Scam letter(s) from Olga Polkovmchenko to Tony (USA)

Letter 1
Sometimes I consider myself to be like a flower, so fragile, life-loving, refined, smiling to the sun and looking for the one to be cared by. I am innocent, simple-minded, careful, tender, kind-hearted and needy to find the one to be cared by. I am bringing luck, merriment and holiday with me and searching for the one to be cared by. I possess positive energy, inner beauty, sociability, fervor, childishness, understanding and obedience...and I need the one to be cared by. I am believed to be pretty, smart, naive and charming and be always looking for the one to be cared by! Would you ever hold an interest in such a flower like me to be cared by? I am waiting for all your letters at: Your Olia
Letter 2
Nice day to you, my friend Tony !!! Frankly speaking I have been waiting for your reply to come, as I got deeply interested in such a person as you are. Now it's high time for us to start taking more about our lifes and interests to have the better picture of each other. I admire exchanging photos, do you assent to it? I am Taurus according to the Zodiacal sing as my birthday is on the April,30th and I have celebrated my 26th anniversary this year. When is yours? Nowadays I live in Krasnodon, that is a small city on the East of Ukraine. Tell me more about the place you live at and what are the dream place to live for you. If you asked me to tell you more about my dreams I will :) I cannot miss to notice that I have gained almost everything in this life I have ever dared to dream about :) I am respected and loved by my pupils and colleges, friends and relatives. One should have thought it's nothing more to be desired! But I am tired of being lonely under the Sun. God set up ONE creature consisting of the two halves, a man and a woman, then I need my half for us both to attain the perfection! As relationship depend on both partners, it can never work with one person pulling another with a sleeve! Can you agree on the point? I am a teacher at orphan school, it doesn't bring me much profits, but all my pupils' love means more that all the world's treasure. I teach only the children from 6 to 9 years, that are the first classes. I like watch them growing and getting the knowledge. I know I help them to start their own life, as a good teacher should not only teach the disciplines but also moral principles. And what is you profession? Do you like spending time with children? I like nature very much, its beauty is immortal and innocent. That is
why I prefer spending my spare time outdoors with friends or relatives
having barbecue on the riverbank. It often brings me relaxation and
joy. I am a good swimmer too. Do you take sports? Is swimming among
them? If yes, we can hold own competitions "who is the fastest?" :) It was my pleasure to have a talk to you, I will be expecting your next letter to come the soonest time. I wish you have fun there! My kindest hugs and blowing kisses to you, Olia Polkovnichenko
Letter 3
Hello my dear Tony, It is so nice to read your lovely letter. Thanks for your lovely e-mail, kind and sound words, nice compliments. It can take the long hours for me to talk about myself. My life is worthy of writing a novel about, I will think about the memoirs in the future :) And you need first thing to know That I have never done modelling in life, i am not interested in it. My family is very united. They are the most kind, loving, caring and sound people I have ever met in my life. We like to spend time together and having fun walking at picnics and the like. They supported me and gave me the best. I was always surrounded by their love, long time ago I swore that I would do my best to build united and friendly family and generously present my own children with love. I am a person of the positive thinking, so I know that everything is going to be OK. Do you either incline to think that the glass is half-full than half-empty? My dear, you need to understand that I am looking for love only, and I do not understand in fact why decided I need money?! Nothing of that kind at all, I am not now that materialistic. I like when people are friendly towards each other, always ready to give you a helping hand or simply support you with a kind word. Unfortunately, the real situation is quite the opposite. That was the more reason for me to become a teacher at the orphan hostel and have a chance to charge children with good ideas. What do you respect in people? What would you change in the nowadays's moral to make the world better? I have been captured by our correspondence so much that I have almost forgotten to tell you something really important to my mind. I need to confess to you that I do not know English myself and I am using the agency services, whish I was advised when faced a problem of a language barrier. I know it doesn't really matter for us now, as we both know that from time to time certain difficulties appear on the road to be together. The first difficulty for us is the fact that we cannot communicate freely. But don't you think that the language of true love is universal and inborn nature's gift? My darling Tony, I am thinking a lot about us for the last time. The reflection of my mental activity was expressed in questions: Have you thought about your own children? Are your ready to start a family? What are the character qualities that your future ideal wife should possess? I will be waiting impatiently for your letter and I hope to find the answers for all my questions there. Have a good time and all the best! Tender kiss and hugs, from Your dreamy Olia.
Letter 4

My reliable friend Tony! The new day brings me happiness and delight that I have received from your message. I respect the time and honesty you have filled this letter with. Thank you so much for your nice picture, your dog is as usually the best, very cute! And I am charmed to see you smiling to me at pictures, it is very important for me too. You are always trying to support me with your kind words, sweet compliments and good advices , and for sure with your gentle smiles. You charge me with positive ideas and newest understanding of the simplest truth. Now I feel you are a real optimist!:) I think you are the very person who I can take seriously for my leader, can you agree on this? You have noticed that, my darling, that as almost all the ladies I am very romantic and dreamy. I have not given up an idea to meet my Prince on a White Horse yet specially when I met you here. My Prince (is that you?) will definitely be stronger than Superman, hotter than Casanova, smarter then Einstein, he will be better than the whole World as he will be MY man :) If to come back to Earth I am looking for the man who can be the best husband for me, caring father, reliable partner, wise man and creative lover! I practically have no doubts that you are such, my dear Tony, as I am learning through the letters and wonderful pictures. I am sure and the same agree with you that honesty is the key point for the start of relations, so that I am always sincere with you. What concerns the mistake in my profile concerning the language issue, well, that was not mine and you realize if no doubts! Our future depends on us both, we are getting the knowledge about one another, exchanging the view points and build our relationship on complete understanding and trust! This is the right way, and we both have agreed on that, for the future and happiness! What are you ideas? Do we have the future to your mind? No one is perfect in this life, but my life slogan says 'never to stop'! That's why I am going to start learning English seriously. It'll be my step to you and our future. It will be the chance for the new life full of exciting, wonderful moments, happy events and cognitive acquaintances. I know that the world is open for us to discover its hidden beauties and get to the universal truth. Are you excited to search for those things with me in name of your soul-mate? Please share your ideas with me, I need to be aware of ideas about the matter. Meanwhile, I leave you all my respect, honest and love with you! My soft kisses and nice hugs to you, Olia.
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