Scam Letter(s) from Anna Malaxova to Wayne (USA)

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Letter 1

Nice to see you Wayne!

Thank you for your reply and photo. I lied it, I think you are very active man and I would like to know you better. I would like to think, that you are a man I'm looking for - with big burn heart and clear mind. I know, that today it's so hard to find such one:( But may be this time I've already found my hero and now I'm writing a letter to him?:)

You are interested in knowing who I'm. I'll tell you. Alyona from Lugansk,and if it's easier or better for you, you could call me Lena, it's the same in our country. I was born 23.10.1983 in Lugansk region, but decided to get high education in Lugansk. There I got diploma of ccountant, found a good work by my profession and stayed to live.

I'm blond sunny girl, not high (167cm), not fat (46 kg) and not stupid, like a lot of people think. One man told me: "You are blond, you are smart and you don't need a brain, just smile and all will be ok for you". I said him nothing except "Berk". To be a Barbie in the dirty hands of rich men is not for me.

So Wayne I couldn't find my second half yet and decided to search him in net. Who knows, may be he is you?:) I have to say, that I'm Russian speaking girl and don't know English. I use translator service, and it's good, because I can write to you, communicate with you and understand you very well:).

And if you are not interested in future serious relations and just want to play games with girl, whose photo you liked, don't write me any more. Ok? I'm looking here for a real love and don't want to dawdle over empty conversations. Agreed?

May be I'm talking to much, sorry:) But I need you know all these things about me. I liked you, really:), and will be waiting for your reply with impatience, my Knight:)

Bye, kiss,

Letter 2

Big hi from Ukraine to you Wayne!

I'm here. I just was very busy with my work and so I couldn't write to you. But why didn't you write me? I hoped to find a letter from you today, but found only a short message. I would like to know something new about you and so I'll be waiting.

I found that I like you just if I've been knowing you for many years! It's amazing, because with me it's at first. I really can't believe in it, but it's true! Do you feel something similar?

Man, who writes all these letters is unique. I know it, I like frank, but a bit mysterious men. Do you? I like all unknown, secret and arcane. Beautiful inscrutable smile can kill me (in a good sense:)). I like to try and taste all new, and very often it gives unforgettable fillings for the whole life. Now you understand, why I need a brave man nearby:)

I'm searching for a just good man, not superman:), for whom words "love", "family", "friendship" and "mutual understanding" are not empty sounds. I wrote, that I need a man with delightful smile, and it's true. Some people in the first instance look at eyes, but I look at a smile. Eyes can lie, but smile never. It's my opinion. May be you don't agree and it's ok. Everybody has a right to have his own point of view:)So what can you say, agree or not?:)

I tired of liers, scammers and stupid men, who want only sex. There are also other interesting things in the life. What are they for you, my Knight? For me they are love, family and nature. Yes, I'm fond of all things connecting with the nature. I like walking in the forest, barbecue, swimming in the rivers, lakes and sea, hike, gardening and many-many other things. And what about you?:)

For now it's may be enough:)To such unique man I can talking and talking:)
Write me SOON! I need to receive your wonderful letters very often:)

Bye, blow you a very hot kiss:)

Letter 3

Hi,my lovely Wayne!

How are you, my dear real man? I hope it's ok:) Sorry for my silence, I had a rest with my friends in a suburb yesterday and so I couldn't answer your letter immediately. Sorry one more time, my Prince:) Do you apologize me?:)I also missed you, very-very much!!!!!!!!!

I think I could be a girl you are looking for, but of course you have to decide by yourself. But of course, I want you choose me...

It was so cold these weekends and I missed for the warmness of your letters and dreamed you were with me at that moment. It seems to me also, that we know each other for a long time.

I feel now Wayne, that I need you here. I need to look at your eyes, to touch you, to feel your protection and your hot body. I want to be yours till the end, by heart, by soul and body.

You are in my thoughts.....
Waiting for your letters,
Blow you a very-very hot kiss,

Letter 4

Dear Mr. Wayne Barnes,

we want to inform you that communication with Lady Alyona will be stopped because of her difficulties with money. As you know Alyona was the client of our translation agency and used our services to communicate with you. But now her money is ended and she can't neither read your letters nor answer them. She is very upset of this problem, but as a simple student she can't find money very quickly. So she asked us to write to you and inform you about this situation. She is hoping for your support and believes that you will not leave her alone.

From our side we offer you to become our client and to communicate with your lady Alyona when you want and how long you want. All additional information about our translation agency and our services you could find by address .

We will be glad to help you.

Sincerely Yours,
administration of
"NewVista" company.



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