Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Gavrikova to Tor-Ivar (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear friend Tor-Ivar.
I became very happy to receive your letters.
I think it is time to write to you my full name and address finally.
Here is it:
Evgeniya Gavrikova,
7 Altayskaya St. apt# 22,
Tomsk, 634050,
But You know it would better if you will continue to write to me using internet because russian post work very very bad. I mean do not send any expensive things or letters to my address I am afraid it might lost at all. I know many cases when the baggage or letter does not come to receiver's address so please do not send anything via post, I am giving my full name and address to you just in case may be it would interesting for you. I am trustfull for you.
In my past letters I forgot to write to you about some hobby I have.
I collect old coins.
I have about 28-30 in my collection. I began to be engaged in it when to me was about 6 years. My father helped me to collect it when I was young. I like this hobby still but I have no many money to add a collection new old coins. My collection is adds by 1-2 coins a year sometime.
From our communication I have understood, that you are the one I waited all these years. All my ideas of steel only about you, I live by dream to meet you faster. But right now I do not know alot about visit you so I will learn about it more and will inform to you.
Tor-Ivar, I can inform you about it in couple of days. I am very tired from our city, our cold, from cold in my spirit.
I want to receive heat and love from your words, your touches.
I think you would become happy when we shall meet.
Do you dream about it?
I have understood that it is the real love, I dreamed of it for a long time.
You know, all my cares were beaten off by my love to you, I wait for this meeting very much. I never thought, that will grow fond of the man which is some other age than me. But your last letters have forced to understand to me that I do not test similar to my friends. I think about work a little. I do not visit my friends as often as in the past.
They have noticed that I became slightly another, but they do not represent that my life became another after meeting with you.
I love to dream of you.
It so good and pleasant for me.
Here is a pic of me again for you.
It was taken in my bed.
Hope you like this pic.
Also please send me the name of your closest international airport or some of them. Simply I want to learn how much it is costs for me to come to you. It would better for me if I will know it faster.
So let me know it in your next letter.
Yours Evgeniya
Letter 2
Hi my lovely friend Tor-Ivar.
I am very glad to read your letter again.
I understand that it a little bit silly so quickly to fall in love but I can not to be against my feelings.
I never thought that I shall fall in love with persons with help Internet but I so have strongly grown fond of you that to me now not important as we have got acquainted with you because the main thing this that I love you strong and it is so cool.
Tor-Ivar, yesterday I have learned everything about visit to you. So to visit your country I must have registration of visa and passport, so I must pay about 310-350 $ US for that.
This amount includes:
- payment for visa and passport registration,
- payment for promptness (because sometimes registration borrow 4-6 months)
- Interview in embassy and medicalsurvey (I must have blood testing before leaving).
I plan to register a work business type of visa because it is the easiest way to visit you. Other types of visa has some difficulties in registration or theirs process are long.
I plan to register a work type visa so then my firm will pay for tickets so you must not worry about tickets or money for tickets because my firm will pay for this.
I have already talked with my boss about it and he is OK of it but some little work for firm I might do in your country.
Do not worry about my work I will work in trade sphere, I must learn about your trade system there. But I must ask money help from you for payment for registration of my work visa and passport for visit your country, because I do not have any money right now. I must pay for visa and passport myslef not my firm because I must prove my solvency and payability this way, therefore I must do it myself. But I do not have this money myself right now therefore I am asking money help from you.
So please try to find way to help me this money sooner, so I might pay for registration sooner because as you may understand the process of registration visa and passport will take some days. So if you would send money help that amount today or tomorrow I will be able to pick up your money help faster and pay for it, so it would take less time and we could meet each other faster.
It would very pleasant for me if you will be able to help to me amount for visa and passport sooner. I hope on your help.
Or I must let you know something if you would help to me this money it will nessesary to do it via Money Gram or Western Union transfer system because we have only these kinds of transfer system in our city. Also as I have heard it is faster and easy, because sending money via mail or post office is some dangerous like I have already explained to you, even our post office has attention papers "Do not sending money and expensive things via post". Also it is not nesesary to send via any other system because simply we do not have any others really.
If you could make it today it will be very pleasant for me.
So I could pay money for registration of the passport and the visa that will take about 2 weeks.
Though if you cannot will make it today it would very pleasant to me to know the date when you can make it really that I have calculated the days and most quickly appeared with you and to gather a baggage for my trip.
Tor-Ivar, I want to be only yours.
I love you and very much I miss on you.
Yours and only yours Evgeniya Gavrikova
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