic and sexy man but no sincere man. They were more interested in romance and fun than in a serious relationship. I am fed up with casual relationship. It was my bad luck that I always met the wrong man. Now I like to have a small happy family of my own - myself, a loving husband and one or two sweet kids. So I am looking for my soulmate.Unfortunately i don;t know English, and i need to use help of in terpreter.

Now tell me about yourself. I will be really happy if you continue writing to me. Only then we will be able to know each other more. I don't believe in "love at first sight" or should I say "love at first letter". I believe that only a relationship based on understanding, mutual respect and love can be lasting. I know that only a personal meeting is the best way to see what we really feel toward each other and to find out whether we are made for each other or not. But considering the distance, different countries etc. it won't be easy for us to meet. So first we have to explore each other first through letters. If I think we are compatible, I will definitely try to meet you in person.

I like direct and frank talks. Ask me and tell me anything you like even if it is very intimate and private.

Waiting eagerly for your reply,

Letter 3

Dear sir

Attached is an important in formation about your lady Elena. please read it and give us your answer.



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