Scam letter(s) from Anna Malishka to Philippe (France)

Letter 1
Hello, ! I was so happy to receive you letter. Thanks a lot!
You seem to be intelligent and sincere personality.
I hope our communication will be developing in a good way. However to my mind it is rather difficult to learn someone just through letters, but if this person appears to be your real soul mate there can't be any distance for your love. I would like to have your photo, send me one, please. And you can see my photos, in my opinion it will be better if we see at least pictures of each other. As for me I'm sensitive and emotional, considerate and romantic. That’s why I wanted my dream - finding my only true love, to come true! I want to tell you that if you want to learn something more about me, something that I won't mention in this letter, just ask me, OK? Well my name is Ann. I'm an agreeable woman of twenty six. I live in a town Kypyansk that is in Charkov region. It is a big,industrial Ukrainian city. I don't know English language at all. That is why I use the special translating agency for help. I would like to learn English but because of financial problems in our family I don't have such chance now. My family isn't very big. It consists of my mother and me. My father left us when I was five years old. I was a poor little thing and could not understand what has happened. My Mum did not have courage to tell the truth to a such innocent child . So I got to know the truly facts about my Dad only when I was fifteen. Nevertheless, I missed him badly!
My Mum is a teacher of mathematic. This profession is not well-paid but my mother adores her work and keen on mathematic. My Mum is the dearest person for me, I like her very much. I finished college and now work as a shop assistant and study at the university by psychology. Of course, we have a lot of problems with Mum but we don't fall in despair. We try to do all our best to provide our family for, but it doesn't matter. These are not the things I dream about. The only thing I long for is to find a real love. I'm looking for a serious relationship which hopefully will lead to something more. In me you can find not only a faithful lover, but also a friend and a companion, who is always ready to listen and to help. So, if you are interested , write me back soon, and I'll be waiting. Eagerly waiting for your answer,
Letter 2
Hi, Philippe!!!:-) Nice to hear from you again!!!!!
I am not able to describe you my joy I had at the moment I received your letter.
Thank you very much. I feel that we have a lot in common: we have similar inside worlds and think in a similar ways. It is a very good sign! How do you think? Now I will try to tell you more about me. I'm pleasant person to deal with, I never loses my temper. I like to be natural I can't be what I'm not. My friends say that I'm as true as steel and as good as gold. One of my loveable traits is my readiness to help. I'm also rather intelligent, witty woman with sense of humor. Can you give me, please, a short touch on your character?
As for my hobbies - my passion is psychology.
I'm fond of reading books and discuss different problems in this sphere. I also adore cats!
In my opinion, they are the most splendid animals in our world! Tell me, please, about your hobbies!
I am very interested in you and want to get to know about you as much as it is possible!!!
I hope to receive your reply soon! Take care of yourself.
Have a Wonderful day.
With best wishes,
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Philippe! How are you today? Thank you for your letter again. It was a real pleasure for me to read it. I am fine. You know, I don't know why but I have a strange feeling that we have already been close friends for many years. In spite of that fact that we didn't know each other very well, and we didn't write a lot of letters. So I think I can share with you my thoughts and feelings. Am I right?
I like your photo very much, you are very attractive man.
I like you! To tell the truth, I don't have a lot of friends.
Nevertheless, for my own part I can say that friendship is very important for me!
I try to communicate only with people, whom I can really trust, whom I can tell everything, and I know they will never betray me. To my mind, a friend is a person dear to you, whom you trust and respect.
In my opinion you are a such person! I hope you can say the same about me! I also think that in our world of cruelty, silly things, doubts and disappointments there are two things for the sake of which we should live. It is love and friendship! Someone said love is when the whole world is concentrated in one person. I want to obtain my own world and fulfill it with love and warmth, with my second part! Life is short and it is important to realize that true love, mutual respect between man and woman along with shared hope are the most valuable and eternal things in our life. I truly believe that words cannot express what two people feel when they really love each other! That's why I'm suffocating, I'm dieing without this magic feeling... Maybe you can save me......? Let's see... Hopefully waiting for your letter,
Letter 4

Hi, my dear **** KITTEN!
I like your photos very much! You are really handsome!
Yes that photos are from one series but not one day.
I send you another photo. It is a problem for me to chat because as you know I don't speak English and with translator it is very difficult and expensive. I can leave Ukraine and my mother.
I don't happy with a salary at my job.
Maybe I will want to work in France.
I want two children. I want to meet you soon.
I want to come in France but I have no passport.
It is no matter the only thing is to see each other in real. I like you very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know, every time I read your letters it seems like there can't be anything more sweet, but your every next one proves me that it isn't so. Your words are more and more sweet in each letter, and, of course they make me feel more and more happy and charming with you. Thanks for such warm letters!
see you are really good and reliable man and I see I can trust you. I want to share with you my impressions after watching one Russian film called "And we will die together". I was really shocked! I understand that everybody is born to love and be loved!!! I have never thought that it is possible to get attached to a person so much in such a short time, but this is exactly what happened to the main characters of this film. They fall in love from the first sight and overcame all the difficulties for the sake of their deep feeling! I realise that I am searching real love... mutual love, mutual respect mutual understanding! The main characters of the film were together both in grief and in pleasure and at some moment I imagine that we were in their place..... Who knows, may be we will together as happy as they were in future! Take care!!!
Letter 5
Dear Sir! We are writing to you in order to report that your Lady can't answer you. As you know, Ania doesn't know English, that's why she was using the services of our agency. Our agency "Dream" suggests services of translating and Internet. With our help people can solve their language barrier. But we want you not to mix us with the marriage agency, because it is not so. Ania was our client till this moment. Your Lady is very interested in you and in your further correspondence, but she has some financial problems. And now she can't pay any more for translating of your correspondence. Ania asked us to report you about this, as she is worried about you. Our agency is not a marriage agency and here are all the services we provide to our clients: 1 translation the letters from Russian into English;
2 translation the letters from English into Russian;
3 scanning and printing the photos;
4 printing the letters;
5 sending and receiving the letters;
6 giving access to Internet to our clients. If you are interested in Ania and want to help her, you can contact us any time and we'll give you our price list. We'll answer all interesting you questions. Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the "Dream" agency.
Letter 6
Dear Sir, The name of our company is 'Dream'. Dream' is a company which gives the services of translation and using Internet. Our agency do not have a web site, because we are not a marriage agency and don`t need having of any web page.
All the information you can read here. The information concerning our payment: - the cost of one letter is 4 U.S. Dollars.
(3$ for the translation of the letter, and 1$ for printing it and access to Internet); - scanning one photo costs 2$; Unlimited letters(it includes all the service,exclusive of the photos,made especially for you, every photo is $2): -1 month of using our service $220
-2 month of using our service $420
-3 month of using our service $620 If you want to use your credit card, you can wire your money on line. Then you should visit web site and during 15 minutes the necessary sum of money will be send from your credit card. So, if this information is interesting for you, you can become our client. If you want to use our services, you should send money through Western Union. If you can`t pay for the whole month, you may send us any sum of money that is suitable for you and get/send the letters on this sum. We inform you that the minimum deposit in our agency is $30. Here is the data of our manager. Postal code: 91000
Country: Ukraine
City: Brodi, Lvov region
Address: Oboronnaia 129a
Receiver :Boris LUtsenko After transferring money, please, let us know about the money transfer control number (MTCN), the sum of money, your full name and the country you live in. We'll answer all interesting you questions. Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the "Dream" agency.
Letter 7
Dear Sir! Your girl come to our agency every day and ask us about you. Please tell us when you are going to send money for the correspondence or what should we tell her. She worried about you and look forward communication with you! She is going to go nuts without your letters. Sincerely yours,
Administration of the "Dream" agency
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