Scam letter(s) from Julia Bozko to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my friend!
I am very happy to hear from you :)
My name is Julia.
I want to tell you a little about of myself.
I love life in all it`s reflections.
I try to get pleasure from every moment of life.
I adore all seasons of the year. I meet every day with a smile.
I could describe myself as a kind, merry, cheerful, temperate, loyal and faithful, active,reliable, sensitive, caring, sincere and purposeful young woman.
I am a simple girl, who can appreciate friendship and understand various people.
I love to laugh and to joke. I believe in love at first sight.
I have always dream to find a person, with whom hours would pass like minutes and with whom I would never want to part. Interests, hobbies:
I like animals,read,to talk with my friends.
I do not like to do nothing.
I know that life is amazing gift given to us, and I want to welcome you to MY world.
You think that your life is boring and there is no happiness? It is not true!
Here I am!
Your Happiness and Love!
And You?
You are ready to have a family and to be with kind , reliable woman forever.
May be you are that prince whom we will write our own love story with?
I want to find a real love...
And You ???
(Tell me about of your family,your country?)
Your new friend........
Letter 2
Hello Gavin!
I don't know you yet, but I'm interested to know:)) It may seem to you strange that such a young girl as I am is looking for her soulmate in the Internet. The problem is that I feel so lonely that I can't bear it. I want to be loved and to love, to care and to be cared about, to devote my whole life to a single person and to be the soul girl for my soulmate. You will ask why I can't find such person in my country? It seems so easy, though in fact it is not. Ukrainian guys are not of that kind, they don't want to have relationship, they want to be free. So I decided to try Internet. I know that foreign men are much more decent than ours are. I really think so. For me loneliness is something that each person must be afraid of the most of all, and I'm afraid of it, though it may seem funny for you - how such a young girl, for whom everything is in future can be afraid of loneliness? But I am. And I intend to find a man who will save me from it and with whom we will make our lives bright and interesting, full of love and tenderness... I dream about having a family - quite a simple dream, you may think, as all the women dream about it, but if to speak about such a thing, I don't want to be different from other women. It is the women's happiness to have a family... Maybe it'll be you who will help my dream come true?... We'll see;) Now I want to tell you about myself:) My name is Yulya or Yuliya (it's full name) and I'm 27 years old. I live in town Antratsyt in Ukraine. I'm sure you heard a lot of bad things about our country but I can tell you any way that it is beautiful country and simple people are very kind here. If you were here you would see it:) Also I hope you like girls with dark hair:) As I know almost all man prefer blondes but I think that girls with dark hair seem to be more mysterious. How do you think? So I want to tell you about my parents, they are really nice people and my family is the example for me how to love and enjoy this love all our life:)My mother is the teacher of mathematics and my father is the teacher also but he is a teacher of physical culture in the University. I have finished this University and now I'm the teacher of Ukrainian language and literature:) See,all our family is teachers:))I'm the only child in family. I work in school and always try to make my lessons interesting and despite it is hard to teach a lot of little kids I love my job very much:) Also I know English well enough to speak and write free! Pity that I don't have PC at home, I had one long time ago, but it was very old model and was broken, now teachers don't make a lot of money in our country as before, so I'm without computer. I like to watch romantic movies about fairy tale's love and I always cry when two people going through a lot of difficulties become happy together in the end. I'm very sincere person:) I like also romantic music, beautiful slow songs, but also I like some modern music too.
So I think my letter become a little longer. So I will finish it, ok?
I'm waiting for your reply:)
Kiss you,
Yours Yulya
Letter 3
Hello dear Gavin!
I'm very happy that you keep writing me, is it mean you are interested in me? May be you think that this is ****** question, I'm sorry if it's so. Thank you for your letter, when I received it I was as happy as a child, as I really like you very much:) I really hope that our communication can lead us to something special, but it's early to talk about it, we NEED communication to get know each other, we have to discuss everything, for example you don't like something in person but you don't tell because you don't want to offend her or him, but I think you should tell about it in straight polite way,because to solve the problem you should discuss it, don't you think so?! I'm sure you want to know more about me, so I'll tell you;) I like music very much, it's part of my life, every morning when I wake up I turn on the radio and listen to music while I preparing to go to work, music makes my day better, on weekend I also wake up with music and even dance sometimes, I was told that I'm not bad dancer! I don't have bad habits, I've never tried to smoke, I drink on occasions some wine or champaign, I've never used drugs. I'm polite and very kind person, you know sometimes my too much kindness is very disturb me, people can use it. As for me I value inner world in person, I respect people, I'm very polite. In my life I don't have a lot of friends, just some but real true friends who's been with me for years . Do you have a lot of friends? When my best friend betrayed me I just can not believe people. It's very painful when you share everything with a person, you believe him, but than he says to you "ok, honey, bye. I just played with you and now I'm tired from you". I was shocked and frustrated. But I'm a strong person and survived this. But deep in my soul it is still hurts me... I hope I will never have the same feelings but deep in my heart I believe that I will meet the best person who will be my partner, my lover and my friend, he will be everything for me:))) As every woman I want to create a family, with a good and strong relations,with children. I want to feel weak,to feel care and be protected by a strong man who will always be with me! I'm ready for family, i think it's like Ukrainian women culture, we dream about family and beloved person is the main in our life, it's main goal, we don't dream about carrier, family is on first place and only then - carrier!
Tell me about your thoughts concerning family?
I would like to know what do you expect from your future?
Waiting for your next letter with impatience:)
Lots of kisses,
Letter 4

Hello sweety Gavin!
Thank you for letter, I love to hear from you;)
I want you to know that I'm very much serious in my intentions to find a soulmate. I want to tell you what qualities I estimate most of all - honesty, reliability, tenderness. I think that two people should trust each other as it is the backbone of the relationships. To your opinion, what qualities a woman must possess to be a good wife and mother? I'm very interested in it because your answer is very important for me:) I think that a woman must first of all be a devoted person, she must be ready to support her man in all his aspirations. I think that it is essential! Do you agree with me? And what do you think, a woman must sit at home and bring up children or she can do both things - career and bringing up children? As for me I think woman can do both career and children. I love children very much and I consider that they are greatest joy of life and I will love them with all my heart! But I wish to realize myself not only like a mother and wonderful and loving wife but also as a person. I'm sure I will have time to do everything but of course my family will be on the first place and I will devote it all my time:) Tell me what do you think about it? I'm very interested in your opinion:) I want to tell you more about my family. I love my family very much, I'm thankful to them for their love and that they presented me my beauty as inside as outside. My mother taught me to be tender and my father taught me to be strong. I work with children and I feel so great pleasure when my kids study well:) I talk with them a lot and sometimes they tell me so wise things that even adult people don't know:) I love kids very much:)
Best wishes to my handsome,
Letter 5
Hello my sweet angel:)
One more letter from you and one more wonderful day in my life! You make my life more interesting and full it with sense! I enjoy reading your letters, I like the way you write and express yourself. It's great that two people from so far from each other can communicate here, with each new letter we discover each other, step by step! You know I told my mother about you, don't you mind I hope? I told that I met nice man on the net and we write to each other, my mother is mine good friend, she don't mind of this way of communication, she like it also!She realize that if I'll meet my man I could live her, but also she told that she would be happy if I'll build my family abroad, she understand everything! I'm sure you'd like my mother, she is wonderful woman, i love her so much! Can I ask you some questions if you don't mind? Could you tell me more how do you see relations of man and woman? As for me I think trust and respect is important, care of course, attention, passion, love. What about romance? Do you like to be romantic with your girl? Nowadays is not much romance in real life, people passive and absolutely realistic. I think it must be some piece of romance in life! I like to be romantic, to wake up my man with the tender kiss in lips, to prepare the tasty breakfast for him, to give small presents and surprise my man with something everyday. Relationships dies if you don't make an efforts for your partner. It is like fire, you need to keep it burning all the time, the fire of love. I'll be waiting for your new letter,it is always very pleasant for me to get the letter from you!
sweet kisses to you, Yuliya
Letter 6
Good morning my darling!
I'm so happy to hear from you today:) Thank you Gavin for you are with me and today I want to tell you what does Real Love mean for me more! There are a lot of people who think that they know what love is but it is not true. As for me Real Love is when you can't live without this person, when you need to see him or her, talk to him, hold him in your hands, kiss him, hug him, share with him everything you have inside, devote him all tenderness that you have inside, all your gentle, soft, sometimes crazy love. As for me also Love is when you want to have children with this person, especially woman, she presents her beloved man the embodiment of their sweet love, when you are ready to be with this person in different life situations, when you are ready to live with him even in poverty but together. Love is when you want to fall asleep with this person and wake up with him in the morning in his arms, when you build your plans for future together. When your second half has some problems for example on work you solve all problems of each other together and when you are ready to support him in everything. When you want your beloved smile all the time and see happiness in his eyes, when you want to make joy for this person. Love is when you don't see the defects in this person, he is perfect for you. So this is my opinion about what is Love for me. How do you think do you really know what love is, real, true, pure love? Love from God! The most wonderful feeling which people can have as the greatest gift! We have to deserve it I think!
And what is your opinion? It is important for me:)
I will be missing you....
Yours Yuliya
Letter 7
Good morning!
how are you? I'm very good and in wonderful mood because it's nice Women's holiday today)))))
So I'm going to celebrate it with my friends, first I'll go and congratulate my mother, then I'll meet with my best friend Nastya and we'd go to the cafe, other our friends will come too of course and we'd have some fun! In the evening we'd go dance of course! I wish you can kiss me on this day, but promise that you'd do it when we'd meet, ok?!
I'm sorry for short letter, but I will write you more next week!!! IF ONLY YOU ARE NOT SO FAR AWAY
Letter 8
where are you? I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 9
Good evening to my sweetest man in the world!
I just came to Internet cafe after work and was happy to see your letter in mailbox!
Today was difficult day, I don't know why. I feel so tired and my mood is awful.
I feel so lonely without you here....
At work the whole day was something wrong, children haven't behaved, everybody were annoyed, when I had a brake I looked out of the window and saw a rain:( It's raining the whole day and rather cold in the street. I dream about warm bed, coup of tea with lemon and you near me, or we'd not drink tea;) After work I went home and someone in the car poured me with water from puddle, I wasn't ***** but wet and cold! What a day! But before Internet cafe I went home and changed clothes, now I feel comfortable and look more better, like before date with you! So I go read your letter with feeling date! I'm always glad see news from you, find out something new and interesting about you, develop our relations.... I feel good! Forget to tell you that I went to theatre with children recently! It was little bit funny and interesting. The play "Romeo and Juliet" in modern variant. You know, it was my favourite Shakespeare's work, but for children this years it's more interesting to watch this variant. They were all silent and behaved at theatre! But I also was watching the play with great pleasure and delight! Wonderful! Young actors, modern version! I was there with group of 15 years students, usually they so noisy and crazy, but on the back way we were discussing the play and impressions! Forget to tell you that play was in Ukrainian language, so nice, I'm proud of our language and young actors!
So tell me how are you? What's interesting?
Do you miss me also?
Yours and only yours
Letter 10
Privet=hello to you Gavin!!!
I am very pleased, to receive from you the answer.
I think that all from us equally, and all our ideas and dreams are identical.
My love I know that both of us are lonely in this world, and we very strongly would like love, I'm very happy that have met you here!!! I am grateful to the god for that that it has enabled us to speak with each other. And I cannot wait for that moment when we shall be together. I think, that the first contact to each other which we Let's remember for all our life because we are on various distances from each other, and it is a pity that we not together now. We are in the various countries and when did not hear about each other. And we have wonderful chance in a life, we have found each other.
I'm glad that our technologies let people to communicate on huge distances.
How was your day today? Weather?
Today I was cooking and have prepared pizza. If you were here you could enjoy it with me!
would you like some:) I'm sure you will like it!I'll cook for you if you wanna!
I already start to get used to you. If you knew, that this very pleasant sensation.
It would be very good to live with such person as you. Yes my love I is really real.
I'm very true person. I think that we shall be very happy together.
After your letters, I start to think of us with you in increasing frequency.
About such as you should dream each girl!!!!!!
I shall finish the letter. I send you 10000000000000 kisses!!!!!!!!!!
I shall wait from you for the answer.
Yours and only yours Yuliya

Letter 11
Hello my heart,my special dream!
First of all I want to say to you that I have missed you very much, so many hours without you, without your letter, they were senseless, without life, without love, totally empty. You even cannot imagine how I missed you!! Can I tell you a secret Gavin? I'm trembling and I'm nervous while I'm writing to you this letters, I was not feeling this way from my 16 years, I suppose that it will be because I have my sensibility all on edge and I feel everything what I am writing. I wish that between us always this type of feeling exists, and that always we have this need for to be united. I love you very much. Never forget it. Very much and forever, and I would like that as well as I feel you inside me in every moment, you also,you feel me in the water that she extinguishes your thirst and in the wind that refreshes your skin. You are far, very far. I die to see you, yearn to kiss you: I miss your mouth, your skin and your sighs. But I know that some day I will be able to make real my dreams of you, and that I will not separate of these lips that I rub in the distance. I know that already you belong me, though I could not enjoy you. You know that I take you in me every instant, and that only with your recollection invades your presence, though you are not. You know also, that you can trust in me, that I will not look to anybody any more. How can I to approach nobody if he is not you, my love?. Impossible. If we will share our life together I would like that you read this with attention they aren't rules of behaviour but I don't want in my life just someone to live with. I want a friend, a lover and specially a man. Your happy moments, your victories and your successes are not mine, are yours. But I enjoy sincerely when I see you happy. I don't judge the decisions that you take in the life. I limit me to supporting you, to stimulating you and to helping you if you ask for it from me. When you read these words maybe,it will be in the morning and surely I will have woken up with you, because this night I will not sleep alone. Your letters are so wonderful that I will think and I will dream so much about you, that I will not sleep alone, I will love you silently,under the shades of the night and when it dawns, I will be grateful to the life for having permitted me to wake up close to you. The days are spending, the letters are going out and entering and I almost don't perceive it, still I cannot believe that I'm living through a dream made reality, so beautiful. Really it looks like a fairy-tale, but real. I have lost the love's fear,the sadness's fear, even I have lost the fear of aging, since it seems to me to be almost impossible that it could pass if your are with me, to my side, tender and indispensable nurse of my soul. It's really impressive your aptitude to be surprised me every day, and always positively. In every letter (and I imagine that when we will be united) in every dawn a new and good word, a new touch of fondness, a new way of smile and, for the same thing, my need to be with you increases more and more every day. Which will be the secret to do me more yours to every minute, if Me, always I commit an outrage against your words. I feel you so clear, natural, sincere and sweet and I don't perceive fewer sign of effort, really I do not know it.
I'm yours, you've captured me..........
Letter 12
Greetings to lovely man!
Thank you very much for answering. Darling Gavin, I'm so much am attracted to you and every word in your letter.
You have ALL the same attitudes and thoughts that I do. And I want to correspond with you very much. But I do not want to deceive you in any way. I see something so very touching and special in you. I have been in a torment over this since you wrote me. I had much time to think over my life and I realized that I have never had such a man in my life. I have been thinking of our meeting here in Internet and I realized that I went through the unexampled splash of emotions with you, you decorated my life with new colors and stunning feeling of a holiday! Our meeting was like a film in a fast rewind just because the events were developing with enviable precipitancy, you came in my life like a fresh wind and took my breath away with your genteelness, care and attention. How are you? I hope that you to have good day today. Today I have good day and good mood because I think of you. It really raise my mood and make my heart happy. The best moments in my life - when I read yours, allows. And now it goes from these moments. It is difficult for you for understanding as pleasant for me, the lonely girl to receive such big attention from you! Honey, you are the best in this world. You want to know that I have made last night? I have devoted it to you! I yesterday went to church and prayed for us. My love, I dreamed of us with you, our dates, days, evenings, nights, weeks, months, years.....our life, our life together, it'll be new born, new feelings, everything starts in new way and seems better! May be my letter today is not so direct and it's possible that it seems you very metaphorical but I wanted to receive so much your letter and always you Know how to come to the bottom of my heart and of my soul that I am weeping of emotion, or probably of happiness, or probably of love ... if one month ago someone had said to me that I Would miss so much, that I would need so much, that I would be so inspired love of you, that I'm so dependent on you, I had treated like a mad woman. When you receive this letter, I want you to know that I will be thinking of you, simply because you are in my thoughts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the month. In a nutshell, you are always on my mind. In this aspect there is a difference between you and me. I already have my future, I already have my work. what I don't have is to someone with whom I have fallen in love passionately and this prince now is my priority and though I didn't have my work, though I didn't have my future in way, my first priority you would continue being you!! because for me, the order of my priorities is:n?1, the love, n?2, the love, n?3, the love, etc ...; you can call me unconsciously if you want, but in my life, in my body, in my daily life who governs and drives it's my heart and my feelings, for this reason I am like that;because for me, if there is no love during the 24 hours of the day ... there is NOTHING.
Letter 13
Hello my dearest Gavin!
I'm so happy to hear from you today and I hope we will never be apart any more! I have found you and I believe that our meeting was meant to be.... Destiny made us together and I value its present to me:) I wanna thank you that you are in my life, for your attention, for care, for warm feelings. I wanna be with you and only with you forever and ever, till the end of my life, I don't know what will be with me if I loose you one day, if I'll open my mail box and there's no letter from you. Now I can't imagine my life without you. You're my all, my world, my air. Days without you like years, minutes like days, seconds like hours. It's shame for me to ask you but I need your help and support. I'm writing this letter with trembling, there's something bad happened in my life. Last night robbers grabbed my flat. I was sleeping, but suddenly woke up when heard a noise. I was so scared cause as you know I live alone in rent flat, and noone could protect me.Two robbers broke my wooden door and burst into the room. They threatened me, but didn't hurt hardly, just scared. They took almost everything I had, all my savings,my golden ring and earrings which parents bought me for birthday, my TV and camera. I could live without that things of course, the most important is that I'm alive, but I can't live with broken door. I need double iron door for safety. It costs about 425 dollars to fix it. As you understand I have no money at all now. My parent's also don't have such amount, it's rather expensive for us. I wrote you that I don't have a lot of friends to borrow money, so I could rely only on you. You're my only hope, you're only who I could ask for help. Honey, please, I need you so much now. I'll give that money back to you with the first opportunity of course. Dear, please, let me know if you'll help me. Now my father will stay in my flat at night to protect me if they'll come again, but he couldn't live with me for a long time.
I'm waiting for your support.
Letter 14
Hi My Sweet treasure,
You cannot imagine How I missed you Gavin!
I'm so thanksful to you for your support, that you don't leave me in trouble, here's my details you've asked:
Bozko Yuliya
Ukraine, Anthracite city, (94600)
30 Let Pobedu street, 5/8
my phone +380932899234
There is something that does some time that I wish to say to you.
I dream about you every day, and my feelings grows, you don't need to have doubts in my feelings, they're real, strong and pure!
To bath together in a swimming pool playing at doing us duckings. To share the same ice cream in a day of a lot of heat and to finish extending it for all your body between laughs, caresses and kisses. To cross the country in a rainy day while you play with your hand in my nape. To happen one night in candle helping ourselves to solving any problem. To travel to any part and to try to make us deal with some language that we don't know. To play with our friends at telling us histories during a night of holiday. To do a competition when to see the one who is capable of drinking more, sat in a bar of bar during the whole night. To discover you slept in my bed and to take paper and pencil to paint this ****** that so much I like. To discuss for hours any thing until with a smile you discover that you have dismantled my arguments. To declare us a war of food in the kitchen. To do caresses to us in some public place for hours without nobody see us. To discover our looks in a meeting with more people and to do it with complicity and malice towards those who surround us. To devote us a weekend of laziness. To cry one's heart out watching a very tender movie. To count to us secrets that we should not know. To excuse us after a discussion. To support me in one of our crises for any motive. To discover, suddenly, some thing that we have in common. to steal a kiss from you when you don't wait for it. To wake up with a great branch of flowers. To go to celebrate any one birthday and to fill you with gifts. That you laugh of me because I feel jealousy of someone. To go to some luxurious restaurant and to commit an awkwardness that it does that they all return look at us. To squelch on the puddles like if we are two children. To walk silently, indicating the things that we like. To be going to buy and find this book that really you were wishing from about time. A story to count to you until I should remain slept between your arms. To organize a game in which all our friends could take part. To help us to correcting our stories. To think that nobody can enjoy the life so much as us. To support my weeping for some problem and to console me. To receive some friend who comes from the foreigner with placards and shouts in the airport. To create our own theories about some topic of which we have not even idea. To feel proud of you for some motive. To succeed with that one that your eyes try to tell me. To give you a massage after a horrible day and to finish in the shower caressing us. To live through the moment. To support my infamies and my fears. To go to the wedding of some friend and to mount the spectacle in the banquet. To come to an exhibition of someone not known and to be surprised with the bad thing that he is. To feel proud when someone speaks to you well from me. To go together to a concert and to dance up to falling down debilitated. To be surprised one day, when you don't wait for me there, and let's cover of kisses. To drink with champagne to a new work. To sleep embraced in a day of a lot of cold. To be present at a spectacle of magic and that choose you of voluntary to do something. To discuss politics up to getting angry. To be accidentally in any part. To laugh for any thing. To become convinced that everything that I tell you they are some details of what I believe that it's necessary for to be a sentimental relation between two persons who are loved and understand each other, and also they are a few dreams that only I am capable of imagining with you and that I would look alike brilliantly that in a close future, we were making them real.
I love you and wanna be with you
A sweet and tender kiss..
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