Scam letter(s) from Terry Ken to Mark (Australia)

Letter 1

Morning to u mark williams if im sure about the time factor as im sure u might not get to read my email till u wake up in the morning but i will be glad if you get to read it 1st thing when you are up.
Im truly sorry about the late reply as your mail was in my bulk messages which i hardly check and i have a lil problem with my messenger,people bearly know if im on line and i hardly know my self if their on line either except they pop up and start chattin with me.
Im so flattered with the brief email,i hope you are as real in your heart has your emails sounds to me cos i have been heart broken once and i do not intend to pass thrrough such emotional breakdown again.
A lil brief history about me:
I work as a primary school teacher here in lagos nigeria and i was raised and brought up here never stepped out of nigeria before but i pray to someday with the right man hopefully.
My mom is a farmer and she stays back in the village while my pop is late and i have a kid brother whos about 24 years of age,he is still in college and will round up next year.
i joined this dating site just to seek for the right man has some of my friends advised me to and im glad you came around so that means i really do not have to remain there for long but im of the believe that we have to meet and get to know each other better so whats next but im not in to much hurry.
The xmas season is fast approaching how do you intend to spend it and with whom,are u dating some 1 else over there,i want to know as much as you can tell me about your self mark williams so you can call and let me hear your voice better<+2348055232602>call me anytime,i did be glad to speak with you and you are free as well to ask me any question.
Do you have some more of your lovely pix?where in australia are you and tell me more about about AUSTRALIA and ur job?
Thots from tayo
i care
here are some of my lovely pix,i hope you will like them.
have a lovely day mark williams.
Letter 2

i have written the best time for you to give me a call sweetie,its about 7.00 p.m your time.
i will be expecting your call soon.
take care baby,
Letter 3

i still sit here all day wishing to hear from you once again.
how are you and how is things with you,i look forward to hearing from you very soon.
take care
i care,
Letter 4

hi sweetie,
i guess d best time for you to call me will be about 11/12 mid nite your local time,that shld be about 10.00 am my time here or noon,thats the best time to talk to me.
How is your daughter doing?
I look forward to speaking with you as soon as possible.
i care,
Letter 5

it was so nice of you to call as i felt so happy listening to your voice again on phone,now i await us to meet each other when you think its time.
pls call me and lets discuss this.
i care,
Letter 6

Dearest mark,
Thanks for your email and im so glad you could at least voice out your annoyance ,its good and i really like it when a man can work up to me and tel me his vexed with me,there im sure we can both sought it out. Im sorry mark but it was the network out here,its not reliable and we learn to cope with it like that.Im truly sorry about that.
As far as im concerned mark,i feel its not a bad timing if we meet now. I have gotten to know whaat i fell its necessary for me and i om of the view that more discussion on the internet is more of a time waster.
We have known and be talking with each other now for over a month which to me its just fine by my own ways and policy.Its ok except u think otherwise which i may not disagree with u over cos i respect other pples view alot,i learn more and better that way as well.
So feburary is a good month to begin the travelling processing if its fine with u.
I will definately make out time and im stil frr for now at least till feburary ending.
Melbourne or sydney Australia is definately where i would have loved us to meet or do u have a better place on your mind?
Im so sorry for the late reply,i have not been checking my emails as often as i used too.
The pix is a very lovely 1 and i realy liked it,we are on course mark.
Im expecting your repy soonest.
take care babie
How is your day going?
i care,
Letter 7

hi mark,
well,what do i say about this big invitation?
your time is ok,i only thot u wanted me to come visit you 1st before you come down here as well and im ready now if you feel its going to be convinent foe you.
as for my expectations,i can only look forward to so much fun,shopping,going out with you and your daughter alongside.
visiting packs and eating out in fine resturants?
yes i would like us to sleep together in the same bed but we might not make out so fast as i will want to talk more with you 1st and then feel your touches before anything comes up.
i care,
Letter 8

Dearest mark,
thanks once again for all your efforts,love and concern towards we geeting to meet each other.
i want you to know that i appreciate all this gestures and im ready to co-operate and make this drem come true.
I dont hve an international passport mark and i wont say may is toolong as it seems thts about the only time you will really have to be a good host, so i guess i do not have any other choice for now other than to settle for may.
its ok execpt you have a better time but if not,i guess i will do the witing game for maybe 3months from now.
However i will need my passport,visa and tax clerance and i suggest the erlier i start to get all of these things cos they take some time before i will finally get them,so i will need your assistance in getting all of these things ready before then.
i care mark
i really do.
Letter 9

dearest mark,
how are you doing today?
i pray this email meets you in a good state of mind.
i got here today thinking i was goona get an email from you but was dissapointed that you had not yet sent me a reply of my last email.
I hope all is well with you and there is no problem what so ever mark?
i really look forward to this trip mark and i pray daily to God that everything should work out perfectly.
take care mark,
i care.
Letter 10

dearest mark,
if anything is d matter,y not be man enof to discuss it with me instaed of d sudden silence which is killing me softly.
i just hope i have not written or said anything wrong?
im really troubled that im not getting any emails from you.
pls write me soon.
i care,
Letter 11

Dearest mark,
Im so happy to have gotten a reply to my email and im still happy that at least you are alive eventhou all seems not to be pretty well now.
I will be saying a daily prayer for you everyday and i know that God will listen and heal you of all sickness that is not created with your body and i know that you will be back on your feet again in Jesus name.
All i have to tell you now is to be strong for me and your daughter as i know all will soon be history.
i care mark
and im hoping you get well soon.
Letter 12

From: tayo rhodes at hi sweetie, Im wishing you a happy and sweet valentines and remember i care so much. love, tayo
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