Scam Letter(s) from Zoya Dashkova to Richard (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

My lovely Richard!
How much I wish to be there with you!!!!!! I am sure it would be funny for us....
it is so excited to read your letter and feel that our meeting is coming closer to us...I don't know how to tell you because i feel awkward about it but there is one little problem before our future happy life. International passport, getting visa and tickets for flight need money. I have no enough money just now. And it is probably to collect all sum right now. Can you help me , please. I think if we want to be together then we should help each other. Agree???? Dear, you know today at work i had free time and i was just listening to the music and thinking about you....We heard a nice tune and you invited me to the dance, you danced with such a grace that I could not keep my admiration, after that you took me home and near the door you told me that you fell in love with me and would like to be with me all your life. You know, the most interesting thing is that I felt everything so vividly hat it seem to me like a reality! It was so pleasant for me to hear that you love me and see your smile at my face..... hmmmm by the way will you like to dance with me????? Will you hold me closer to you that i will be able hear your breathing and the beating of your heart?????? ................
Ok, my love, It is time to go to work and make all around there....
I love you,
Your Zoya

Letter 2

My honey Richard!
It was so nice to get your letter today... hmmm I can't wait to see you, my love.... I really adore you... :-)!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear, I have to tell you that it is better to send the money via Western Union and I will get the travel checks here. I need to have 4500$ for 90 days I can get the loan of 300$ from bank. It means that I need 4200$ . Hope you can help me with it. I think there is no other sing to show how happy i am to see your photos and read your letters. You know i realized that i am addicted to you.. I adore every word that you write to me and i like rereading your letters. You're so special to me, all day long I'm thinking about you, and I'm waiting for a free minute to rush to the Net cafe to read your precious letter...and now i am waiting for our new possibility to meet because I can't allow myself to lose you in my life.... You walked into my life, and ever since that day, my smile has been singing joyously, for you have given me hope, and an inspiration to once again believe that you are out there somewhere, and that when the time is right, our 2 searching souls will combine and 1 prosperous soul will take our lives by storm!!!
Honey, please let me know what can you do for me to help with the arrangement for our meeting.. and I know we make everything right....
Wish you a nice day even without me.... but my thoughts are always with you
Your Zoya



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