Scam Letter(s) from Jennifer Monica James to Lou (USA)

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Letter 1

Here is the answer of the questions so that we can get to know all about each other:::

1. Why do you not have a phone at your home? Sweetheart i want you to know that i don't have phone # at home.

2. Do you have your own personal computer or do you use one someone else's? sweetheart i don't have my personal computer, the computer am using belongs to my church computer and they are using cable to connect it.

3. Do you access the Internet from home or another location? another location.

4. What color are your eyes oh pretty Kelcey? hazel

5. How tall are you? I am 5 feet 9 inches. am 5 ft 7

6. When is your birthday? Mine is 11/6/1958. mine is 22/5/1981

7. How much do you weigh? I weigh 190 lbs. am weigh 108 lbs

8. What languages do you speak other than English? i do speak only English

9. Tell me more about your family. Tell me about your mother, father, and if you have any brothers or sisters. i want you to know that am the only child of my parent and my parent died in auto accident that is why my granny came to the state to pick me up since them have been in Nigeria.

10. Where were you born? i was born in state Florida in lake city.

11. What is your mailing address? I can mail you things if you like! sweetheart i want you to know that here in Nigeria if you try to email me something t my address i wouldn't get it that is why i do like if you want to send me anything try and send it through western union money transfer so that i can get the money and buy what ever i want to buy here .

Letter 2

Sweetheart i do missed you now and i was thinking about you every seconds sweetheart will be glad f i can hear you sweet voice monday so that i can plan how we are going to meet on phone and i will be glad if you can assist me with some money or calling card so that i can be ale o cal you i really love you with my heart and i promise you that i will never let you down and i promise i will always cherish you ad make you the happiest man in the would you are my heart and i don't want my heart to broke by you i really love you so much and can't wait to get to know all about you in person..i love you i love you i love you.


Letter 3

me too my love i really want to talk to you on phone and i want you to know that i really love you and i don't have anybody and talking to except you and i want you to know that am trying to fall in love with you and i don't want to get hurt again cos have been hurt so many time and i know with God we can make our dream come to true..i love you with my heart and i will be so glad if you can assist me with the money for calling card so that i can be able to talk to you on phone and talk with our kids on phone ..i really like to play with kids and make them happy i do love them as i love you...i can't wait to here back from you




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