Letter(s) from Natalia to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1

Dear Sir,

We present our apologies for interrupting Your correspondence with our client Natlia, but we should inform You that Natalia will not answer Your letter.

Today we have informed Natalia, that she has zero reminder on her account of correspondence. When a client comes to our firm, we open an account for him/her. The client puts a definite sum of money on his/her account.
Natalia's money were used for the translation of her letters and sending them to You using the Internet and translation of Your letters as well as printing them on the paper.

Please, let us know if You are interested to continue the correspondence with Natalia.

Accept our regrets about the current situation.


E-mail: ft-raduga@inbox.ru
Telephone: +380686905658
Number of the license: UT 578 09 22

Manager of the translation firm
Sergey Machuisky