Scam letter(s) from Julia to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Gavin!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I indifferent your age.
You liked me such what you there is.
You not like russian person.
I want to see all your photos. They please my day, at me is cheered up when I see your photos. I am happy to receive your letters. I see also I understand, that we have much in common. I think, that you very interesting person. I so like to communicate with you.
I very warm and friendly person. I want to find the man from other country. Because men from Russia so do not like me. He are not able to address with the girl. I heard, that men from other countries such friendly and with them it is very good to communicate.
I work as the seller of flowers in shop. I very much like and I adore the work. Flowers give to me full pleasure.
My dreams is a creation of good family.
I want, that I was happy with the husband.
I want, that in family with my future husband there was a understanding and calmness.
The purpose in my life - to become happy and worthy respect the girl.
It is a little more information on me:
- I have brown eyes.
My weight of 55 kg. My growth 169 cm.
I have some questions to you:
- That you do at leisure.
- That it is pleasant to you in the girl
- That for you love relations mean
Please answer my questions, they are very important for me.
I shall wait for your letters.
Letter 2
Hi my dear !
How are you today? I have excellent mood because you have answered on my letter again. It is very interesting to correspond with you through the Internet because I never did it earlier. Probably, I do many mistakes? But I hope, that you understand my English? My dear, please, write me about it in the next letter! Ok? I like your last letter very much! Thank you for nice words for me. It is very pleasant to hear. I was very glad to receive your letter. I like it very much because I am beginning to find your letters very special. You know, you are not similar to Russian man. I can not describe in word what is a difference, but I like it very much. You know I did tried to find a man here before but I had not meet a right man. Most of them are thinking only about alcohol and ***. They do not care how are they looking. They are not romantic. Due to this reasons I have decided to find a man out of there.
Safe Julia!!!
Letter 3
Hello, my Gavin!
Sorry, I cannot today long to be in the Internet-cafe, I should go. Now I feel myself badly. Yesterday my mum was in hospital - doctors suspect, that she have a scin cancer... I feel very badly though I should not... because I have to support her, because she and so in a grave condition. I still hope that it is a mistake, she will do more serious inspection next week and all will be known precisely! Why all bad appears when think that the life is fine?!! Only recently I was glad that began my new life - I found my lovely work, returned to home, I was glad that had got acquainted with you, you are such good man, absolutely unlike people who live here... I live with girlfriend we remove the apartment. My ma and pope live in the other from me city but I their often visit. Here I'm very lonely, because all are intolerant to ****, I cannot open to anybody that I not such as the others, only my two friend Katia and Tania (I wrote you about them earlier) know the truth about me. Even my mum does not guess, that I'm gay. She all time asks me when I shall marry, and I do not know what to answer her... Gavin, only when I have started to communicate with you, I have started to feel, how the curtain around of me rises. The world for me became brighter. Owing to you I understand, that not all in this world is so bad. It is pleasant for me, that you are not such, as all. You interest not only ***, but also creation of relations. In you I see that man I could become happy with and I could share the happiness with you! Gavin, now I can tell with confidence, that I have fallen in love with you, I like your sense of humour, your smile, your words which you address to me... I do not have words completely to describe, that I now feel to you: I think of you constantly, I would like be with you very much, dear Gavin!!!
Letter 4

hello my love Gavin! How are you?
You likely not so have understood me I bi and not gay simply my translator can has translated{transferred} not so.
But I am usual I the girl which searches serious attitudes{relations} with the man!!!
I dream to give birth to the child for loving me of the man.
I hope that you such during our dialogue you very much have liked me.
You not such as all.
I am very glad, that I have found a free time and have come to the Internet-cafe to write you letter. I waited for this moment with big impatience. I miss your letters. I think of you very often. And when I find your letter, my mood improves and I feel great pleasure! I wish to go to Internet-cafe every day to receive your letters, to answer on all your questions, to write you my letters and to ask you about all. I am very glad, that we continue our correspondence. It brings a lot of pleasure and happiness to me! I am very glad, that I have found such good man as you, my dear Gavin! I think, that we should keep up our correspondence to know each other better.
When I write these words I test grief from my situation. My mum received results of medical research. All our with mum heavy fears were realized. she really has scin cancer...
I was in despair first time, I did not find my place, I did not know what to do. It was meant for mum many operations, a lot of procedures and other difficulties for her. But now the situation has changed, mum contacted to her sister and she told that she will help. She does not trust the Russian medicine and speaks, that it will be better if the Australian doctors will treat my mum. She told also, that I should come to them too. This news pleased me very much. When we with mum shall arrive to the aunt, I can meet you, at last, in person!But now we must hurry, we with mum already sent all document in travel agency for registration of our visas. This will get ready for 15 days and in April, 14 or 15 we must arrive in Sidney. But on Week-end , which we must pay him whole amounts, which includes the money for their services and also plane ticket. But us have no whole amount, consequently my aunt wants to send the money to us. The Unique problem now - she with her(its) husband and his(its) relatives do the journey in liner through Indian ocean and return the house for 2 weeks only, consequently they can not use any system of the financial issue. But her(its) husband spoke that he can send the money with its bank account. But this did not lay since he can translated only within the range of Australia. Then I spoke him that I have a good friend in Australia (certainly, I did not speak the truth of us) and that You may help us with this situation. Consequently , Gavin, I want to ask your help, my expensive! Can You help us small? All that You should do - will simply must pick up from your bank account money, what uncle will send You, and then to send these money through system westeren alliance me. I hope that its request does not do to place You in heavy position, but now this - an unique possibility to execute our plans faster! If we must not do this up to the end of the week - we must spend much time, but I do not want this - since earlier mum to be in hospital, more quick will (the testament) will be probability her(its) be restored! Her(its) processing will occupy certain time, and I will have a possibility to do the small journey through Australia and I must be pleased see You, particularly after your help us You will The hero! Probably that I even must collect the spirit and I could report on mum truth about itself. Then she will really understand that merry same usual people, but not something strange or terrible!
So, I want to ask You - can You help me with this situation? I much want that You were made this since I feel that You very kind person. I must wait your answer. After this I must define in husband of the aunts of all detail for this issues.
I see as You - very good and careful persons under your letter. I love much such people as You since I can to be entrusted on such people and I can believe You. I think also that any feeling must be created in trust two people to one another. I want that You knew that I faith to You and I faith to him that You report me.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Gavin!!!
I understand your excitement.
I am glad that you wish to help me.
Give we shall communicate in MSN messenger
Letter 6
Hello Gavin!!!
I am pleased to get your letter.
But I want to with you in online, then we shall better understand each other.
I shall find time for contact with you in spite of difference at time.
My ID is SexyJulia001
Please add me.
I will be wait you. I hope you answer me in MSN soon.
Safe Julia!!!
Letter 7
Oh-oh-oh!!! I think you are lazy guy, or something happens with your computer? I waited letter from you, but it is not till now... So if you do not want to have dialogue with me, simply tell it me, I do not want to wait so long. Please, understand: I am worry - and it very bad for me when your attention is not turned to me!
Letter 8
Hello my friend Gavin.
Thank you for your beautiful letter.
And that continue write and do not leave me in so difficult time for me.
I much hope on your help.
I give you all data.
I know bad you but entrust you all life of my ma in your hand.
My uncle will get in touch with you on telephone and will say all information.
If you will say its phone number.
I anxiously wait your answer.
Your Julia
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