Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Dean (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Bob! Thank you very much for your wonderful letter.
I appreciate you worm words to me,you are really know how to treat a lady!
Dear,I completely understand you and agree with you thoughts and dreams about the future life.
It is very important to find the person whom you will fall in love with,and live a happy life together.
It is my main goal in life-to find such a man,build a wonderful happy family,be a caring,passionate wife, and loving mother.
Dear,of course,I want to have some career as well,but for me family is much more important than career.
Yes,dear,I am used to be a model myself,but now I am working as a manager in a model agency,and like that more.
I have graduated commercial college as a manager,and hope one day I will continue my education.
Dear,about my family I wrote to you in my previous letter.
I live with my grandmother,who is the best lady in my city!
She raised me since my parents have divorced,and my biggest dream to see my grandmother healthy and happy!!!
Dear,tell me more about the place where you live?
Dear,what do you know about life in my country?
Do you know,that in Ukraine we are having a very big economy crisis?
Because of that all our people have a very small salaries,and I am not an exception.
I work as a manager in a model agency,like my job very much and do my best all the time.
But salary what I get so small,that you even will not believe.
I earn only a 50$ a month,can you imagine?
Sorry that I told you that,but I want you to know me better and about the place where I am from.
I have to say that I don't know English and have to use a translator.
I hope you don't mind that and it can't be a barrier for our future .
I also don't have a computer and using the Internet cafe.
Because of that,for each letter I pay 4 or 5 $,which is too expensive for me,and I can hardly afford to send you that my letter.
Dear,I am ashamed to tell you that,I know that you can think,that I need money for myself,not for correspondence .
Not at all!!!I don't need anything for myself,all I want just to know you better and be able to receive your letters and send mine to you!
I want you to know that I am very interested in you !!!
I am very seriously want to find a man I will fall in love with,and have a wonderful relationships in the future!!!
May be you are my man,I hope so:-)))
Dear,I will finish that letter,and wait for your answer. Hope to her from you soon,
with love,
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