Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Monica James to Walter (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Lovely Husband,Good Morning Luv,i am here at my mothers Friend to Write you,i dont Know what wrong with my Computer While i was Talking with you Yesterday and i keep oN Loging In But doesnt Enter Luv,This morning i have received a Letter from the Server Comunicate here that my Bill has been Due and for Now i dont even have any Fulking 150dollars to pay for the Computer Sever,Am here to Write you Love and to let you know that my mom have Called Mr O And he said he will be coming to my House But have never been Home Luv,am Just Coming from the Bank and to come and email you at my moms friends before going home,i may come here again Luv or i will Call you when am On my way to the Airport Luv,i Love you so Much Walter believe me i cant Just wait to be with you for the rest Of my Life,i Know this Computer Stuff will be Over very Soon and we will be with our self and have Our Lovely Children together,i will have to go Now,Mr O Might have been at Home by Now,i Love you so Much My Husband.
Your Lovely Wife,
Letter 2
Hello My Husband,Am Not feeling Happy right Now Love,My Mom and the Familiy are telling me Nonsense about Entitlement On me but have been telling my mom and the Family that its when am there we can do that but they didnt Accept But Love we dont have to worry Okay i have Moved Out from the House this Morning and am at my Friends Victoria's Place Now,i hate all what they are telling me and the way they treat me Luv,i think i have my Own Life to Live and i dont even want to see any Of them around me Now,Darling i Think i will have to do what i dont want to do before by traveling without Her Knowledge Love but i need to hear from you before i could Know what i will do,i have missed you so Much and i really want my Life with you Walter Pls my Love i want you to know that am Not happy too with the way this going here with me But i Know i will Join you there Very Soon because i really cant wait to Meet you in Person and be there with you for the rest Of my Life.Honey Let me hear from you soon.i Love you so Much. Your Only Lovely Wife, Jenny.
Letter 3
Hello My Love,i Know my mom might have been so worried about Looking for me but i dont Care.My Love do you Know what am thinking Right Now,?Am thinking that you should Contact Mr O to Let Him Know that am doing okay where i am and he should do it man to man within you and Him by not teling anybody and he should get my ticket booked for me immediately So that i can be with you so soon,My Luv am doing all this because of you,i want you in my life so Much Luv,i Cant wait to be there with you soon Luv,i really need you in my life. Honny, i need to let you Know what am thinking in my heart Right Now,My View as in my mom attitudes to me is that may be she dont want me to live her or Something else because i dont really Know what is Wrong with her, that is why i run out of the House for her,May be she is still Counting me as a Baby i dont Know,Well My Love i want you for the rest Of my Life and i have my Own Life to Live,my Final deceision is that i want to be with you and to Become Mrs for the rest Of my Life,My Love Now that am One My Own Now we need to make it Fast to be with you But you will have to let mr O Understand my feelings and the reason why i left the House.Darling i need to be going Home Now its Late am at the Victoria's Neigbour room Using her Computer and we need to be back to Our Roon Now Love,i will be here tomorrow to hear from you.i Love you so Much. Yours Lovely Wife, Jennifer. Love you sooooooooo Much. Victotia saying Hi to you.....
Letter 4

My Love Good Afternoon,Am sorry i couldnt Come Online In the Morning,i have been Looking for Computer to contact you but Victoria's Neighbour gone Out early Just back Now that is why am Contacting you Now my Love,Darling i got your Message and am happy to hear all that from Mr O and i will go Now and Call Him to hear what he his going to say,My Husband i have missed you so Much,i Cried in the Night but Victoria is Very Caring and she make me Knows that i will Join you so soon Luv,i Cant Just wait to be there with you my Love,i will Go Now and called Mr O What ever he says i will Let you Know Love,i Love you. Yours Lovely Wife, Jenny.
Letter 5
Jennifer James Address is 17,Oval Street Ikeja Lagos,Nigeria 23401 (friend) Victoria : No 3,Olodi apapa Road,idimu Lagos /or No 3,Olodi Street,Apapa road,idimu Lagos, Agent Email is Mr Oluwaseun And his Number is 0112347034715118 Name......OLUWASEUN ADEBANJO
Address...............105,broad street,
City......................Victoria Island,
Letter 6
Hello Mr i will like to Inform and Assure You that Everything Will be Okay with your Wife Traveling i will take Good Care Of That My Self because Jennifer's Mother Is Very Nice and The Fact That We Attend The Same Church,i Understand What you are Talking About And i will assist Your Wife to Be with you Savely As Much As Possible But Concerning My Document You Reguest for, i will Like to show you all Of what You Request for But its Our Season By Now and Am too Tight Runing Up And Down,You Know this is the Time Most People Traveling and Am So Busy Here,i would have Sent My Workers to do that But thay are also Busy.Mr If you Will Like to Get Start On your Wife Travelings On Her Passport and Visa,It will Cost 270 US dollars and 70 Dollars For Our Workmanship,Money Order Is Not Acceptable here,The Easiest and Faster Way to receive Money here is By Western Union And By Money Gram If you are Okay With This You will Have To Contact Us Back and we will Give you Our Information In wish You Will Send The Money To.You Need to make Everything Snappy And Email Me Back as soon you Get this Email Let Me Know If you Will Start By Next Week as you ve told me On Phone So that i Can Get Started by Arranging Your Wife Files with the File am taking in To Embassy By ending Of Next Week Immediately we Get te Money from you. Mr. i Look forward to hear from you and You Can Call me On My Mobile Anytime You want to Call bye for Now.
Letter 7
Hello Mr,my name is John Williams,i am Staff to[Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria]FAAN,i met an agent whose Said his name is Mr Oluwaseun,He said a woman fainted at the airport it Her Agent and also your wife,If you will Not Mind i will Like to Ask some Question from you,How is the Lady related to you?what is her full name?why is she Coming to you in the State?More Important She had a Problem with her BTA and this is the reason why she was Not allowed to board,We has So many Situations Like this here In Nigeria and we are trying to Clear everything Like Going to the State and Stranded and all that stuff and again the Nigerian government has a requirement that all departing Nigerian citizens must prove that they have sufficient funds for travel. This requirement – called the “Basic Travel Allowance” (BTA) – means that the traveler must have the equivalent of $5,000 US Dollars before Nigerian immigration officials allow her to leave the country.i will need to have a Clear answer from you before she can be allowed to be Out of this Country,her Pasport is with Us and we Just need to hear from you soon.
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