Scam letter(s) from Angelica Ermolaeva to Tony (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend!
Today I received your first letter. I am very glad it to see from you.
I have a desire will better get acquainted with you, and to learn about you as much as possible.
I ask you that wrote to me, it is as much as possible letters.
And in the letters told about themselves and about the life more.
As I wish you to ask, that you have sent me even one photo.
I wish to see your person and your appearance. I shall send you the photos.
Now I to you shall a little tell about myself that you knew who I such.
My name Anzhelika, my surname Ermolaeva.
Now to me of full 26 years. I was born on September, 25th, 1981.
I was born in small city which refers to Cheboksary
My city is in the center of Russia. It very small, therefore is not present it on a card.
Till now I live in this city. Also I do not gather yet where to leave.
My city very beautiful, especially in the winter it is fine.
I live together with the father in a two-room apartment in the center of the city.
I do not have either brothers, or sisters. I one daughter in family.
To me very painfully to speak, but I do not have mum. It has died.
I do not have computer of the house! I should write to you letters from the Internet of cafe.
I work in children's city hospital.
My trade the children's doctor. I already for a long time have grown fond of children.
Here therefore I have chosen this trade. And now every day I help children.
But I while do not have children. But I wish to have the child.
I at all do not know, how many I wish to give birth to children.
But one I know precisely! I love children!
For all life I did not meet any man which I could grow fond.
During already many time I even do not have friend.
I could not find in my city to myself worthy the man.
But often happens, that men try to look after me.
But I refuse to all of them at once. Because they do not like me.
Now I have decided to try to find the the man in the Internet.
To me my girlfriend has advised it to make. I have decided to try.
During free time from work I like to read romantic books.
To which it is written about love. As I like to read ridiculous books.
Sometimes houses I listen to music which calms me.
Happens, that I with girlfriends I go to theatre, cinema or a museum.
At me many good girlfriends, with the majority from which I work in hospital.
Very much I like to go in for sports. Sports help me to be the healthy person.
By means of sports I support the figure in the good form.
For a week I happen 4 times in a sports hall, I am engaged in fitness.
When there is a good weather, we with friends like to be on the nature.
And now I wish to set to you some the questions.
Also I want, that you have answered them fairly:
Why you have decided to find the love in the Internet?
At you it has not turned out to find to itself the beloved in the city?
How many you of time search to itself for the ******* the Internet?
You correspond with girls from Russia or with other girls?
It is important to me to know: how old are you, in what city you live, as your full name.
And I want, that you have in detail written all about yourselves.
Now I finish the first letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you.
If you write to me the answer I with pleasure shall write to you the following letter.
In which again I shall try to tell about myself and about the life.
Your new friend Anzhelika!
Letter 2
Hi the friend tony!
I am very grateful to you for your new letter!
I am sincerely glad to each your letter.
Today I write you the third letter. And I think, that I still more many letters.
Because we could find with each other understanding.
And further we shall write each other letters. You agree with me?
It is very pleasant to me to write to you the letters. I often think of you tony.
You now became for me the most important my friend.
I very much appreciate our friendship. How are you doing? How do you feel?
I hope, that at all of you in the full order.
I am glad, that you write to me about the life.
We should learn each other better under the letters.
I hope, that our letters will help us to be closer each other.
When I write to you the letter, I represent, that all this I speak you to face.
I hope, you understand, about what I speak? I now the lonely woman.
I have a good hobby are flowers. I have a place in which I grow up different grades of colors.
My favourite flowers - red roses. Red roses - a symbol of the big and pure love.
Flowers demand constant care and care of them.
In it to year in mine to a garden one cactus blossomed. I at all do not know its name :)
It very rare. I it was presented by friends for 20 years.
All this time I looked after it. I very strongly love it. It very beautiful.
This cactus blossoms once for 10 years.
And here in it to year I have seen all beauty of this flower. Very much it was pleasant to me.
It is very a pity, that I have not had time to photograph this moment.
Because I did not have at that time a camera. So I cannot send you a photo of this cactus.
And what your hobby? Than you like to be engaged?
I on work many times saw, that the man gives the woman the big bouquet of beautiful roses.
Red roses is the best gift for any woman.
I think, that girls in your country also love flowers.
How you think, than the Russian girls differ from girls of your country?
I wish to learn about you more.
Write to me everything, that you consider, that I knew about you.
I wish to ask to you a question. This question on your private life.
You have the girl whom you love now?
I finish the letter and with impatience I look forward to hearing from you tony!
I hope for your answer in the near future.
With kind wishes, Anzhelika! Successful to you of day.
Letter 3
tony Hello!!!
How your day? What new in your life? How your work?
I hope, that at All of you well and excellently.
I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about me still some things.
Sometimes it seems to me, that I live same day which all time repeats.
Not so often there is something new in my life.
But recently has happened pleasant for me. I have got acquainted with you.
And I am very glad, that I even have a little liked you. Therefore you to me write.
Every day, when I go for works, I see the same people.
On work I meet frequently identical persons. I am tired from the work.
But I like my work because every day I help children.
And for me it is very pleasant. I help children, I treat them from various illnesses.
I am very happy to see their smile on the person.
When they understand, that I have helped them.
That they speak me thanks, and during this moment of a life I am very happy.
Leaving from the house in the morning, I already know, how will pass all my day.
I dream to find shortly the beloved, and to create with it strong family.
I wish to live for the favourite person. I wish to create high-grade family.
The main thing in my life that the man which will grow fond of me, was happy with me.
I hope, you understand, about what I write to you?
It is interesting to me, and you tested happiness in the life?
For me the happiness is when close to me people whom I love and I value them.
I always care of people, which roads for me.
I am very tired from loneliness. I cannot explain all this words.
But understand me correctly, that to me 26 years.
And I could not find for all the year for myself worthy the man.
Which I very strongly would grow fond. And which respected with me as the woman.
I search for the person who will destroy my loneliness.
Your letters help me to be not lonely. Correspondence with you is very important for me.
Now in a life at me only dear two persons - my father and my grandmother.
Which very old, but I care of it. That it had all in the full order.
The father always gives me vital advice.
But now in my life there were you dear tony. And I am very glad to it.
With each your letter, you become to me all more close and more pleasantly.
I to you tell the truth of my life because I trust you.
And I am assured, that you when will not betray me. And too will not deceive.
It seems to me, that I shall not bear treachery and a deceit of the favourite person.
We it is very good with you we communicate. And it is pleasant to me.
Life in my city as-as if costs on a place. Inhabitants of my city good people.
I with pleasure communicate with people in my city.
But my main dream in a life is to find the beloved.
I cannot find the beloved in my city.
I feel, that in it to year I am am waited with main recesses.
To year I wish to find love because I am tired to live without love in it.
And I shall try to put all the efforts to find the the man.
I finish the letter and I wait for a prompt reply from you tony.
I wish you all the best.
Your girlfriend from Russia Anzhelika!
Letter 4

Hello my dear and fine tony! kiss you!
I am very glad to receive your warm letter.
Every day, when I receive your letters, I know precisely.......
That it will bring to me many good emotions and feelings.
Thus, I with pleasure read all your letters.
How your day today my darling tony?
I wish to trust, that at you all is excellent. That at you is not present what problems.
Because I worry for you and your life!
And me it is important, that at you was not what problems.
What can you tell to me new about our correspondence? You very much like me, every day me pulls to you more and more.
Now I can tell to you, that you like me.
You like me, as the man. And I am possible in you have fallen in love.
You understand about what I speak? You like me tony!
Many thanks for your attention which you give me almost every day.
I very much would like to have with You serious attitudes,
And to be the tender partner of a life for you!
We far apart, but we support the communication through letters.
Probably in the future we shall together. While we can dream only!
In the letters we should continue to study each other better.
With each your new letter I understand, that you that person whom I searched for all life.
For all time of ours with you correspondences at me were not any bad day.
I never thought of you bad. In my head only good ideas on you.
And for it I can tell to you thanks because your letters help me to be happy.
I think, that we should write each other letters as it is possible is more often.
Nothing does the man and the woman is closer, than their dialogue and their love.
I very much like to dream and think of my future with you.
I very often represent the future house in which we with you live.
I very much would like to have in my house old a fireplace and a plenty of colors.
Still would like to have an aquarium with exotic fishes and sea turtles.
What do you think of it? What house, you would like to have in the future or the present?
It is very interesting to me to know your dream of the house in which you wish to live with any woman.
With the beloved, and can be with me? You thought of me?
Certainly I shall create comfort in my house. I think, that I very good mistress.
I shall feel very happy woman if my husband will be reliable.
You like to visit friends? You love free days? You love rest?
I very much love free days. In free days I sometimes like to be on kitchen.
I very much like to cook house food on kitchen.
I would like to prepare for you for something very unusual.
That I observe, which is pleasant to you. And to you it will be very pleasant it is. :)
I wish to know, what your favourite dish. Many spoke me, that I am very tasty I prepare.
What you love food my dear tony? You love sweets?
I very much love sweets, but I watch the figure.
So I limit myself in use of sweet food.
For maintenance of the figure in the good form, I should visit sports halls.
You care of the health? You watch the figure?
I wish to receive all time your new letters.
After each answer to your letter, I with impatience wait for your new letter.
Do not leave me during long time. I shall wait your answer tomorrow tony.
It will be very good, if you can write to me the answer even today.
So long! I send you very big my kiss!
Sincerely yours beauty Anzhelika!
Letter 5
Hi my favourite tony!!! :)
How are you doing? Thanks for your new letter.
This big happiness to receive news from you.
I hope, that you today have good day.
Because I always wish you only good.
And how do you feel? How your mood?
I very much worry for you, and it is important to me to know that occurs to you. I constantly think about You tony!
You became the most dear to me in a life! You sense of my life.
I have found true love and romanticism in attitudes with you!
I think, that you that the man which I searched for all life.
With you I have found happiness of which I always dreamed in attitudes.
And here time when at me in a life all became good has come.
I love you tony! Also I wish to tell to you thanks, for your love to me.
I could find you and this the most important the happy moment in my present life.
I think, that we is very close to our happiness. You think also?
I know you not long time, but you seem to me the most fair, kind and sincere the man.
My grandmother always speaks me, that I should be fair with people.
I always inform mine the grandmother on our attitudes.
It is very glad for us. It thanks the god, that I could find the happiness in a life.
Because for my grandmother now the most important is my destiny and my future.
It is glad, that now you at me are. And we love each other.
It is pleased for both of us. It is glad for ours with you of the attitude.
And probably in the future we together can create strong family.
I wish to divide with you the happiness.
I wish to know, whether I can make you happy in a life?
I ask you that you have answered this question fairly.
Also have enclosed in the the answer all soul, all love to me.
And all the feelings which you now test to me.
Please give me chance to love you.
And I shall make all that you with me were very happy. You trust me?
I shall look forward to hearing to my letter.
I think of you my fine tony every second. With the best regards your love Anzhelika!
Letter 6
My love tony, I wish to explain All of you my feelings to you!!!! To me it is very pleasant, that we converge with you with one opinion!
I also am very happy, that I could find you in this huge world.
For all time, how many we it is corresponded, I have very strongly grown fond of you.
And now in a head at me only one idea, I even can tell is dream little bit more precisely!
I wish to be with you and I wish to be your woman. I wish to be with you together!
I wish to divide with you happiness, and I want that you with me have divided my happiness.
In my life was only two favourite and dear persons. The my dear daddy and my native grandmother.
I always loved them, and I shall always love them, because they my relatives.
But now all has changed in the best party. :) I HAVE found YOU my DARLING tony!
You at once have liked me. I at once have understood, that you that the man which I search for all life.
Now I love you, and I want that we were together. Our love developed very quickly and openly.
During all time of our correspondence you loved me. And I too have very strongly grown fond of you.
Now you mine the man. I think, what you agree with it? You too love me?
I even can tell, that I have fallen in love with you.
You unique the man to which I tested such strong love.
I speak you it fairly, from all heart. I hope that you trust me?!
But for this purpose we should be together!
I have in view of, that for our future love we should be together, as soon as possible.
Today I have specially gone to travel agency.
I wished to learn, that it is necessary to have to get in To the tony.
And me a distance the exact and clear answer. To which I was very glad.
I should have the visa in your country, and the passport for travel abroad on my name.
Still to me have told, that without these things I cannot precisely get in your country.
And still I cannot live there without these things.
So them to do it is necessary. The visa costs 280 Euros.
The passport for travel abroad 140 Euros. The total sum leaves in 420 euros.
It is So much money to me it is necessary to legalize these papers on my name.
But I have a problem which prevents to make to me these documents and to arrive to you.
It is very difficult to me to speak you about it. But I shall tell to you because you should know.
I that do not hide from the favourite person. It is very heavy to me to speak about it.
But it is necessary.... In the life I always lived poorly.
So now I have no money to pay for the documents.
Money which I earn in children's hospital, I leave on a feed and clothes.
The salary only on it suffices me. I when did not try to save money.
So I do not know that now to us to do with our meeting at you!
But in my head there is one idea which I now shall write to you....
Only I ask you to understand me correctly, and the most important do not take offence.....
Can be to you it will seem little bit rough so I at once ask from you a pardon if it is not pleasant to you.
I think, that you can help me with this sum of money.
And I have decided to ask for you the financial help to make these documents.
And then at once to arrive to you. I do not wish to press on you that you helped me with money.
Therefore it only to you to solve, I cannot force you.
But if you want that we were together that we loved each other.
That I hope, that you will be agree to help me with this sum of money.
Understand me, that this all is done for the sake of our love that we were together.
That our love was present and very strong. Because I wish to love you, to kiss, caress and embrace.
I very strongly love you my darling and road the man tony!
So now only to you to make a choice. Whether you will help me with money that I have arrived to you or not?!
To solve only to you, I only have explained you the idea.
In it is not present that bad because I cannot force you.
All is done only your consent. Make a choice and give me the exact answer in the following letter!
I do not compel you to help me but if you love me and want that we were together then you will help me with money.
I have asked you this money for my documents because me any more to whom to address.
I think, that you understand all gravity of this question.
I shall wait for your letter my love tony. Forever your Beloved Anzhelika, I wish you successful day my darling tony!
Letter 7
Hello my LOVE tony!!! My love, girlfriend advised me as better to send money.
Money it is better to send through system of remittances " Western Union " It should be at you almost in each bank.
My data will be necessary to you. Write them correctly.
Here my Address.
Pushkina, 37-1
Cheboksary - Russia
THE POST CODE: 428.000 Anzhelika (this my full name)
Ermolaeva (it is my surname) Money I can receive in any bank at myself in city. When you will send me of money. You should me write 10 confidential figures (MTCN) and still write to me the full name and the address where do you live.
It will be necessary for me to write it when I shall receive money. When I shall receive money I at once I shall go to travel agency and I shall start to legalize papers what to arrive to you.
To me have told that documents will be ready in 2 weeks. And after that I only can fly to you.
Write to me please as long you would want that I was with you. As much as possible I can do the Visa for 6 months?
I hope that we very soon shall together!
I dream of our meeting every day! I badly sleep at night because I think of you!!! I shall wait for your letter with impatience! Yours for ever Anzhelika
Letter 8
Hi mine favourite tony!!!
I so am happy to receive from you the new letter. Now at us in the street very bad weather.
Very cold northern wind blows. Because of it in the street it is very cold.
Even in the street there are not enough people, because who does not want to freeze.
So as at you weather? How do you feel? How your work?
To me today not so good mood. It probably because of that that you are not present beside.
I yesterday thought of us before dream much. I thought of that as now it would be together good and cheerfully.
I am glad that you at me are. You sole sense of my life.
You for me all my life, I not now do not represent you outside of my life.
With each day my love to become all is stronger and more strongly.
When I think of you at me all mood is improved also to me to become better.
You always should know and always about it that I shall not overlook to love you, mine sole.
I very much very much to miss for you, my love tony!!!
I with impatience shall wait for your letter which will be warmed with my heart and soul.
I on you shall miss very strongly, and know that I very strongly love you.
Also I want that our love was the strongest on all planet. That we always were together.
Your love and future wife Anzhela.
Letter 9
Hello my love tony!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter!
Lovely if you are afraid of nothing that I shall be glad you to meet you in Russia. Only to me in advance inform that to me the nobility when to me to take holiday for our meeting. And still where you will come to Moscow or St.-Petersburg? For me it is very important. I wish to arrive you to meet.
With love Anzhelika!
Letter 10
Greetings my dear tony!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter.
The darling I do not play with you. I really wish you to see.
Up to me Moscow is closer. Approximately is twice closer from St.-Petersburg.
I shall wait for your answer.
With love Anzhelika!
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