Letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Andrew (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my love Andrew! It will be possible to name I you so? I did not speak for a long time already such words to anybody. I began to be convinced more and more, that I have already attachment to you and already I look forward your letters.

Andrew Today I had a day off. And I have decided to spend it with advantage for my body. In the morning I together with the girlfriend whom call Irina, have gone in fitness the centre. It is good club in which very good instructors in aerobics also there are a sun deck, a massage office. It I have taken advantage today of all. And all it has well affected my body. I try, as it is possible to visit aerobics is more often. But, unfortunately, it always is possible, as sometimes simply there is no on it a free time or simply there are no forces on training.

Andrew Ah yes I went yesterday to my parents and now I will inform you their reaction to our acquaintance. They were very glad, when I it have told that have got acquainted with you. That they represented about you more, I unpacked yesterday in the Internet the centre your letters. They at me do not know English language. You wrote as transfer of the letter into Russian, therefore I had not to translate maintenances of letters. If to tell in a word their reaction to our acquaintance I will tell, that they were glad to it. They are happy for me that I could to find such person as you

Andrew We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live. I too have trusted earlier in the person, and he has deceived me. I to wish to tell to you about it. I have been madly enamoured in the person, and he only pretended to be, that loves me. Actually it scoffed at my feelings. Was such, that it appointed to me meetings, promised to come to me, I waited for it, and it did not appear. I sometimes cried, because it did not come in the evening, at us in a city in the evening not so easy, and I worried for it. And it, the bad person, came in day or through two and said, that it had affairs and that he loves me. And then I have learnt through its friends, that at this time it had a good time with what that maidens. He did not like to work, he often borrowed at me money, promised to give, but never repaid debts. And I forgave him because loved. I even hid it from mum. There has passed some time, and I have seen it in the street with other woman. They kissed. I did not remember, how have come home. I cried all night long. I had a depression very long. I began to work much, and began to forget this villain.

Andrew After that case I have decided, that I will never deceive enamoured people, I will never scoff and play feelings of other people, and I to decide, that all it not for me. I will not take out still such moment in a life. I any more will not entrust Russian men. I not to wish so to risk and break more to myself a life. I to wish to be simply happy and to live as the normal person. After that I to decide to address in service of acquaintances and here I to find you, and we to write each other. And it very much to like me. I to wish to be happy with the man and to spend with it all life. This person should be more senior me that it could learn me and my future children. I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think, that this most important thing and, certainly, big love and care of me and our future family. I will try to make the man happy. But without its help, without its love and understanding it will make difficultly. I once again to wish to test such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it. Therefore I to write to you. I to think, that you to understand my words. I to wish to learn your opinion on all it.

Andrew, with each letter between us there is something more than friendship. We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? I think, that our souls approach. I on the present fall in love with you. I do not wish to trouble you with problems with registration of my visa! I would like to be engaged itself in it, now I hore free time and in a condition itself to be engaged in this business. My girlfriend Irina about whom I spoke to you works in travelling agency. I hope that it can help me with registration of all documents which are required for a trip to you!!! Tomorrow I will call to it and to learn that it is required for reception of the visa and the passport which are necessary that we could be together! I hope that it will help me! As soon as I will know, I will inform at once you on that that is necessary for me. I am not assured. But probably your full name and the exact address of a place where do you live is required to me! I wish to ask you that you have written me this information in the following letter! I cannot ask from you money that I could pay tickets and the visa, our relations are very important for me and I will not dare to spoil their questions on money. Therefore I will find possibility most to pay it! I wish to arrive to you and to be with you! Always! When I will arrive to you, we will be day and night together. I wish to be with you nearby always!!! We will laugh and enjoy the friend the friend, I very much wish to feel heat of your body, to hear your voice, to See your eyes! When we will lay with you, I wish to nestle on your breast!!! You will embrace me!!! I wish to be only your girl, only yours!!! When I think of you, you do me very happy! And I wish to do you happy too! I wish you good mood!!! I will wait about impatience your letter, and to miss on you!!!

Know, that in the far country of Russia there lives the girl whom you are not indifferent!!!
Yours Tatyana

Letter 2

I am glad that you have not rejected my letter and is very happy that again I write to you. I with the big interest have read your letter. I very much wish to learn about you as much as possible. I will try to write to you all about myself as much as possible. I want that you have studied me as it is possible is better and were not mistaken in the choice. I very much would like, that you were that person of whom I searched for all life. Now I wish to tell to you the present name, my name is Semyachkina Tatyana. Excuse that I have not told to you the name at once as badly knew you! Thanking these letters which you have sent me, I have learnt that you the good man! Now I can open to you completely as I trust that you will not cause me any harm! I always appreciated in men nobleness and ability to stand the lady. Andrew it seems to me if two persons in all are fair to each other and they have a mutual understanding it provides the fine future and long love. I very much wish to learn about you all in the smallest details. In how many you rise, what is the time at you leaves for work, that it is pleasant to you, is, as you spend a free time. Now I wish to write a little about myself as at me there passes usual day. I wake up in 6 o'clock in the morning and I go to a bathroom. After that I go to have breakfast, for a breakfast I eat sandwiches and I drink coffee with milk. At 7 o'clock I leave the house and I go on a stop. I go for work by public transport. Sometimes at a stop there are many people, and I go for work on foot. In general I like to walk before my work from the house of 30 minutes of walking. My working day lasts from 8 o'clock till 5 o'clock. After work I come very got tired and at once I go to accept a bathroom. I as live 5 years separately from the parents. I in the inheritance managed from the grandmother apartment, and I have moved there. I in a family a unique daughter and consequently the grandmother have left apartment to me. Unfortunately, I have no home telephone number but if you have phone can to send me the number and I will call to you whenever possible. We can hear voices each other because I not badly talk on English language. I would be not against to speak by with you to phone and to hear your voice. Now in my mode of day visiting the cafe Internet to write you letters was added, I am madly glad to it. I wish to write to you how I spend the days off and a vacation. In the summer we with friends love, to go to a campaign. We go to wood and on lake. I very much like to go to sit at a fire and to listen, as who that plays a guitar. Now in the winter we go to ski and on the fads. I do not love winter because at us it is very cold. But in the winter at us I am very beautiful also I do not know with what to compare this beauty. As on days off I with the girlfriend go to gymnastics to support myself in the sports form. In the childhood my parents have written down me in ballet where I was engaged about 9 years. Since then I try to go in for sports at leisure. In the summer I like to go for a drive on a bicycle and on the roller fads. I hope, boring my letter you will not seem to you and will write further to me. I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I will try to answer all your questions. If I do not answer your question, mean I could not to understand it, do not take offence at me and write it once again. I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part me with which I can go through all difficulties of a life. Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to raise them, to surround with care, to present it the happy childhood, I so to dream of it!!! I think, that you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine, I hope, that sometime our hearts will meet. I really wish to love, I am ready to it! For me the love is self-sacrifice and if I love the person I am given to it without the rest!

On it I wish to finish the leter and with the big impatience I will expect your answer. Your letters kindle ice in me and kindle a fire in my heart. Your friend from Russia Tatyana !!!

Letter 3

I am very glad, that you have become interested in me. I very much want, that you were not disappointed with me and have learnt as much as possible about me. I too would like to learn you better. I ask you write about myself more in detail. At first sight people seem absolutely others, than it seems at first sight. When you learn people better estimations of character traits, outlooks can vary, and it is cardinal. You to me seem very beautiful person, I hope, that you also very good person and to us will be possible to learn soon each other better.

I want that you have learnt about me all. In each letter I shall tell about myself and to answer your questions! Ask about me all that you want, I shall be glad to answer you! I the usual Russian girl, I am not distinguished from other women from Russia. It is probable to describe itself, it would be easier for me, if I did not do it for the first time. At me words and ideas because I worry a little are confused. I did not expect, that all of will answer me, and when I have seen your letter of me as if a current have struck in heart and now I sit behind a computer and I do not know that to you to write. Excuse me if I shall do many mistakes in the letter, I not absolutely well know English so if to you something will be not clear you ask me again.

Well all right there has come time to continue a history about itself. As I already spoke, that my age 28 years and all these years I lived in city Izhevsk. There I also was born. It is very old and beautiful city which is in 1024 kilometres to the east from city of Moscow. I was never married and consequently, unfortunately, and I have what children. I would like to have the child. I would like to bring up it and to transfer all experience of a life to it. I yet do not know, how many I would like to have children, I did not think yet of it. I do not have harmful habits, I do not smoke and I do not use alcohol, unless only in small quantity on holidays. Most of all from alcoholic drinks I like red wine. From meal I prefer Russian kitchen and Chinese. I have ended Izhevski the State University on a speciality the economist. But I have not found myself in this speciality and now I work as the Insurance Agent. On character I the cheerful person, try to enjoy each moment of my life and to overcome with a smile all difficulties of my lonely life.

I with impatience shall wait for your answer, I hope that you will very soon answer me. Write to me about itself, than you are engaged and that like, I all to want to know about you. I want to know about you more. With impatience I shall wait from you the letter.

Sincerely your friend from Russia!