Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Spiridonova to Hal (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Hal,
I hope you are doing well. It is your new friend Maria and I was glad to receive your letter. I was pleased to hear from you. You seem like a good person for me, and I would like to know you better. I think I should tell you some things about myself. I am 27 years old, 165 cm tall and 53 kg weight. I think that I am good looking lady. Two times per week I go to gym, because I think that woman always must be in good shape, I have athletic type of body and always care about me and my body. I live in the city Izhevsk, Russia. I work as a manager in Construction Company.
I finished University and I studied there English language really good, but I think that I know English not good as you.
I like to do a variety of things, I like to meet new people and communicate with them. I never dated before via internet, and it is something strange for me, but I think that Internet is good way for fast communication. I like movies, art galleries, reading, biking, camping, I like to spend much time outdoors, going for walk in the parks with my friends, going to nature. I like many kinds of sports, I play tennis and volleyball.
Now some things about my personality. I use internet the first time, so it is something strange for me. I don’t know who I will meet, but hope everything will be ok and I can find my soul mate. As soon as I have interest in you, I hope you will be my friend and than life partner. I would like to create own family in future. I think husband and children are the most important things in woman’s life and I do hope to have it soon. I know that you would like to ask me why I can not find man in my area. I do not know why, of course I had man in my life and with one man I had strong relationship, but I did not create long strong relationship with him because he lied much to me. I really would like to find man who will understand me and will see in me real lady. I believe in honesty, kindness, giving, loyalty, and generally doing what I think is right and good. I learn from my mistakes and do my best not to repeat them. I am Christian and believe in God. Basically I am a very sensitive woman who is not afraid to show emotions. I believe very much in love and I know that I will meet my only "love" soon. I am tired of being single and I am want to share my life with the right man. I am very romantic and caring woman. I have not entered into a long term relationship because I have not met the right person. I never was marriage and have no children.
Hal, please understand from the beginning that I am very serious about seeking the real man who will become my soul-mate, my best friend, my lover, my truest companion, and my partner in all things. I want very much to share my life with that very special man. We will laugh together, cry together, and love each other, and share our hearts, minds and desires together.
I live in apartment which one I rent, I do not have my own apartment, because it is expensive for me. I don’t have any brothers and sisters; I am the only child in the family. My parents are pensioners; they live in the village, which is about 150 klm, from city I live. I visit them often, especially on the weekends.
Well, it is enough about me now, if you really think that you interesting in knowing me better, so please answer back. I would like to know your better and you can feel free and ask me everything, ok?
Hope to hear from you soon, dear Hal,
Your new friend Maria.
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