Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vylekzhanina to Thomas (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hello Thomas! I am glad, that you have written to me. For me was the big surprise to read it. It is pleasant to realise, that you have answered my letter.I sit in Internet cafe both have just read your letter and have decided to write with time to you. Here lovely conditions, except that Internet cafe are not far from a place of my work and 24 hours a day work. I have intrigued you? Well I will begin our acquaintance with representation. My name is Regina to me of 27 years. I live in a small city under name Zelenodolsk in area Tatarstan. It is a city in Russia. I send you a photo with my picturesque city. The truth it beautiful? As I send to you two photos, I hope it to you it is pleasant. The first has been made in cold winter evening. To you can be to seem, that in Russia Winter always very cold. It not so, in the winter at us too happens good weather. The second at my place. And so, I wish to tell to you a little about myself. My growth of 165 centimetres. My birthday on March, 11, 1980. My sign on the zodiac Pisces. I trust in destiny. I work as the mathematics teacher and I love the work. I very much love children! And you love? I always wished to be the teacher. I consider that the main thing that the person liked that than he is engaged. I love productive leisure, in a soul I the adventurer! :)) I consider the main thing for the woman, finds it the person which can to take. I had relations with men. But they did not suit me. It is difficult to Russian woman to find the good husband because the Russian men drink much, they happen very rough. On it I have decided to find the favourite person through the Internet. Now you know me little bit better. I wish to learn you, write me about myself all that for want. It will be interesting to me to learn you, I wish to see your photos. If you have questions set them to me. See you again. Regina. :)
Letter 2
Hi Thomas! It is pleasant for me to see your letter. Why you consider yourselves ****? It is pleasant to me your photos. Thanks for the presented decline. =) I now think more seriously of acquaintance through the Internet. I all over again did not trust, that is possible to communicate and gets acquainted with people through the Internet. With the Internet it became possible to learn about people living in other cities and even the countries. I want to tell to you about the family. We live three together: mum, I and my cat "Chezar.":) I have sent you his photo. The truth he lovely? I very much love animals. My mum very kind woman. She a lot of good has made for me. I have grandmother to it of 68 years. She lives in village, I go her to visit. My father has thrown us when I was still small and I do not want to repeat mistakes of my parents. It is hard for me to speak about it, but I wanted to be with you fair and wanted that you knew my history. Will suffice about sad. Better I shall tell to you about the life, I was born in city Zelenodolsk where I now live. I have left school and have acted in pedagogical institute. I studied there 5 years and have received a speciality the mathematics teacher. There I have fixed knowledge of the English language and have studied the Spanish language. But I know the French language hardly worse than English. After that I have gone to work In school in which in due time I studied. I like to cook. Some recipes of me were learned by the grandmother. My favourite color bright - dark blue. And you have favourite color? It is very a pity to me, but I have no phone and I have no an opportunity to call. I know it in your country is not the big problem. But for me it is difficult to buy to itself phone. I know that we know each other but if we shall want very little to speak to phone I could search for a way to call to you. You can give me your phone number??? I hope to you the history of my life was pleasant. I hope to learn you better. What at you a full name? Regina.
Letter 3
Hi Thomas!!! I am glad to read your letter again! It is very interesting to me to know about you more. When I read your letter, I want to learn you more. Tell to me more about the family and about the friends. In the previous letter I wrote to you directly about myself. Now I want to tell to you to you about familiar, is more exact about my best girlfriend Olga. We are familiar with Olga, I do not remember as for a long time because it was in the early childhood. I was very small to remember it. We with the girlfriend lived in the next houses. Our parents well were friends. Except for that we with Olga in one school. But she is more senior than me and on this we studied in different classes. But it did not prevent us to be friends. Now we have grown, but on former we remain the best friends. Certainly with the years our ways have a little gone away. She works as the hairdresser in small firm of our city. We frequently spend time with my girlfriend together. Sometimes we with her go to a training hall "Pulse" for maintenance of in the good form. And you have friends? At all people different character. And sometimes it happens to find difficultly the strong-willed person which to you it is pleasant. I want to describe to you the. At me very much gentle disposition but if I put before myself the purposes I try to achieve from for all forces. I do not like, when me deceive. I think that lie is the most bad and can destroy in a flash all attitudes. And what for you is the most important in attitudes? I the cheerful person also like to be pleased lives. =) I very mobile and in the childhood resembled the boy more. I like to play volleyball. Sometimes I play at the school where I work. The person should have the hobby. You have hobby? I do not smoke and I do not use alcohol. I for a healthy way of life. I dream to find the big love and to live with loved the person all stayed life. You not when did not dream to find the princess? I like to dream! It helps to leave for some time from the real world which sometimes presents bad news. At will of destiny I have paid attention to you. I want that you with me were frank. I think, what exactly lies is the reason of all contentions. What do you think in this occasion? I want that we with were fair the friend before the friend. I send you a photo of my girlfriend and the (On a background my house). I wait for letters. Regina =)
Letter 4

Hello Thomas!!! I have received your letter. As always it to me has brought pleasure. To me it is very pleasant that you answer my questions. Very sincere person seems to me that you and I can trust you. Even the distance cannot prevent to learn to us each other. At you lovely character. You treat me very kindly. You like to look films? I very much like films about love between the man and the woman. It is fine when people are ready to go on any of a victim what to be together. Such films I cannot look without tears, they touch my soul. As I like adventure films. But my most favourite film is TITANIK. You looked it? I so envy characters in TITANIK. I always wished to find the same love. For the life I once had big (as it seemed to me) a love. But I was mistaken. At first at us all was good, we rejoiced lives. He had a bad habit, he drank alcoholic drinks. And once he has lifted on me a hand. It has put an end to our relations. I have run into depression for 2 months. Thank God it was for a long time and I could forget it. As speak "Time treats all". You had long relations? I not so like it to tell, but you have seemed to me the reliable person. I not to whom did not tell about the relations. This history is known only by mum and my best girlfriend. After last failure I did not have relations. I could not find mine half and here I have learnt you and I have decided you to learn. To me your support is important. P.S. I am able to play a piano. Mum speaks that at me well turns out. Regina. =)
Letter 5
Hello Thomas! I am very glad to receive the letter from you!. Your letters always cheer me up. How are you doing? At you all is good? What at you now weather in a city? Today I spoke to mum about you. She was glad to that I have got acquainted with you. Mum set to me many questions on you. I have told to her about you. I have told to mum that you probably that person whom it becomes possible mine big love. It was very glad that my mum understands me. It so means for me much. We with mum the best friends. You like my mum? =)
My mum call Svetlana. You like this name? I not always write letters from Internet cafe. I can sometimes write from girlfriend Olga. I send you a photo from its house. Sometimes on Sundays I and mum we go to church. In church I ask from the god of happiness for my relatives and that all would be good. Today I would ask from the god that our relations developed and at all of us it was good. It for me is important! It is serious for me as never. And for you?. If you have more photos send. I will be glad. I will wait your letter. They do me happy. P.S. It is an ancient Christian icon. Yours Regina.
Letter 6
Hello Thomas! I am glad to see your letter! How you today? The dream has this night dreamt me, that we meet in the street. You suggest me to walk. I am glad to it and agree to walk. We go together on park. You take me for a hand and I feel your heat. You go nearby, amuse me and speak me compliments. It seems to me, that this instant will be lasts eternally. You send me an air kiss. I feel its sweetish taste and I wake up. I understand, that it was a dream. I feel awfully and alone. For me it is not important on how many the difference between our age is great. For me the main thing what character at the person, its essence. To me its relation to people surrounding it and to me too is important. The age is a little significant factor for me. I hope for you age is not defining in dialogue with people. I have written to you because I wish to love and be favourite. You - a suitable candidacy! Why you answer my letters? I often go from work as the lady and I see, on benches enamoured pairs sit. It is visible on their eyes. They speak each other pleasant words, laugh, embrace, kiss. During such moments to me it becomes absolutely lonely. I dream, that when be my time will come and I will meet the love. I very much hope for it... My mum says, that I will find the person who will love me, to protect, caress, and to be gentle with me. I trust in it. And you wish to find the love? For the sake of love I shall do everything, that in my forces. And you? P.S. You like my attractive face. ;) Regina.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Thomas!!! It is very joyful to me to receive from you the letter. It is pleasant to me to communicate with you. And to you with me? I never went by a motorcycle independently. I am afraid that I will not keep balance. It is terrible for me. I would like to tell to you about my childhood. I think the childhood is the happiest and carefree part of our life. The childhood defines, what you will be in the future. Maine since the childhood accustomed to be accurate and kind. To me has carried me kind people surrounded: the grandmother and my mum. From early age and till 7 years mum sent me to live to my grandmother. I lived in village and often went on small river to bathe. Mum and the Grandmother well concerned me. Mum me has learnt to understand people and to count not only on common sense, but also on that that prompts heart. To me have explained, that all people are equal. The grandmother has learnt me to be fair and sincere. I do not know, that I would do without my mum and the grandmother. Tell to me about your childhood? In 7 years I have gone to school ?7. I very well remember this day. This one of the brightest events in my life. You remember the first day at school? I studied at good school with good teachers. I am glad, that have gone to this school! The school is the first teacher of a life. It directs us on a true way to our life. At school I had friends, there were enemies, friendship, quarrels... The first kiss. Teachers to me put good and bad estimations. I remember till now, when I was not ready to a lesson and me caused to a board. A strange feeling. I strongly cried, when received a bad estimation at school. The school for ever remains in my soul. I cannot forget, to that I was learnt by school. I send you a photo of my school. Tell to me about the school. It is very interesting to me to learn it. I think, that I had the best childhood though I did not have expensive toys and beautiful dresses. But me have brought up kind and the finest people on light. I thank the god for a fine family. I'm fine, and at you my friend? Please write to me about the childhood. I wait for your letter. Is your small Regina!!!
Letter 8
Hi Thomas! My dear, it again I. My heart is filled with pleasure when I read your letter. Send me photos. I very much love them. At us now excellent weather. This morning I have woken up that birds sang. It was so pleasantly to listen. My mood has improved at once. I would not like to rise at all. You like the nature? I very much love the nature of my country. At us very beautiful wood, fields and meadows. At us very pure and big rivers and lakes. I very much love our pure dark blue sky in summertime. I like to be in harmony with the nature. On it likely in the summer I like to go to campaigns and to attend various fine places of Russia. In the summer we bathe in lake and we fry meat (shish kebab). Sometimes we float by a boat and we fish. And the most remarkable, it to sit at a fire, to play a guitar and to sing songs. You too so do? I very much like to lay at a fire and to look at fire. I already told to you about my grandmother. She lives in village. At her the little house with a kitchen garden and horned livestock. The life in village heavy, but I is always glad to come to my grandmother to village!!! There very pure air, especially in wood. I go to collect mushrooms and berries in wood. In the childhood us frightened, that in wood it is not far from village there live wolves. I very much was afraid to go to wood. Now I know, that wolves live very deeply in wood and do not attack people (I do not know any case). I ask you about that as you have a rest. It is very important for me. I want, that you would tell more about your memoirs and on the nature. P. s - you like the Russian nature? Regina - kiss.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Thomas!!! I am glad receive this letter from you. On a photo that I have sent to you there is no house of my grandmother, but this place to be not so far from its house.
I ski, it is pleasant to me. Sometimes in the winter I with friends go to ski. I want to tell you that I like to read your letters very much. I read, and read and read your messages, and everytime it puts a smile on my face... you are such a real person with very, very honest soul and very good principles... When I received your letter, my mood was improved. My dear, what you make with my heart? Every day I feel new feelings to you and this feelings much more that was be at the last time. I never saw you in a real, but I have this fine feelings any way. And it is surprise for me. I know you not enough time, but I belive to my heart. I like tenderness and caress. I didn't love the rough attitude. I like, when someone make his attention for me. And I love when someone present a flowers. By the way I think that the most beautiful gift for a woman it is flowers. I think that the main thing for the woman attention and care, instead of a gift. Many Russian women marry with a rich people which they didn't love. I very much want to meet you!I very much want to meet you! They marry marry not with man but with his money. When they create a family with rich man, they have very rich life. But these women very soon understand that they unfortunate because they do not love their husband, only their money. I can't be like their cause I think that the most important things in the life, it is be happy and makeing happy someone else. I think that money bring only angrily to mankind, but sometime without money it is impossible to live. I want to find persons whom I really love, and it is not important for me,is he rich man or not. My dear, I can speak with you, about my feelings on my heart. I feel that you are the person to whom I can tell many things, that I can't tell to my good friends. It is surprise me very much, cause I know you very small time, but for this time I had an impression, that I know you for a long time. When I receive the letter from you, it is very good on my soul and warm in my heart. I want to read your letters every days. Any way I think that I must stop writing about my feelings and tell you about something else. In the childhood my mother told me that i must learn cause only then I can find a good work. In our country education is not appreciated. Many people, who have a hight education, have very bad work. They have very small money because in our country it is very difficult and hard to find a really good work. In your country people to appreciate education? I know, that for example your goverment invite our scientists cause they think that in Russia we have very good education but how I and told you before it is very hard to find a good work here. Tell me, what opinion your people have about our country? What they think? Cause sometimes I think that Americans think that here in Russia we have a bears who walking at the streets, then that all Russian man called Ivan and that our food is pancakes and that we all drink alot of *****, but sometimes it is true ;-) no in the true we not like this, and may be you want to tell me that this is not true, but please belive me that we are here and we see what other people thinking about our country.And I want to tell you that this is not true. Any way I want that you know that I am very happy to have the conversation with you. And I hope that at the one day we will meet with you in the real. I hope that it will be soon. P. s - It is my favourite toy "Bear". I very much love her...
USSR - At us in hearts!:)) Regina - kiss.
Letter 10
Hello Thomas! Dear, I can tell, that when I receive the letter from you, at me is considerably cheered up. It is very healthy. Recently I live only with hope, that we shall sometime meet you. And you? I like to read verses about love. Especially I like A.S.Pushkina's poem " Ruslan and Lyudmila ". A history about infinite love. I have read her already some times and each time I more and more and I understand value of love in a human life more. A life without love it not a life, and something like existence of plants. It is very difficult for me to live without love, it is especial after I tested all consequences not mutual love. I would not like to repeat mistakes any more. I dream to find mutual love. My dream is gradually carried out. To you my dear I test the big feelings as to anybody to another. I all time think of you. And you? I ask you answer me frankly. I write to you with all my heart and I trust you. Every second my feelings to you accrue. I now above all wish to meet you. It became for me a certain stimulus. I any more do not notice any men, I think only of you Thomas. I ask you answer me as soon as possible. In fact your letters deliver to me so much pleasures. Completely your Regina kiss! P. s - you like my video?
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