Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kuzminysh to Phillip (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hi my loved!
Phil and Friday, a weekend! Week flies by after a week so it is fast yes? Like as though yesterday went to the grandmother in village, and tomorrow again it is necessary to go there!:) my Love, I to hope that your week-end to pass well - I to wish it to you! Honey and huge to you thanks for your letter, now with a huge smile I read it is to me so well, I so am grateful to you! I am very glad that at you all well!)) Phil I to want again and to tell again to you, I very strongly love you! I only yours and only yours for ever! YOU the best the man in the world - only love me as I to like you and I to make that happy the man in the world, I to promise you it! Have agreed? I shall make for this purpose everything, only I ask you be always sincere with me, love me, present me all your love and tenderness! And I to thank to you the even greater love and passion! I read again and again your letter, I present as you to write to me these words sitting before a computer, I present your sight, to look on your picture and I now most of all to want to embrace and rain kisses simply on you! All all!!!!!! LOVELY and I so understand you to want that I have arrived to you yes? If I am fair not against, for me the most important to be with you - understand? And if you want I can to descend today in travel agency and all to learn! What do you think? To me to descend there?
And mine Phil thanks for a picture your daughter! She already absolutely adult and very beautiful girl! At it likely now is no end of guys which to want with will not get acquainted yes?)
Dear Phil and so at me all as is usual as I am engaged tutoring, in the evenings to play with girlfriends in badminton and I am engaged aerobics! Already it is now warm, and we beside have small tennis court - likely shall soon start to play tennis! It is necessary to buy only sports stock, and that last year's has broken! And it to cost dearly! Precisely I do not know, probably and I shall not buy! And pass days!))
Loved forgive, today has taken the Internet of cafe only for 30 minutes, already time to come to an end! Simply for tutoring to me should pay only on Monday! You understand?
Phil I you very strongly love mine! I to arrive from the grandmother to Sunday and I shall wait for your letter! Well? Kissss
With a gentle and passionate kiss Tatyana!
Letter 2
Good afternoon my best Phil!
Many thanks for your letter! For your such prompt reply - in gratitude I send you my kisses - much much - catch them is Kisssss! You feel mine dear - you feel as all my passionate, gentle kisses to cover your body? It is pleasant for you!)) Yes I understand, while it only imagination while these kisses only air, but I to hope that I I can soon cover on the present your body with kisses and caress! I to dream of it day and night! But all will be, it is necessary to dream and trust only in it - I so I think! We necessarily shall together loved!))
I very much, am very glad that at you more and more or less in the order! For me mine Phil this most important! The most important to live together with you, to understand that is more dear than you at me anybody is not present in the whole world! I live you and I think only about you mine Phil! I madly strongly to want it Phil, to want to be with you, to want to arrive to you - I to dream of it day and night! So mine Phil when we shall be together when me to start to do trip to you? After a phone conversation yes? I to write down your number honey and I shall call within the next few days to you - have agreed? And at me all on former! Fairly to tell I to not know any more about what to tell to you! All so is ordinary, monotonously!) I am engaged with my pupils - tutoring in the Afternoon, and in the evening whenever possible I play with girlfriends in badminton, yes I am engaged aerobics! So day after day, all as is usual! When I come home, to sit in an armchair, I close eyes and I present you with myself beside! During these instants so it is good me, as though it is a reality!) I to like to dream of you Phil - I can simply make nothing with myself, I all time think only of you loved! I to know you understand me!
Today at me only one employment! Now I to teach the English language to 2 girls and 1 boy - is usual in day at me a maximum of 2 employment, for 2 or 3 hours with everyone! So!
Yes today still went shopping! At my mum on Thursday birthday - chose a gift! On a dear gift of money is not present, and the small picture has bought - mum for a long time already thought to hang up a picture on a wall kitchen, I and to give it such gift!)) That's all my plans!) I know, all so is monotonous! Even so I am sad that now not together with you! So to want to kiss simply you mine Phil! I shall sit in the evening - I shall play on a guitar, I shall dream!))
Mine Phil forgive, employment is fast at me, it is necessary to go!
Precisely I do not know, but likely tomorrow I in the Internet of cafe will not be - only on Thursday to me to pay for work then I and to come! Well?
I of you very much, very strongly like! Mine Phil I your woman for ever!
With love Tatyana!
Letter 3
Hi mine Phil!
I am very glad to see your letter on this Sunday! I have just arrived from parents and the grandmother! And at once to want to tell huge greetings and a wish of a sound health from parents and the grandmother! So!)
And I once again to want to tell to you loved many thanks for your letter, mine Phil so it is pleasant for me, so it is good now - I the happiest woman in the world - because to see your words! But I shall be even happier only then when I can see you, I can embrace and on all to rain kisses! Phil I so to want it, you even cannot simply present all my desire, all my passion to you! Simply, words all these feelings and emotions to not transfer! My desire simply strong to embrace you loved and I very much to hope that soon it will take place! I to want to be with you and all I understand, that if you to arrive to me that then I shall not have an opportunity to arrive to you! My love and at me to you the request, I very much to want to speak by with you to phone, write to me your number and I shall try to call to you about a public telephone booth! Well? And by phone we can talk more about our meeting! Well? I now to go up to travel agency and all I shall learn about trip to you! Have agreed? But mine Vikc I very much to expect for your help - understand I cannot pay itself trip to you - you understand me?
And I my love as you have already understood have lead the days off again at the grandmother! Weather now to stand simply excellent, in the afternoon the temperature to reach +20 degrees - imagine? If it is fair for my memory and during my life still never such warm weather in the middle of April was! All days off were cleaned in a kitchen garden at the grandmother and to dig over the ground already a little! That is possible already that and to land!:) and have passed my days off! And today already after to write to you the letter to go to a sports hall, have agreed with Alina to play in badminton! So! And in the evening at me one employment - tutoring, such at me today my day Phil! All as is usual, know well though has visited to the grandmother - in village fresh air so it is good! Yesterday even mine the daddy to do a shish kebab, have sat have talked! Though has a little vanished! Mine Phil I of you very much like also the most important to hope I that all our free time we will be fast to carry out together yes? This most important! Understand mine dear - for me there is no more expensively a person than you, in fact my heart belongs only to you! I tomorrow shall wait again your answer! Have agreed? Kisssss
Yours and only your Tatyana!
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