Scam Letter(s) from Tamara Ulbutoba to Tony (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Tony!
Firstly I will say that I'm glad to meet you, I realize that typing sometimes could be boring since it's very difficult to express yourself by keyboard. But I think that dating Agencies is a good idea to unite people from different corners of the world. As for me there is no prevention for love. I'm NOT interested in your appearance and in your money, but I'm interested in your soul and your attitude to me.
My life will be complete when I meet my soulmate, my second half, my hope, my support and my joy.
My name is Toma and everybody called me so.
I am 23 years old, I live in Ukraine in a beautiful town called Lvov.
I like to create something new and that's why I have finished a college and i have a diploma of clothe designer.
My interests in life are wide:
I adore discovering everything new, dancing, visiting friends, listen to music, reading historic. I hate boredom and like to be always engaged in something. My life seems to be a full bowl, all I need is to find my second half with whom I can enjoy life and make a strong family where there will be love and mutual understanding at the top of the list..
Please tell me about you imagine of ideal couple of man and woman.
Who are you looking for, is it really me?
Where do you want to live after getting married?
I believe communication will lead us to something genuine and real if we are honest with each other. I consider our meeting in future.
Wish you to have a wonderful day with a lot of smiles!
Yours, Toma.

Letter 2

Dear Tony...
I am very happy to see your letter!!!!
Dear I want to answer to your questions.
Here is my new photo specially for you.
I removed my profile because I think that you and I should know each other.. I don't want to communicate with anyone else. I think that you and I are good couple.
I wish to get married one day and I want to have my own family..
I am ready to be a wife and a mother for my children.
Now I want to have to children. I want to have a son and a daughter... But I think that together with my lover man we will decide how many children we should have..
I was very busy with my work today.. I am very tired now..
I wish to be near you now.. I wish you do a message for me.
I wish to relax with you... I wish you at least look into your eyes.... I hope that one day we will have such opportunity..
Kisses, Toma.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Tony....
Now it is the most wonderful moment in my life.. Because I opened your letter and read it.. I read every line and every word... You can't imagine how i wish you tell me all thoughts.. I wish to hear your tender voice and speak with you but not just write simple letters... Don't think that I am impatient, no, I am patient person... Simply I need you very much.... I want to feel your body.. to look at your eyes... to see your smile... I feel that our feelings are stronger and stronger day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute... I don't know how our feelings can be called but for me it's LOVE.. It's sincere and tender love... I have this love in my heart and only you can open it... You know for some people it's very strange to love person and even not to meet him in real life.. But for me it's normal.. Because I didn't meet you yet, but I really have feelings.. And I think that my feelings much more stronger then feelings that usual couples have.. Today on the way to the Net Cafe, I was stopped but some journalist she had a questionnaire or something like this. She asked me some questions and the last was: "Do you belive in love on the distance?? And why?" Can you guess what my answer was???? I think that you can. My answer was YES. I told her that i belive in such love and I feel such love. I told her that in such love you know your partner step by step and then when some time passing you just realized that you have know this person for the whole your life... because when you have a meeting with person sometimes it's very difficult to speak with him freely, but in our love we are too open and honest with each other.. because we need create our feelings step by step... You know that girl told me that I am only one person who are so sure in feelings and who believes in such love. She wished me happiness and meet my man in real life and be happy couple with him.. I hope that soon we really meet and be happy..
My Darling please, tell me your thoughts about our first meeting??? I wish to be with you even right now... :(
And by the way I will try to find this special machine called scanner.
I hope that tomorrow I will get your sweet letter... I miss you and tonight i will dream about you... Have a nice day. With warm kisses and love, Toma.

p.s. I forgot to tell you that my full name is Tomara Ulbutoba.

Letter 4

Honey Tony!

Well, i think it will be great to meet in my country but my love it is too dangerous for you... because we have not good political situation and now our Government try not to allow enter foreigners our country. and i don't want you to get in troubles.. I am sure that after my coming to you we will find the time to come together to my country and meet my family.. Frankly speaking i have already told me family that I will come to you and now.. .What should I tell now??? You know they can understand me and you wrong.... i think it is better for my coming to you first because I will know you much more better there... Before your last letter I was dreaming about my coming to you.. about our acquaintance.. our first talk.. kiss.. love.. I was dreaming about you and me.. I imagined how you show your lifestily, home.. How we relax just watching funny movie and eating pop-corm.. We are laughing and lying on the sofa.. Do you agree that it will be great??????????????????????
Come on, let's arrange my coming to you as soon as possible... By the way I was at the agency and brought them some documents to be ready to start the process as soon as they get the money for it...
Our love just is the biggest present from God and we should keep it... I will make you a great present of my coming to you. Are you ready to meet me there??
Your Toma.

Letter 5

Hello, my dear and honey Tony!!!!
I hope this mail catches you at a good time.
How are you??? What are you doing??? So what is the weather like in your city? Here it is sunny and good weather.
I don't tell you anything about our meeting because I wanted to know some information and now in this letter I can say you how i can get to you.
You know I can't wait when we will be together and when we will kiss each other for the first time I think it will the most sweet kiss in our lives!!! During our kiss we will fly like butterflies!!!!
Oh,.. honey I am so in love with you!...
By the way honey, I think that we will be the happiest couple when we will see each other and I think that there is a little time to wait and we will be together. Am I right?
I found out that government office can help us to arrange my visit to you to USA. So, I explained to them what I need and told that I have never been out of my country.. They can make me International passport. It will cost 125 dollars and take 5 days. They can make a lot of types of visa. They suggest me to open tourist visa and it will about two weeks to arrange it. Visa can be open for one month, three or six. So the visa which will be valid for one month costs 187 dollars. Visa for three months costs 276 dollars. And visa for six moth is cost 305 dollars. Honey, I told that I need to go to USA and asked me to give the nearest airport to you. As I don't know this I wasn't able to know this information. Please, next time can you tell me the name of it??? You know honey today I was in the government office and I feel that oh, soon I will be with you.. And I was happy of that news, because they can arrange everything so soon..
Now, I finish my letter and I am waiting your thoughts and news..
My tender kisses for you. Truly yours, Toma.



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