Romance scam letter(s) from Anna to Gavin (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello! It's great that you answered me. Though I was waiting for your letter, I couldn't be sure that you were interested in me. But now I am glad to have a mail from you.
You are an attractive and interesting man!
I appreciate your healthy way of life!I also a sporty person without bad habits! I am a little bit embarrassed and that is why don't know what to tell and where to start from. First of all I want to tell you that I am sending you my photo, and hope you will like it. As you know, my name is Aniya. Actually, my full name is Anna.
Besides, this is how I am called by all my friends and relatives. By the way, as for relatives. I live together with my Mom.
I don't have any brothers or sisters, I mean, only cousin, my Mom's sisters's son, but we've got very close and good relations, though live in different cities. As for the city, I live in Sumi,nice developing city in Ukraine.
Do you know Ukraine?It is situated near the Russia.
I was born on the 15th of July in 1984. My work is a hairdresser. The salon where I work is not big, but we have our constant clients as well. Right now I am doing my best to become a good master of my profession and to find a job in a bigger salon. I don't like changes and, to tell you honestly, don't want to change the place of work, but I have to. Though the staff here is very nice and friendly, I need to live on something and to help Mom. I am a nice and easy going person, but there is one problem. This problem is that I don't speak or write English. I have to use the services of the translation agency now, but in future I have a big wish to start learning the language. I know that this is very important to know English to communicate with you in person, and I will study it, don't worry. I hope this is not a problem for you. Well, nearly forgot about the main. I haven't told you why I am here. Honestly speaking, I think that I am here because of the same reasons, as you are. I want to find my beloved man, my second half and to be with him always and forever. I believe in love, in real love, and I am sure that some day I will meet the man who will become my everything. And what about you? What exactly are you looking for here? What type of person would you like to meet? I am eagerly waiting for your letter,
Letter 2
How are you? Hope it is really nice for you. I've just opened your letter, and my day became much better than it was before! Due to you I feel much more glad. Yes, you know how to make the day brighter As for me, I am well. It's just an ordinary day for me, but thank to you, even think simple and usual day can be better. Ok, let's back to the subject of knowing each other better. I have told you a bit about my life and my family, my work, but there are lots of more I can tell you about myself. For example, in my previous letter I forgot to tell you that my birthday is on July, 15, 1984. I also didn't tell you such simple things like my weight and height. I'm not sure, if you are interested in this, but still: I am 168cm tall and 50kg weight. My measurements are 89/61/89. I like to listen to Russian music, but also I listen to foreign singers and bands. The only problem is that I don't understand what they are singing about But one day I'll understand everything, when I study English. I don't have much spare time and that is why I don't have much time on hobby or particular interests, but still I like cartoons. I know that probably it sounds unusual for you, but I like them very much. In each of us there is a big kids inside, so my kid likes watching Tom&Jerry, Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny And what does you like? What types of movies do you like? I like comedies and films about love. I don't have my favorite movie or actor, maybe only Celentano)) My Dad also liked Celentano. He always listened to his songs. Though I don't remember Dad well, as he died when I was three years old, but there are some details which I will remember forever. Mom also told me a lot about him. She loved Dad more than life, and when he passed away, she lost sense in life. I was the only person who kept her alive. After Daddy's death, Mom has never married again because he was and will always be the only man she loved. This is a feature that all the members of our family have. I am one man woman, and I know for sure that when I am in love, I will love this man till the end of time and till my last breath. For love, I am ready to do anything. First of all I am interested in heart and soul of a man. Neither age, not place of living has matter for me. I will move to another country, if my beloved man asks me about this, I will do everything for love. Have a nice day and be happy
Waiting for your letter,
Letter 3
Hello! It's me again! Thanks again for writing me, pleasant to know that you don't forget of me Hope that with every passing day our interest towards each other will only keep growing.
Thank you very much for the compliments i feel like a princess with you!
You i know it seems to me that i have found my soulmate,you are a perfect man for me and you are a man of my type!
Thank you for understanding! What's up today? Oh, my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon! Do you know that this phrase comes from it?
Well, I hope that the day is very nice for you. I am almost alright, some problems at work, but this is not the end of life. I think that all the people have problems at work and in other spheres of life from time to time. I was thinking about leaving this job, as it is too difficult to work in such a hard atmosphere, I mean morally. But on the other hand, I can't live my work because I need to earn my living somehow. Well, don't want to continue bothering you with all this stuff and with my problems. Yesterday I met my friend, we haven't seen each other for quite long time. We don't have time to meet often because of the catastrophic shortage of time. I work from the morning till the evening, and she on the contrary, works at night, as she is a cashier in the supermarket which works round o'clock. But I was shocked with the new she told me. She said that she was living to Paris. Can you imagine this? Her cousin is married a French man, and she invited my friend to come and live there. They gave birth to a child not so long ago, so my friend is going there to be a nurse. By the way, my friend's cousin met her husband with the help of the Internet. So, everything in life is possible! Maybe some day we'll also grow out relations into something strong....Who knows..? The weather is rather cold today. It's rather cloudy, so we'll probably have rain in the evening, and I forgot my umbrella. It's always the same. When I take the umbrella, there is no rain, when I forget it at home, the weather will be definitely rainy So, I can make a forecast Well, I am sorry, I need to go now, as I am really afraid to get under the rain and to catch a cold. I hate the thought of this, as I know how it is bad to be sick.
I'll write you soon, and hope that your letter will be waiting for me when I drop into my mail-box next time
Letter 4

Dear Sir, We are writing to inform you about the problem your lady Ania has. As you were informed by Ania, she has been using the services of the translation agency. The name of our agency is "Pervocvet". We give mainly the services of translation, interpretation and using Internet. But in some cases we also provide the services of delivery.
Please, accept our apologies for contacting you from the e-mail address of your lady, but she asked us to do this in order not to have any misunderstandings. We have access to her mail box, as in this way your correspondence is going quicker because having a possibility to open Ania's mail box, we are able to translate your letter at once and when your lady comes, she receives already translated variant of your letter together with the English one. Ania is a client of our agency. She has been using our services of translation the letters from you and for you, but for the moment she has some problems and is unable to pay for our services. Unfortunately we are not informed about what problems exactly she has because this is outside of our competence to ask such questions. Ania asked us to write you this letter and to inform that she is unable to write you back. She received your last mail, but cannot pay for the translation of the letter to answer you and to explain you everything personally. We take right to suggest you our services, if you are still interested in lettering with Ania. She has a special account with our agency, this is not the account in the bank, it is with our agency particularly. If you are ready to help Ania, you may contact us either to this address with the sign "For Pervocvet", or to our own e-mail address which is and we will send you all the necessary information concerning our services and methods of payment. We also should inform you that you won't find our web site in Internet because we don't have it. We are not a marriage agency and that is why do not need to have our own web page. All the information you may receive writing us to our e-mail address. If you have any other questions, you may write us, and we will always answer you at once. The administration of the translation agency "Pervocvet"
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