Scam letter(s) from Elena Hopina to Christian (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello,I am Katya.
you know the life is so unpredictable and amazing, but it is very difficult to be alone and to take pleasure of this life. I want to try to make my life better, I believe in love and I think that it is possible to be happy only you are near with the spacial person. I don't know you and you don't know me, but now we have the wonderful chance to learn each other and may be....
Waiting your letter, please write me here :
Letter 2
Hello dear Christian:)
I truly appreciate that you have written to me. I know that it is very difficult to start talking to each other, indeed this is the hardest step to start the letter. But, we are here to start our journey into the new life and we come here to change our life and to make it better and brighter. I hope the same is for you.
Thank you for the photos, I like them.
So, my name is Katya. I am Ukrainian girl, I have never been married, I don't have the kids. I am 26 years old. I am Capricorn. So I am from Ukraine. I was born and live in a little town, Svatovo. It is in the Eastern part of Ukraine. It is a very small town. The population is around 19000 of people. It is situated in the small river "Krasnaya".It will be red in English:)) We also have the railway station here.
Well, I finished school and went to Lugansk where I studied the Economic. I wanted to stay in Lugansk and I even had the job there, but the life is very difficult and unpredictable. I must go back home. My mother was ill, she had a very serious problems and my father needed my help around the house. Thanks to God, now she is healthy and alive. Now I live with my parents, we live in our own house. It is not very big. But we are happy to live together!
Why am I here?As I have written I wasn't married, but I had the serious relations. I thought that they would finish with marriage. But the life is unpredictable and everything I had planned just ruined one day. I don't want to remember the bad things and that is why I tried to forget all the bad I had. I took from that relation only good and I don't want to make the same mistake twice! I know now what I want from my partner, from my soul mate. I don't look for the ideal man. It is impossible to find him. I look for the man, Special Man. He is "strong" in his heart, he is reliable,responsible, loving, caring and understanding. I can write the long list about his character, but I don't want. I want to learn what person you are. I believe that if we should to be together we will, don't you agree? But one thing is very important: it is honesty! I hate lie, and I want our relations to be built on trust! I know, it is very important. So, let us start our conversation from this, ok??? What person am I?
I am a very romantic and tender woman with a lot of goals to reach and a lot of dreams to fullfill. I know how to treat a man and if a man really feels himself loved, he is so happy and I will be happy too. But many people forget this and live their own egoistic life. With me you can have fun and also serious communication. You will receive support at difficult moment. I won't leave my beloved person at any reason, if I love, I will love forever!
So, this is a little about me and my life, I hope that you will like my photo.
With the best wishes,
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