Scam letter(s) from Anna Abramova to Ed (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my dear Ed. I am very glad for your letter. And I want to answer yours ïñüìî. Yes you Correspond with serious lady. As at me to you serious attitudes{*relations*}, and I would like to have the future with you. My surname Àáðàìîâà, I have no domestic and mobile phone.
Actual my address It is republic Chuvashia, the city of Cheboksary, street Popova, the house 135, an apartment 74, The postal index 425560. And about your invitation to Moscow, I am ready to arrive to you, but At me is some difficulties and one question:
if I shall come to you that where I shall live, That is others words where I shall spend the night, at you at home or in hotel. And my difficulties it concerning works, at me it is a lot of work of me each time cause on reanimation even, when at me change has ended, I come back home after work very much tired and when I already I sleep For example at 2 o'clock in the morning, for me come by the fast machine and take away in Hospital. But at me there is still a holiday, I not to time had not a rest this year. I shall answer your questions:
Height mine 1 meter of 75 sm, weight of 58 kg, and concerning my expectations where I shall live to me without variously, I even It is ready to live with you In Moscow, in fact I have nothing to lose, the truth only if work at me It will be lost, and my father it{*he*} even is glad that I have got acquainted with you and you Invite me in Moscow and if to tell fairly but to me the truth I was only a shame to speak you about it Not to time was in Moscow. And I think if we shall start to live with you together or if fast Time we with you Let's get married, I would like will be employed in Hospital in Moscow, in fact Speak there high The salary not that at us here for which money you will not live. I like to read books it Detectives, novels, I like to listen to quiet music and I like to look films. And concerning That I do not like I I do not know even what to tell to you but if I am fair do not love{*like*} Smell of tobacco. And concerning my difficulties it with money, in fact almost all my salary leaves On products A feed{*meal*} and on payment of taxes. And concerning your help if you can to me To help, to me would be It is very pleasant of you. But on it at me everything, write I wait for yours Letters with Impatience. I kiss you, with tenderness Anna!
Letter 2

Dear mine you my prince on a white horse I so have become bored{*have missed*} without you, I do not have not enough you I wait with impatience when we shall meet you, you though when or reflected on it About our meeting, you speak let's plan about mine of arrivals to you, in fact I am ready To go to you though tomorrow, I have agreed from chapters{*heads*} the doctor about holiday for one month, It{*He*} can give out her{*it*} though tomorrow. I have collected documents if you not against I want will be arranged For work in Moscow. I can even will discharge from office if you so want and will be arranged in Moscow In hospital also I shall earn money, this money I shall give you as you will be The head of the family. Dear mine your decision as you think is necessary only if I shall come to you In the middle of this week. You are ready to my arrival?
As you want, on what you want to meet me, by train or by the plane, but I want To you to tell one, that I am afraid to go by train, and aboard the plane at me so much money is not present, The ticket aboard the plane costs{*stands*} dearly, can to you this money they seem not big, but for me Big as my salary very small and from for it I also have written to you on the account Works in Moscow, I would like the salary high will be employed in Moscow, as there.
Dear mine I want ask to you you cannot to help me with money for road, if to you It is not difficult, I shall necessarily give you all money which you to me will borrow{*lend*} when I shall start To work in Moscow.
On it at me everything, my dear think of my arrival. I so want more likely with you will meet I so miss you. Also write to me in the following letter the address.
And I too want you!!!! I kiss you your love Anna!!!
Letter 3

Hi my dear excuse for that that I so for a long time could not write to you All this because I now ýêîíîìëþ money for trip to you, in the first to me Are necessary Money for the ticket, and then on pocket charges, and still I collect money for a fur coat.
And I agree to go to you to Moscow not a train for 700 roubles, but I would like To ask, before asking I apologize for my impudence, you could not To me the help money even for the ticket. Only do not think that I that girl which want To dissolve you on money there is no I not such to me another's money, in the first I not are not necessary I love money since the childhood. In fact money spoil people agree with me.
If you have helped me with the ticket I would be glad.
And I would return to you money, which you to me îäàëæèøü.
And I cannot arrive to you for the money all this because I cannot will trust To you In fact everyone happens, I have girlfriend at it{*her*} there is a friend, and at this friend is Good
The girlfriend that is åãîøíèé the friend with äåòñâà, she{*it*} searched for love on the Internet and Has found To themselves the man from Moscow, and they have agreed with it{*him*} that she{*it*} will arrive for the money And that it{*he*} then this money all which she{*it*} has spent that for this trip will return all Up to copeck And she{*it*} as the little fool has believed and has gone for the money. And not âîçâðà÷àëàñü to itself Home almost all Year, appeared her{*it*} have deceived, when she{*it*} has arrived her{*it*} have taken away not a summer residence òèïî have told Let's note This arrival and that that we ñòîáîé have met, and they have gone, then her{*it*} have forced To drink alcoholic drinks And she{*it*} in the end has got ***** and as a result of her{*it*} have ***** and have then left in what that To wood, and she{*it*} long Time could not arrive to itself and all because it{*she*} did not have money to the ticket.
On it at me all also excuse me please for that that I do not trust you it I I am afraid after that That happened with this girl.
Lovely mine write I wait for your letter with impatience.
I kiss you in your hot LIPS. Your love Anna.
Letter 4

Hi my lovely Edward.
I so am glad to receive from you the letter I already thought, that you will not write to me after My last letter. And I so am happy, that you have written to me at me even heart Jumps with happiness. And I want to tell to you, that the address is actual where I live but I not is registered on this address as I was removed{*was took off*} from a registration when I began studies At University And now at present I take off an apartment, that is I rent at one pretty Grandmothers also I live With it{*her*}. And my father has sold our house still when I was small as my mum Has died also mine ãâîðèò, that to it{*him*} was necessary to sell the house as she{*it*} was big and it{*he*} could not To pay taxes for this The house and to it{*him*} should more be sold from for death of mother as money were necessary On its{*her*} funeral, And it{*he*} spoke other money, that has spent on drink, that is saws on terrible spirits Drinks also could not To stop itself(himself) because it{*he*} spoke, that at him{*it*} the soul and it{*he*} of saws from was sick for Burning.
I farth cannot excuse me please when I recollect it I start To cry and at me The soul and heart starts to be sick. And I think to you it is not necessary to send me money through Mail, in fact It is impossible she{*it*} for mail will trust also at what acts slowly. In fact now is more Advanced and Fast way of a direction of money it through Western Union? I have received yours The data, the address. And about phone I do not know as you to give, as I am already dismissed on work and And I on Work I do not go any more, to me did not want to give holiday of chapters {*heads*} the doctor and it{*he*} has told only Through Dismissal and I have agreed. And at the grandmother with which I live at it{*her*} there is phone, but Only at it{*her*} on While have disconnected for not payment of telecommunication. But I think if you want with me To communicate that If only through mobile phone, well, and mobile phone at me is not present, but If to you it not You can difficultly send me some money for phone, during that moment, when You will send me Money for the ticket, and then I at once shall buy phone for äåøîâóþ the price, that is for The small price Where be in the market that with you ñâÿçûâàòñÿ and me it will be more reliable and when I I shall buy phone I shall be connected for such communication{*connection*} for which you are connected you only write To me for what communication{*connection*} you Be connected it can: the BILINE, MTS, ÄÆÈÍÑ, the MEGAPHONE or still for what be Communication{*Connection*}, whichIs present in Moscow. YOU can send me money for phone if only have Opportunity To make it. But I think for the person which it works in Moscow not a problem, As at us Here all people only also dream to work in Moscow. And when I be employed In Moscow that Then I can pay to you all that money which you to me will borrow{*lend*} for The ticket and for Phone. Well on it at me all and I wait with impatience of your letter.
I kiss you strong, strong only yours for ever Anna.
Letter 5

Hi my loved{*liked;favourite*} Ed!!!!
I so strongly am glad, when I see your letter.
Excuse me please that did not write long time, I am simple Now ýêîíîìëþ money for trip to you èîé lovely. I have received yours Last letter yesterday. You speak will send me money through Western The union on Tuesday. I want to express you the to gratitude for that. That you To me you help with money for the ticket. I from thank you, with all mine Love when I shall come at you to Moscow. And big to you thank mine Love for phone which you to me have bought as a gift. You send better Money on Tuesday, this day for me favorable, and I tomorrow on Earlier I shall ask for leave from work. But I do not know as therefrom to take money, and You lovely mine know, that for this purpose it is necessary. If I shall receive your money in Environment{*Wednesday*} and then I probably should get on a train on Thursday in the evening.
Well on it at me I have paid all in Internet - cafe only for 5 minutes.
And at me time leaves.
I wait from you the letter my loved{*liked;favourite*}.
Your passionate love Anna.
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