Scam letter(s) from Vlada Cherkasova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Wayne!!
Thank you very much for your very impressive letter!! I like you very much!! You seem to be very interesting and intelligent person!
I think that between two loving people should be always respect and understanding! And even when somebody is nervous or just upset, another should help him support and try to make each other’s life more calm and easy!
In relationships people need to have patience, care, and of course sense of humor!
I think the man and my future husband should be strong, confident, generous, caring. I want to be his beautiful and tender wife! I want to take care of my husband children and family! I want to find understanding want to be the best for my soul mate! But in the same time I want him to be the best for me!)
I will tell you a little bit about myself!
I’m studying at the university on the third course “Literature” faculty.
I like different types of music classic, R&B, pop…As to the movies, I like to go to the cinema very much! Mostly I like comedies and thrillers. What about you?
Also I like to dance very much ! I take ***** dance courses)
I can tell you that I am intelligent, sociable, many-sided, honest and positive person. I have many goals in my life and I’m trying to reach them. Also I want to be independent, and to build my happy life. I like to laugh a lot and to make jokes. But sometimes I can be very serious, when it touches my family and friends.
Besides I like to travel very much and my dream is to visit as many new places in the world as possible. For now I’ve visited Spain, Hungary, Poland and Carpathian mountains (I like to ski very much).
I live in the most wonderful city Odessa. I think that if we’ll like each other than we can meet here in Odessa and know each other more closely. I promise to be the best guide for you!!
I think we can continue this topic in our next letters) You asked me about my opinion of the age difference!
Well, I should say that love doesn't know age! If you feel something special to your partner you just don't look at his age at all!! To my mind the most important are your feelings and the age is something on the third stage! If you have questions to me, I’ll be very glad to give you true answers!
Wish you all the Best
Take care!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Wayne!!
Well, I have to admit that I was waiting for your reply and I was very glad when I received it!! Thank you dear for it! It is very interesting!! To tell the truth, I don't care about the age difference!! It is nothing for me!! If two people love each othe and feel comfortable, why not? Who will judge us dear? ***** dance is a kind of sensual woman dance! Don’t think anything bad about it! It's just my hobby! I like to dance and feel sensual! I just want to be the best in all ways for my future marriage! I want to be the best wife! I can tell you that I cook very good and I can do everything about the house!! I have to say the truth, I am ******! Because I want to be clean for my husband! I want him to teach me everything he likes!! I think this is good!! Well I will be waiting for your letter with big impatience!
Letter 3
My dear Wayne!!
Thank you for your letter!! I am very happy that you value this my decision! I know that I am doing a right thing and that my husband will be proud of me! I just have my dreams that I know will one day come true! It will be my marriage life! I want to get married only once and than to be his wife till the end! I want to have children and to be a very good mother! I want my husband to teach me everything he likes! I just want so and I know I will find the person))) May be it is you))
I am very curious about that you want to send me! What is that)))
Letter 4

Wayne, my dear!
I liked this letter very much!! You are very open and you know what you want! It is just great!! I like such people! Also I can see that we have a lot in common!)) So may be it is really you dear))
OK! Your answers))
I have a friend, very good one! We know each other for 3 years already! And one day we went to the beach and there was no people and she took that picture of me))
I just dream to learn English, but I have no money for it! It cost about 350 dollars for half a year! Unfortunately I don't have this money!((((
Yes I have a dog! Her name is Bagirra!It is a rottwieler!
I can wear a shirt skirt only when I am with my man? if I am alone or with girlfriends I wear **** clothes but not short skirts)
I think I and my future husband will decide everything together))))
Dear I am very curious about your surprise)) Here is my address : Ukraine,Odessa, Jolio-Kyri street 21/3 . My full name is Cherkasova Vlada Kisses
Letter 5
Hello my dear Wayne!!
I can see that you are very interesting person and very kind also!! I have to confess that I love presents! I wish my lovely husband will treat me with presents!! Wayne I got a call from some agency! They told me that something is waiting for me but we didn't make an appointment yet! I can only guess what it can be)) But nevertheless thank you for your attention to me and trying to do something pleasant to me! I value it very much!! Dear I wish that this is only beginning of our relations!
Kiss you!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Wayne!!
I can tell you that firstly I need to get to know you closer and of course to meet you!! I think if I will fall in love and we will decide to get married I will do everything you want! If you don't want to have children, we will not! It all depends on the man I love))) I haven't received your gift yet! They called me once and after that I haven't heard from them! I don't know))
How are you yourself?? I am very tired these days! Too much studying! But very soon will be New year and I believe that I will have very good year!! Have you ever thought to come here, in Ukraine?
Letter 7
Hello my dearest Wayne!!!!
Oh I missed you very very much!! I am very sorry for not answering you for so long!!! I had very big problems and a lot of things to study! You can congratulate me) I've past the most difficult exam yesterday and got the highest point!)) I am very very glad!! All the days I think of you honey! Please don't think I forgot about you!! My heart is always with you and i really can't wait when our hearts will beat together)) Now it is almost two weeks till The New Year! It is such a nice Holiday and I want to spend with you so much! But I know))))) We will celebrate next together)) With champagne and candles)))I like this idea! In fact I want to spend all days with you! I feel so comfortable and free!))
I have also bad news, in fact it was the reason of my silence! I was going by bus home from my university and somebody had stolen my mobile phone from my pocket!! I was extremely upset first of all because I know my sister will not buy me a new one! Because it is the third stolen telephone((( I don't even know what to do now, life here is impossible without the connection .So everything is upside down now!! It is New Year soon and only one my dream came true ,I met you)))) i hope that This year will make my dream come true to the end and we will be a very happy and the best couple))))
Kiss to you my sweety!!!!
Can't stop thinking of you!!!
Your Vladachka
Letter 8
Hello my dear Wayne!!
I am as usually very glad to receive your letter!! Dear I promise to contact that agency and to find out about the gift! I want it very very much!!But what did you say about being spanked)))))
I am very busy these days! Too much study! I am very very tired!! Ok if you want to come in Spring ,come!I am waiting for you here! I would like very much to spend some time with you! It would be interesting to see you! Please i want you to know that I like only gentlemen and men who treat their honey in a best way! I like man to be good looking and in a good shape because I look after myself!!
I kiss you and waiting for your next letter!
Letter 9
Hello my darling! I am very sorry for my late reply! I was so busy!! I know that you celebrate Christmas today! Honey , I wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!!! Don't worry, i got your candys! They are very tasty! I try one each day! How are you yourself? Is everything alright with you? How are you going to celebrate Christmas?
I love shopping very much too! It is my hobby! But unfortunately I have no money for shopping very often! That's why I have only one short skirt!!
I love the idea about champagne and jacuzzi! It sounds just great!!
Kiss you dear!
Your Vladachka
Letter 10
Hello Honey!!! I missed you so much these days!!! I was so extremely busy! You know these New Year and presents and everything, I haven't finished my exams yet, the biggest part will be waiting for me after the New Year)))) But it is ok , I like to study and it will be not a problem for me))Don't worry about that!! Yesterday I was running the whole day shopping because I had to buy the presents for all my family and to couple of my friends! Today I will help my sister to clean the house, to decorate it and tomorrow we will have family dinner which we will prepare with my sister!When we cook with her together all boy just happy! It is always something new special and tasty))So they are waiting for it! What you will be doing tomorrow? I am dreaming to make a friendly and loving family and always to celebrate it together with it. I want many children running and screaming around and loving strong husband by my side))I long for your mysterious package)) I love skirts and such stuff! I like all the things you will send me! I promise to be the best girl))))))
I kiss you sweetie!!!!!!! I wish very happy new year and i want all your dreams to come true!! Also I want to wish you a simple happiness in your life!!
Your Vlada

Letter 11
Hello my bad boy!! Oh I missed you so much!!!Thank you so much for your letter and for the present! it was very nice of you! Hey I promise to do my best to look like you want on the next video! Today I celebrate Christmas in my country! Honey I can't wait to receive your surprises! I am pretty sure I will like it!! My zip code is 65053. I am very tired now because I had to cook for all my family today!
If you will come in Sping, that will be great! I hope that it will be warm! But I don't think so warm as to go to the beach)) I can see that you are very passionate man, I could have only dream about such man like you!!
With all my warm kisses
Letter 12
Hello my sweetheart! OH!! I miss you very much! I like very much like you treat me! I love this!!In such way very soon I can agree to be yours forever)) I like when man knows what a young lady wants and needs! I love all those things you will send me!! I am really waiting for it like a child for Santa))) How is your new job?? Next time I will definitely wear something very open and **** for you!! dear!! I know what to do!! I know a very good photographer|! He will make very **** pictures of me if you want! And I will send them to you)) Do you like this idea?? Only it cost about 100$, but I think it will worth it!!
I haven't received any flowers))))))
And yes, one more thing!! Call me your sweet girl!
Letter 13
Hello my naughty boy!! Oh I missed you so much!!! Dear i love to read your letters! I don't know how all it happened to us so quickly and we are so serious now! I am not sure enough about you now but I am very serious)) I received a call from the agency that have to give me flowers from you honey! I will meet them today and they will make a video of me)))So you will finally see me! Dear why will you think about the photos???Don't you want to see me?? And yes you are right about my photo))) You see what it is))) Wayne I will agree not to have children if you will treat me like a princes))))
I am very tired now and need some rest!!
So I say good bye to you my sweet man!!
With tender!
Letter 14
Hello dear Wayne!
I beg you please never say these words to me again!! Because I am very sensitive and you can heart me easily!
Look about the flowers! The agency called me and we have arranged a meeting on Saturday. But he didn't call me and probably it is all lies! Only today he called me again, said that he is sorry and will meet me tomorrow! I hope so)) Another thing with the package! I haven't been at home when someone came to give me the list to receive it! And my neighbour gave me it! But by chance I have lost it and I don't know what to do now! Can you call them and ask to call me or to bring me that list gain? Please!! And forget about the photos! I will try to collect money and will do photos myself!
Letter 15
Honey!!! Everything is just great!!Don't worry! I hope you have already received video and photos with me! And right tomorrow I will receive your package!! I hope you believe me! I am very honest girl! I even can tell you that you have never met such girls before! I want to the one man and never let him go, to live for him, and to him to be my first man!!
And please write me direct questions you want to receivce answers to!ok?Because I still can't understand about what questions were you talking about! Honey please don't make me sad any more!
With love
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